Shelter Meme

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4 or 5 days to finish but finally done

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Hello @tiamaria
I like your stories, I subscribed to your YouTube channel.
I think it's something I would like to show my granddaughter.
Check your channel on YouTube.
I watched your video of Speed ​​Edit (How I Edit My OC).
Amazing what you achieve, you put a lot of love into your work.
Congrats on a Curie vote!
Stay Great!

I hope your granddaughter likes it. I do more content that have happy, sad, funny, and/or scary endings (Not too scary haha).

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I think he will like it, he is 5 years old and always draws on his tablet.
I like the idea that he learns to edit his comics.
Thanks for your answer.

5 years old and he's already editing comics? He has some potential there :)

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hey dear @tiamaria, amazing video! I love it! How much patience does it take for such a job? how long did it take? did you study animation or are you self-taught?
congratulations! Keep on :-))

Hello! And thank you :). This video took me 5 days to finish it. I took my time on this video to come up what happened next. I have it in mind but the hardest part is putting it in the video. I just started learning about animation :) I watch tutorials before and decided to make animation on my own.

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it's great, just looking at tutorials you've done so much! I wouldn't be able to: if I don't have a teacher who teaches me in person I'm not able to follow a video lesson !! good job!!

I made an animation and it also took me about 4 days but your video is three times better than mine! I loved the protagonists, she is very cute and her boy looks mysterious haha ​​but what a beautiful job :)

Wow! You are such a talented individual. I have always wanted to enter into the brain of an artist making something like this, and see how their brain work, why they can make something like this????!!??

Thank you for sharing your talent. I can only be envious of you. Hahahaha! 😂😂😂

What a sweet short movie. Your characters are lovely and cute. I would say that it would take you longer to create such a movie. Well done!

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

the characters are so adorable! so cute of the girl giving the guy ice cream, clearly she misses and loves the guy so much hehe

Yah :)

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Hi tiamaria,

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This is great! It's always nice to see another cute video from you. You have great artistic skills and its awesome to see you get a nice reward here for this one. Keep up the good work!!!

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