Traditional Water Well

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Water source is the most important thing in life. In our area, in addition to the water sources from the local water company, many still use water from a traditional well.

Traditional water wells (conventional wells) do not use water pumps, but water is pulled up using a bucket. And this is still widely available in people's homes. Indeed, a little draining. But in terms of physical health, draw water into a fitness exercise that supports the body to be healthy and also strong.

In fact, in some places, public facilities and infrastructure, such as places of worship, we still have water wells that use buckets.

How to make a bucket of well:

Procedure for Making the Lead Wells :

  1. Determine where the Timba Well will be made for at least 2 wells

  2. Digging the soil by using a crowbar in a form of circular dug diameter of 70 cm for the bucket well using a concrete buis of diameter 60 cm, if you want to use concrete buis of diameter 70 cm circular dug diameter of 80 cm with the intention to make it easier to install concrete buis as well wall

  3. Taking the former excavated excavated soil using an iron bucket, dispose of the excavated soil in a safe place so as not to fall into the dug hole

  4. When you get into 2 meters, tie 2 meters of bamboo as much as 3 bundles of bamboo as strong as possible and set up in a triangle or you can use the kapolding location alongside the excavation as deep as 2 meters earlier

  5. Installing fixed pulleys which have been strung up by the mine which is bound to an iron bucket on the bamboo ties after being firmly attached

  6. Continue excavation until the source of the former excavated groundwater is taken with the series of fixed pulleys earlier

  7. Making concrete buis into excavation one by one until the source of the spring, cement tightly each connection of concrete buis so that the well walls are stronger

  8. Suck or drain the water along the bucket before using a water pump until the water becomes clear.

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All right, reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Many thanks to vote us as witness.

Good post fellow!👍🌸❤️

Water - the next HUGE issue for humanity. These skills - of finding and pulling our own water - will be needed again sooner than later. Out of the big cities here in Northern Thailand, most people still have private wells. :)

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Thank you for your attention and support ;)

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Oh I only wish I could dig a well like that! We need machines do dig 400 feet!!! Or I have to find divining rods

Yes, in my place many activity still doing with traditjonally & manually. Thank you for your feedback ;)

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