Cryptocurrency, the pushing force towards a Single World Government

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In one of his lectures, Terence McKenna says: " Humanity Thrives on Chaos". And I think that this quote stands to be correct when I see the current state of CryptoCurrency.

But sooner or later things will change, everything will settle down and a baseline of operations will be placed.

The question is though, how will Governments find a way to benefit/integrate from this massive pool of Income? The unregulated aspect and transparency make it nearly impossible for "Behind the Curtains schemes.

One World Government

One coin which has the same value in every spot of the world. This is the closest thing we can see to a One Government model.

The first attempt at regulation, a small one, was made by the launch of ripple, XRP. But that failed fast.

XRP Total Supply 99,992,725,510 XRP

Supply released to the Public 39,009,215,838 XRP.

Where is the rest of 60,000,000,000 XRP you may ask?

This is one example of how the transparency of the whole thing shows people that there is something fishy going on. And that's why the old "behind the curtains" thing will inevitably not work.

But let's not focus on XRP, that boat has long sailed.


Currently, the ball is in the hands of the Free people and Governmental control is loosening up as more and more money is invested in Digital Assets. Therefore the free people are making the path towards a new beginning and making the guidelines as they go about.

This leads towards the idea that if CryptoCurrency becomes a standard, then a combined Governmental Regulation scheme will be in order, otherwise, it would be impossible to Regulate.

Two Outcomes

Personally, I love the chaos that Crypto is Creating, out of it all comes birth to so many brilliant things. The freedom and liberational aspects of it all are beyond anything offered by any governmental agenda.

Although, There are two outcomes to this within my mind. A non-regulated, decentralized market would propose that all parties are Equal, even if we disregard the financial support behind anyone.

This leads to the idea that either the Crypto Space will be " Governed" in the future or the Crypto Space will "Govern" the Governments themselves in the future.

The outcome of this is uncertain and stands to be seen because it depends on how we pass the ball around. But in both case scenarios, I am quite certain that CryptoCurrency is the future money.

One other thing is that, if CryptoCurrency is regulated by the free people and stays that way, also becomes a new world currency, then that will define Politics useless of any control other than that of serving their people.

This article is a tad short but I was thinking about this and decided to share my thoughts and get some feedback if possible.

So, what do youthink ?

Thanks for reading!

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short, but Sweet! I believe governments are tired of the bankers now, and are clearly supportive of Crypto! I think they may just manipulate things a bit, but let it all happen.. They will learn to track most people very easily, just via the buy in and cash out portals..

This boat has set sail and ain't coming back!


The interesting point will come where we will have more value in crypto than fiat and will live with that instead of going over portals. I think this flipping point will be reached in 2-3 years and it will be so f revolutionary, i had a dream :-)


I got the same feeling myself honestly. Heck if this is only the beginning, then the future looks blissful.


ooh YEAH i look forward to that bub!


Amen to that!

The governance blockchain protocols are very interesting although not easy. ochlocracy, sociocracy, dynamic equity, so many mindblowing ideas are already manifesting now.

Even I believe that we are headed in the same direction of one world currency.

But already there are more than 1500 coins. So I can think of it like 1500 countries with their own currencies. Which countries will go bankrupt, only time will tell.

So how will governments regulate is also not clear to me.

(Got to know about your post from the magazine of @eco-alex)