All Walking is Discovery

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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks. - John Muir


Singapore is in the tropics. So, all year round, the greenery is there, and flowers of one variety or another bloom throughout the year. Here are some pictures I took on my walks.



Dogs need to go out for a walk too.



A picture of a Spider Lily flower under a tree. What is unusual about this picture is that Spider Lilies are usually planted manually, in beds. One rarely sees them growing in the wild. This one seem quite happy where it is and is looking very healthy too.

A bed of Spider Lilies.

A Jasmine bush. When they bloom, the atmosphere is filled with a beautiful scent, especially in the evenings or early mornings.

A hibiscus bush.

I am not sure about these.

Firecracker plants, or Firecracker flowers.


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Wonderful scenery sir Vincent. How hot is it there? Looks like everyone has dogs except poor sir Vincent. Too bad they don't like you. Well, they probably like you like they like a fire hydrant!

Howdy Jonboy. We are 80 miles from the equator. So all year round, the temperature ranges between 84F to 90F. Sometimes, it goes up to 93F. It is slightly cooler at the end of the year - about 78F.

You mean 90F is about as high as it ever gets? That's some darn good temperatures. That's pretty amazing. I could handle that. But you have long rainy seasons don't you?

90F give or take a couple of F. Our rainy seasons at the end of the year is not really long - usually the months of December and January are a bit wetter. It is not bad at all. Sometimes, it is quite a non event.

Well it sounds like that place has an ideal climate then. I like some cold weather though so I'd get bored with it. It's not real cold here in the winter time but sometimes it gets into the teens but normally it only gets below freezing a few times.

I think they have a name for animals like that. Reptiles, I think that's what they call it. lol

Howdy sir Vincent! I reckon I do have some reptilian traits like spending time under rocks and avoiding people and such. lol.

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