PhaseOne LIVE in Morgantown, WV TOMORROW! (April 11)

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PhaseOne is making his way to wild and wonderful WV for a banger in Morgantown. The show is happening tomorrow night, less than a week before his new album “Transcendency” drops on April 17th.

“Transcendencey” ALBUM TRAILER




DATE : Saturday, 4/11/19 - Morgantown, WV

Presented by : Music To Your Ears Productions

@ 123 Pleasant Street (Facebook)

From 9PM - 2 or 3AM

Tickets : (Link)

- Price : $15 online Or $20 @ the door

Facebook Event : (Link)


DJ Sets By :

PhaseOne (Facebook)

Critk (Facebook)

Raycraft (Facebook)



PhaseOne Playlist (on Spotify)



Check out full details of all of the past events and future raves I plan on traveling to in the video linked below ⤵️


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Sounds like an awesome album! I’m surprised you guys have such a good scene out in WV!

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We actually do not have a nice scene here. All the big shows are 2.5-5 hours from me. However that’s better than nothing at all. So I’m pleased to attend.

Yea, when I lived in Boston I’d usually go down to NYC to see acts on the weekend or see them on a weekday and slog through work the next day. Now that I’m in Sydney we get quite a few good weekend shows!

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You’ve lived in two awesome spots for live music.
PhaseOne is actually from Australia.

Yea, Australia has a ton of artists. My favourite discovery is how alive and well Happy Hardcore is here 😊

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excelente dame tu voto