EdenChain - effective ICO and market capitalization

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EdenChain- a company that decided to compete with the network Ethereum, in terms of deployment of start-ups. The project was created by Korean enthusiasts who want to create effective competition for existing platforms. The main focus of the company's activities is sharpened on the security sector, increasing the speed of processing transactions and minimum commission due to the participation of intermediaries. The platform wants to create its own platform for launching successful and ICO in various thematic areas. The company's sphere of interest will cover the Internet of things, finance economics and even gambling. Solidity is the programming language on which the company's Smart Contracts will be based. Currently, this bridgehead is the most popular language for writing programs for start-ups. Speed ​and overall performance EdenChain is not measured by specific characteristics, but is claimed as an innovation and a breakthrough in modern technologies. The team predicts a high degree of platform protection due to block-technology. Using the E-bridge algorithm for data sorting and encryption, the project allows to generate a decentralized application and to form them into master codes.

The project team is highly professional and has many years of experience in the field of smart contracts and block-technologies. The main character is James Anne. Jenny Rio is a co-founder and block developer. Among the protagonists of the platform are Khokin Kim and Brian Park. This block of developers with many years of experience. The project focuses on the creation of its personal mobile wallet, which will be fully protected and decentralized. It allows you to make quick transactions without worrying about the quality of the connection and the possibility of hacking. The team plans to enter the testing phase as early as 2018 and present a ready-made project that will be highly welcomed by investors and will help to become a new milestone in the IT field.

The project is preparing to enter the ICO stage. The company plans to raise $ 24 million through direct investments. According to the management, private sales are not provided. 1 billion EDN tokens will be available for 1 EDN = 0.0600 USD. Based on the technical documentation of the project, 40% of the tokens are placed for sale to public investors. The remaining part will be distributed among the partners and the needs of the project. More than 50% of the collected funds are planned to invest in the development of patented technology and increase the speed of transactions. Due to good fees, the company will be able to implement all the ideas recorded in the road map. The main advantage of the project is a clear and understandable presentation of the data in the technical document, which describes all the forthcoming technological solutions and the stages of their construction.

Detailed information about the project:

Website: https://edenchain.io/

White paper: https://edenchain.io/EdenChain-Technical-Paper-v2-en.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/edenchainio

Facebook: https://facebook.com/edenchainio


Edenchain project has good team!
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