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Happy Holidays Everyone, I hope you all have had a wonderful Solstice and that those who celebrate Christmas are feeling rather festive right now. Welcome to another weekly Curation from the amazing Passengers of the EcoTrain. Our amazing Driver @eco-alex is on a well deserved break and will be returning recharged and revitalised in the New Year.

Today I have picked one post from each of the Ecotrain passengers, who continue to write under the EcoTrain tag, within these great posts each writer is sharing their knowledge with you and also a little piece of who they are. This week we have something to suit everyone, from meditation to Solstice Love, Street Art to Psychology.

It is our goal within the EcoTrain to make the world a better place and we are all very passionate about doing just that, which is reflected in the content we create. So sit back, enjoy and remember to show your support by upvoting, following and resteeming the content that you enjoy and lets all work towards making the world a better place together!



Mexian Murals – Not Much New in Almost a Year 

When I came back to Mexico City after being gone for almost a year, I was excited to explore what new murals have cropped on the walls in my neighborhood. Now that I have covered almost all of the nearby streets on my regular walkies with my dog, I must say that I’m a bit disappointed. There is hardly anything new around here! Many murals are the same, just older, faded and peeling, or they have been painted over… with an attractive blue or orange. Oh well, at least the wall is not gray! However, there are a couple of nice exceptions:


Happiness is all in your mind

So today, I want to start off with a few questions.

The questions I'm going to ask you are very simple.

And I promise you'll be able to answer these.

Alright, ready to go?

For your first one?

Okay. Your first question is: Are you having a good day?

Okay, got your answer? Alright. My second question for you is: Why?

If you're having a good day, why are you having a good day? Or if you're having a bad day, what is making you have a bad day?


We're Back from the Silence!

Hey Steemy folks! As you know, we left earlier in December and headed to Texas to spend 10 days in silence at a Vipassana Meditation retreat. We are home now and spending time with a dear friend and it's been interesting getting back into the blogosphere!

Vipassana meditation technique is all about observing sensations, purifying the mind, remaining equanimous and being steeped in this technology each day totally wiped my brain free of my Steem habit! In 2018 I only missed a couple days of posting (and one of them was because wasn't working!).


A Life of Folk Magic and Nourishment 

I playfully mock the crows that are making a nuisance of themselves in our field.

I carry seed in my pocket. They know this, and we've formed an unusual friendship. This is a game where I pretend to stealthily toss the seed down and turn my back to the field. They swoop in and steal away with it.

I pick up a feather and put it in my pocket. It's a good exchange. 

Basket in hand, I step into the forest. A soundtrack plays in my head as I walk. The ground crunches beneath my snowshoe clad feet and I weave around trees and duck branches. The Usnea sways with the wind like an old man's beard, and brown leaves flutter down from the sky onto the snowy ground. I pick up fallen birch bark and stop to admire the old man mossy tree that I love so dearly. Today I am just wandering without real purpose and my basket stays empty apart from a few curled wisps of birch bark.


Last Garden Update for 2018: Solstice Abundance - Plus DTUBEQ - What's going on in your gardens?

Summer solstice is about abundance - the trees and plants are fruiting and taking advantage of the daily hours and there is so much activity in the sky as the birds rejoice in the sunlight. I almost need a machete to get out in my garden - it's crazy overgrown, and I can't seem to keep up with it. In every nook there's something fruiting or growing and I'm struggling to put bird netting on the trees so the cockies don't eat the fruit. Maybe I'll just have to let that go this year. Doing it on my own is quite tough. As was spending four days trying to get this video uploaded to Dtube - never mind, it's up now! Enjoy.


What does witch mean to me?: My mum is an evil witch....and i'm only now breaking free from her spell.

Another intense solstice, its like time accelerates yet somehow completely slows down at the same time, when you are on the cusp of the future and the past.
The last few days my body crashed, it's like my whole being knows its time to reset. The last few weeks i've been through some deep emotional healing, with my grandma dying it set off a catalyst of deep hidden truths being revealed. I had found out my mum had been lying to me for years, trying to pull me away from my own family, trying to convince me they were horrible people but as i'd always known deep down the horrible one was her....

I know what a evil witch is and that is her.



Close your eyes, take a deep breath,
feel that breath travel down through your body,
visualize it moving down to your feet
and connecting with the earth beneath you,
the earth is always beneath you.
Breath in and out,
really take the time to feel each breathe
to feel your chest rise and fall.
breath out
and let out all the tension that you have been carrying with you,
let it fall away,
watch it disperse on the breeze,
be gentle with yourself.
For you do not need that tension right now,
it will not serve you,
it will not serve you where you are going.


