The Need To Support Our Children's Education, Our Collaboration With #Edu-Venezuela & #Steemiteducation *Project¡

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Hi, families of #Edu-Venezuela and #Steemiteducation Community my regards to you all!

Apostle Paul wrote to the Church of Corinthians that: "Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver."(2 Corinthians 9:7NIV). This is really what God anticipate each of us to do in our own willing to help or support those who are in dare need. It is obvious that God rewards those who give from their hearts.

Today, in my own small way I decided to delegate small Steem Power, that 20SP in support of #Edu-venezuela's project that they are embarking to help our Children Education, meanwhile, just two days ago I delegated 100SP to #Steemiteducation to also help support educational projects that they are embarking on. I think this is very small offer, however, as time goes on and my SP grows, I can give out more to these two Communities which I think they are doing great job.


I believe there is the great need to support our Children's education in any way that we can, as we see education to be the key for every nation to succeed. For us to see a great impart in our educational system, the basis should built on solid grounds. We need adopt the bottom up approach, whereby the kids education should be built and climb to the top of the educational ladder.

With this, there are so many things which are looking into: the learners support materials, the teachers support materials, the methods that are needed to apply for effective teaching and learning to take place. All these things need human efforts and start up capital to carry out to make it happen. For we cannot just pay lip services and make promise and hope that the education of these children will be better without putting in the requisite ingredients needed for the education to be promoted.

I believe for this great project to be effective, we need to come together, we need to team up as a community with a common vision, faith and a goal. When the team Spirit is working, in as much as each of us contribute in his or her small way to support the growth of education, the community will move forward.

We are Steemians, and our Steem Power are worth valuable and precious for us which enable us to do everything in our capacity. It is a gentle call to all of us to support #Edu-venezuela and #Steemiteducation with our Steem Power to promote our Children's education. In order for their vision or goals to be realised, they need to get more Steem Power for more returns and to give out to these children much.

Our hustle will be rewarded if we give out willingly, since God loves a cheerful giver. I welcome all of you to my blog, I am @oppongk!

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More accolades to you @oppongk for your support to this venezuella children, it shows ur love for them and humans in general

Gracias por tu donación , es de gran ayuda.