The ecoTrain Magazine: 25th November 2018- Bringing you Amazing Content from the EcoTrain Passengers — Steemit

The ecoTrain Magazine: 25th November 2018- Bringing you Amazing Content from the EcoTrain Passengers

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Things are a little bit quiet here on the Steemit, Steem is at 32 cents as I write this and yes some people may be in a panic. But those of us who are still active on here, well, we are here for the community and we know that everything will rise again. Even with the decrease in activity, the passengers on the Eco-Train have continued to write great posts, with most of them being active everyday. Now that, my friends is dedication for you!

So today I have picked one post from each of those passengers, who continue to write under the EcoTrain tag, within these great posts each writer is sharing their knowledge with you and also a little piece of who they are. This week we have something to suit everyone, from permaculture, to nature, to music and travel. And of course the Launch Post for this weeks Question of the Week, which is very playful indeed, so do get involved, as this question is open to everyone.

It is our goal within the EcoTrain to make the world a better place and we are all very passionate about doing just that, which is reflected in the content we create. So sit back, enjoy and remember to show your support by upvoting, following and resteeming the content that you enjoy and lets all work towards making the world a better place together!



Cascadia to Aztlan - Taking My Time Getting to L.A.

After San Simeon my pace changed completely. My next warmshower hosts were expecting me in Los Osos (valley of the bears), so I didn't have much to ride that day. Nor did I feel like it, either. The sky was cloudy enough to keep the sun from warming, but worst of all, I had to struggle against this massive headwind, usually reserved for the cyclist touring northward up the coast. Adopting a Slower Pace Eventually I arrived and my hosts showered me with a quick bike check-up, laundry, beer, dinner, fun conversations, ... and off course an actual shower. Hearing about my plans to ride to Los Angeles, they told me it was best to wait.


Meditation as a Happiness Tool Day 22 of 30 of the Happiness Challenge

Stress is like the arch enemy of happiness and nothing is as quick as making you feel down as feeling stresses out.

It stops you sleeping, being productive and therefore adversely affects your mood.

So it makes sense to have in place some strategies that will reduce stress levels, in order to make room for happiness.
One of the best ways to reduce stress and increase happiness is meditation.

Not only does it reduce stress and increase happiness, but its also good for your health, self-awareness and it strengthens your resolve and concentration.


150 Years | 7 Generations Thinking: Inheriting Things From Strangers

The other day I read that the 7 Generations thinking (originated by the Haudeneshone ie Iroquois Nation) is about a span of 150 years.

That’s really not that long, if you think about it. Those of us who are fortunate to have family records (or some freak down the line who pieced it all together -and I can say that because I’m likely taking on this role for my family), possibly even know the name, profession, or even the face in a rare still black and white photograph.

Were these people thinking about you?

In our day in age, we are very much geared toward the Individual- the rise, the fall, the accumulation and somewhat the passing on. What strikes me so much about the perspective of 7 generations thinking is that it requires a long term view of our actions. What are the ripples into our environments from my actions?


Practical Self-Reliance: Shaping Our Future.

There's a viral meme that keeps popping up in my feed year after year.

The idea behind it is really quite nice, I think we'd all like to think that our ancestors were gardening, canning and being resourceful and clever during difficult times.

The truth is, this isn't entirely true. Not all of our ancestors were self-reliant. When we look to the past there are valuable lessons woven into the gritty real life challenges that people faced. Not all families made it through the great depression through resourcefulness and skill. Many were dependant upon government systems.


Cooking with Fire: Simple Technology

J. watches bushcraft videos. Like, all the time. I get it - there's something so inherently relaxing about watching someone hang out in the woods and set up camp and make a fire. But there's something even more relaxing about doing it yourself, and now the warmer weather is coming, we're cooking out on our land far more than inside the house.

There's another reason for this, too - our electricity bill. It's huge. We try to keep costs down but it's not easy, and we haven't chosen to put solar panels up yet as it's just so darn expensive. We've been waiting for the TESLA battery and cheaper solar panels so that it's worth it, and we'll be putting them in next year we hope (especially if the price of steem skyrockets). We'll also put in a solar hot water service at the same time.


Why is Organic Growing & Sustainablity projects are needed for North Lombok?

