The value of mom in the lives of their children.

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The participation of the mother in the upbringing and maintenance of the child is especially important in the first years of the baby's life. By knowing the basics of proper education, a woman can prevent the development of negative character traits in the child. To educate your offspring you must start from the first month of children's lives.

The role of the mother in the education and development of the child is not to punish the baby for his disobedience, it is important to learn to calmly explain to the child what is wrong. Many mothers adhere to a rigid method of education, slapping children with a belt. Such an approach leads to the incorrect psychological development of a person, generates aggression and anger.

Of course, every child in the family must have their own duties, and the mother's task is to teach them to do them with love, without using the obligatory tone. With such behavior, the mother completely breaks the will and independence of the child.

The main role of the mother in raising a child is to be a mentor and advisor. The responsibilities of the mother in raising a child are also reduced to the fact that a woman must put into her son qualities such as kindness, moderation, honesty, respect, decency and moderation. Also, be sure to tell the child that he can not boast, envy and offend others.

Every mother wants her children to be happy and to do only the right thing, that is what they need to be taught from childhood. According to many teachers and psychologists, it is not always possible to teach children all this; However, morals, character and a good look at everything that surrounds it can be taught in the child.

The image of the mother shapes the values ​​of the child.

This is the most important. The child makes a list of his future life, his habits and values ​​with his parents. Of course, more so with the mother, because it is usually clearer and more accessible. Usually he sees her more often, spends more time with her.

If the mother in the playground smokes and drinks beer while the baby is rolling downhill, then this will be normal for the child. Normal pastime such. Although it seems to the mother that he is still small, he does not understand anything. Then she will explain that smoking is not necessary. But it will be too late, the cast has already been done.

If a mother dresses very relaxed and behaves frivolously with other men, what will the girl learn? What family values ​​can a girl get from such a mother?

That's all a mother does, with a child and even without a child, this is important. Now many people worry about their image, that is, what others think of them. The most useful thing would be to think about how our children see us. If we live a completely different life than we would like children to have, if we do what we would like them to never do, this is a reason to think.

There are also "less dangerous" characteristics of a mother's life, for example, the level of her happiness, her spiritual life, her relationships with her husband, her depth, closeness and satisfaction, her attitude towards work, home, own children. All this is printed in the child's psyche.

The role of the mother is simple: to become a woman as she would like to see her daughter. And at the same time be happy.

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