Rescuing and Upcycling Material To Build A Home With

Yeah... What a Score..!
Luck is on my side, this is pile of thirty, 16 foot long 2 x 12's!

Steem line 2.png

The first package has arrived!!! And it's a huge load, not only did I get a stack of thirty 16 foot 2 x 12's, but there was a bunch of 2 x 4's, 2 x 3's and 12 movie flats!!!!!
That's my work mate Adam, lending a hand unloading all that free lumber... don't worry he is on the clock, the big Hollywood clock (an endless money well), and me too!

They just throw money away all the time as you can read in my last post about hollywood and the waste that goes on... What a sjame, but here we are, taking the opportunity to make the best of it!!!

And once again like a couple years ago, delivery was done on company dime, and we even got paid for it!!! I love it 😁.


The Day when a sleepy town in the West of Ireland woke up. A proud moment.

Last week, there was some news about a burglary in the small town of Castlerea in County Roscommon, in the West of Ireland. The town where I more or less spent the first six years of my time in Ireland before moving further West. There is never anything going on in this town really, although it was supposedly a busy and thriving little place before the financial crisis hit it hard. The way I know the place is not always very positive. First of all, it has one of the few prisons in Ireland, which means that once Mount Joy in Dublin is filled up with the heavier cases and 2nd grade prisoners, they come to Castlerea. Their partners and family often move there too, so they don't have to travel the 2 hours from Dublin every time they want to visit, and most of them end up staying after their husband/father is released. Of course, not every prisoner is a repeat offender, but there are always a few.


CONTEST! My2018: Just a normal day- A wonderful initiative by @anomadsoul, allowing us to get glimpses into what a day in a life might be like from folks all around the world!

Here's a glimpse into a day in my life, from the Boreal Region in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I start my day with my morning routine which includes grabbing a cup of Chocolate Orange Tea to re-hydrate and doing some gently stretches plus some bouncing on my rebounder to get myself going!
I mentioned in that post that I do a modified version of Salutations to the Sun barefoot in my court yard but this time of year that part of the routine gets cut real short for it's getting colder -20 degrees Celsius. I still like to do a little bit of earthing (being barefoot, or in my stockings, on the bare earth) until it drops below the -20 degrees.


Syncing the Male / Female Energies for Health, Happiness, & Success! 

When I talk about Masculine and Feminine energies it is not gender specific or that one needs to be a woman to be feminist or that only a Male needs to have Masculine energies.

The Subtle Body governing the Masculine Feminine Energies
Since ages Yoga has been talking about balancing the Masculine/ Feminine energies, but many Men take it as an ego to accept that Feminine energies are as important one needs as Masculine energies. It is not only about Men, there are many Females who lack Feminism and their Masculine energies are more dominant and vice versa. Our whole body composition is also made accordingly at a subtle level. In Yoga what we say the Ida/Pingala Nadi our energy pathways which represents the masculine/feminine, sun/moon energies. Without both these energies life will not exist. They are the life force within us.


Sole Food - Feet Treats That Nourish You Through Your Bottomest Bits 

Hacks. A current 'thing' I mostly ignore. I need someone to tell me I've been "doing it wrong" for most of my life? haha.... Mostly that's me. But sometimes it takes an out-of-the-box comment from a stranger to flip things and challenge me - to make me realize, again, the power and magic of what I do. And maybe to do it differently.

I produce and sell Magnesium Oil (a super saturated magnesium chloride solution) through my Pure Thai Naturals business. One of the really common FAQs I get is "How will I get best results?" and usually I tell people to spray it over their lymph gland areas, and on their bellies and inner upper arms where absorption is good. And make no mistake, that's also where a hospital is likely to suggest you place a skin patch for ease of application and best transdermal results.


Neurobiology behind meditation, who knows what is going on in their brain? 

Meditation has been performed for several thousand years and present in most religious practices. From east to west, from Norway to India and from America to Japan, people have a general knowledge and since science has shed some light on the benefits of meditating, it is no surprise that humming that om sound has gain popularity. What once was reserved for religion is now well explained with psychology and biology. It actually has absolutely nothing to do with religion and everything to do with your brain chemistry. The beauty of demystifying the capabilities of our bodies is extraordinary.


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