North Lombok is internationally famous and known for it's breath-taking mount Rinjani trek. We had seen on the news many trekkers were caught up on the mountain during the first earthquake and some people lost there lives. There was significant damage to the hiking trails and land slide. Sembalun suffered significant damage, I was literally only in Sembalun the week before collecting red banana plants for the organic project in Anyar village near the coast. Sembalun is a beautiful area with many farms, but now has a booming tourist industry new cabins brought on bank loans are constructed there all the time and many were destroyed or received structural during the earthquakes.


What We are Not Being Told! The Effects OF Medical Intervention During Birth- Pitocin Is Now Linked to Postpartum Depression!

Giving Birth is an sacred act. Yet so many seem to have forgotten that and now birth is treated as a medical procedure. It is almost a given, that women the world over will attend hospital in order to birth their babies. Women are told that hospitals are the safest place to be, when that magical time arrives. That time when you get to meet your baby for the first time.

Of course as a mother, we want what is best for our babies and for ourselves. We do not want to take any unnecessary risks and for this reason, so many put their faith into the medical system, because they believe that they know what is best for them and their baby. So they hand over the responsibility to the medical team.


How to Make Apple Crisps: Using The Permaculture Principle of Stacking Functions 

So, here we are as a a family, brothers, sisters, wee ones, friends and grand parents preparing a feast for the holidays... We cooked a large turkey, and when someone peeled some apples for a pie, stacking functions and experimenting came to mind!

I love using the stacking functions principle of permaculture anywhere I can. It doesn't have to apply to agriculture all the time.

A hot oven plus byproduct of making a pie can make for a good little snack!

What if I tried to make apple crisps with the skins that would be thrown out... (My mother doesn't compost very well)?


November Entry -SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge

November and winter has come early here in my home in the Boreal Region of Canada, still I continue to garden but indoors.
@simplymike is holding her 7th SteemIt Community Garden Journal Challenge for the month of November.
Outdoor Garden with 8 " of Snow. All Gardening Moved Indoors.
The roof is taken off the hoop house/covered garden for the winter to let the snow build up on the garden beds inside. Also so the weight of the snow doesn't collapse it.
Those were my plum trees that are all bent and laden with snow in front of the greenhouse.
I think this heavy snow will do some pruning around the yard. All the young trees were bent right to the ground.


Children Don't Listen to Us; They Observe Us 💖💖 

This post is dedicated to all the Children around the globe with Lots of Love and Happiness to them.

I have always observed how small children pick up on imitating their parents; whether it is good or bad. It is beyond their capacity to understand all of that and differentiate. They only look at their parents and try to copy and be them. Hence it is so much important to create the very right atmosphere for them.

Parenthood I believe is the toughest job of all. Every single moment you need to be on your toes as to what you are doing, speaking, acting in front of your child, because our Children learn exactly what they see us doing. As it is so rightly said "Action speaks louder than Words".


There is no such thing as ONE favorite song (Steemitbloggers Contest)

To ask me what my favorite song is would be pretty wicked, to say the least, and yet, @zord189 dared to do exactly that. I did some thinking and almost every musical genre has a song that I like. I could not even say that some are definitely my favorite because they change all the time. One day, one is my favorite and the next day another. There are some which are in the top 5 all the time but even them I cannot listen 24/7 because I get sick of them. It is tricky to choose but I will try.


ecoTrain Question Of The Week Launch Post! "As crazy as it may sound...."  

This week its time to set you free, with an opened ended question that is yours to complete! Please finish the following sentence with anything that you know to be true! It could be a fact that few people know, or an experience that you once had.. it can be anything at all! Please be as creative as you wish! I'd love to hear a few stories too!


Earthdeeds - Brushing With Sustainable Bamboo 

I was really was not planning to actually ever use a bamboo toothbrush. Despite knowing what an important environmental choice it is. Intellectual assent is a very long way from changing deeply ingrained, personal habits that involve inserting things into one's bodily cavities.

In fact, I sat down to my coffee at Overstand Cafe Nimman (awesome coffee!) and was chatting with Jack about the mental blocks people have against using them. And so, being the generous and intelligent man he is, he gifted me 2 bamboo toothbrushes (yes, he sells them) and there I suddenly was - staring at my own resistance in the face of reason.


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