The ecoTrain Magazine: 20th January 2019- Bringing you Amazing Content from the EcoTrain Passengers

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Welcome to another weekly Curation from the amazing Passengers of the EcoTrain. And it is oh so quiet, but that does not stop the passengers of this train from creating great content.

Once again I have picked one post from each of the passengers that are active on the platform. Within these great posts each writer is sharing their knowledge with you and also a little piece of who they are. As always there is something for everyone.

It is our goal within the EcoTrain to make the world a better place and we are all very passionate about doing just that, which is reflected in the content we create. So sit back, enjoy and remember to show your support by upvoting, following and resteeming the content that you enjoy and lets all work towards making the world a better place together!



Bibliophilia – Ideas and Concepts by Daniel Quinn 

At first this post was supposed to become another book review, this time of one of the two books I’ve read by Daniel Quinn: Ishmael and The Story of B. As I started sorting through the ideas I was going to address, I realized that I had to mention both works, and later decided to review neither. Instead I wanted to focus on Quinn’s philosophical concepts, which is really the most important, or rather only important parts of the book. Otherwise neither book would be worth much.
It’s Not About the Stories
Before I get into the nitty-gritty, I won’t get around giving a brief overview of both novels. The first, and more famous one, is titled Ishmael, and it is a series of dialogues between the narrator and a telepathically talking gorilla.


Njama Njama (Huckleberry) growing very well in a vertical farm (UPB Vertical Farm)! 

So far, the plants we are growing are doing exceptionally great in our UPB Vertical Garden and today, we we wanted to show you how the huckleberry in the UPB Vertical Garden is flourishing.
Our UPB Vertical Gardens are excellent for the growing of organic vegetables and you can see just how well our vegetables are doing.



Book Review for Paw Paw: In Search of America’s Forgotten Fruit by Andrew Moore

The long quiet nights of winter are an ideal time to catch
up on books. Last week I finally indulged myself and devoured Paw paw after yearning to read it for
months. For anyone with even a
moderate interest in native plants, wild foods, agriculture, culinary
curiosities and all the intersecting cultural elements of this continent this
book is a must read.


Five Pioneer Skills for the Aspiring Homesteader 

An experienced homesteader can turn their hands to almost anything.

Whether it’s building a shed, gutting an animal or planting a crop, a seasoned homesteader is a genuinely skilled individual. Their equipment hits the shop only for serious problems: oil changes and tune ups are done in house. Carpentry, basic plumbing, essential electrical work: these are also done in-house! You often can’t just “call someone” when you’re on a homestead, so the development of a suite of skills is time well spent.


Hempalicious: Experimenting with Hemp Bread

Looking for a high protein alternative to the sourdough I usually make, I turned to hemp flour. Hemp flour is awesome - it still blows me away that something we used to nurture in the forests to grow enough for smoking is now an option for my breakfast. They're rich is omega fatty acids, are high in protein, a source of Vitamin E and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and calcium, and they taste good too - a kind of nutty flavour which I really like in my bread, having being raised on full on wholemeals and seedy breads and pumpernickel. White bread only does it for me when it's fresh and slathered in butter and vegemite - other times I'd rather something dense and tasty. Hence this little experiment.


The organic farm in Lombok is growing!

Bananas of course grow abundantly in tropical climates and are a very sustainable crop. As you can see from this picture, these bananas are square shaped. These banana plants were already on the plot of land that is being used for an organic farm and will continue to grow and thrive there.
We also planted chickpeas and they grow very well in the hot and dry climate, they shot up in a matter of week, you can see the fresh green bean pods which you can actually eat like this or dry them and eat later.


The Gifts Of The Earth

How lucky we are to live in a place where those things that we need to survive surround us. Of course this may not seem like the case for those who live in cities, and it may seem like a naive statement to some. But the air that we need to breathe comes from the trees that live amongst us. The earth that we walk upon is what puts food on our tables. The amount of vegetation that the earth can provide for us is staggering.
Of course their was a time when the earth was covered in lush forest, lush vegetation, a time when food production was done gently and respectfully. When their was more of a balance between our relationship with the earth. An understanding that if we take something, then we most give something back. That time is still here for some and for those the abundance that the earth provides, is simply breath taking.


A Plan is Starting to Take Shape... Let the Material Capital Flow!!! 

With all these dreams in my head, it's hard to keep up. Even for me and it's my head we're talking about here! It should be easy enough to sort through but most of the time all these dreams, ideas and plans are mixed up in there like a bowl of over cooked spaghetti...

As we're finishing up a job, there is a lot of lumber I've been able to salvage. It's mostly dimentional lumber, no windows or doors... I really don't have anywhere to store furniture at the moment and I've been greatful for the free delivery so I don't want to get greedy with it.


It's My Birthday - Changes that Have Come About This Year...

Being over 6 decades old, I do feel some effects of aging but I feel I have aged rather gracefully.

I have always been health conscious and have taken good care of my health, feeling fortunate to have become apart of the @Naturalmedicine community where there are a lot of folks sharing their natural wisdom.

Another thing I feel grateful for is that I have meaningful work that I enjoy and I work with fun, inspired people! I work with 3 and 4 year old children in the play and exploration program. We have total flexibility in the program, being it is child centered and we go with the children's interests. Everything is so fresh and they are full of wonder!


The Courage to Continue 

Today I want to share with you all one of my experience with an old cab driver.

In India there is no age limit for certain professions, and Cab driver is one of it. There is no check if a person is suitable to do this work. It was on one evening while returning from work, I stopped a cab. I was in too much hurry, so as soon as he stopped I just hopped in and then I gave instructions to the driver where i wanted to go and got busy on a call. After a certain while I realized that he was driving very slowly and not that the road was blocked. So I was wondering what was wrong with him and why he was driving so slowly.


2019: a stress-free year

I do not believe in the success of a New Year's resolution. It is the same as saying how you will change something on Monday. If you want something changed, change it now. Why wait until a specific date? You can read about the psychology of it in my post The psychology of New Year's resolutions and why they don't work. That is why I have tried to trick my own brain and started implementing some life changes in December. What changes? 2019 will be a stress-free year.
Stress has become a frequent companion in our lives and we sometimes forget what it does not only to our psychological health but to our physiological too. You may stress about the politics, weather, your financial situation or how your son resembles the postman more than you but whatever your reasons are, consider doing something about them. If you want to change the world, start with changing how you react to it first. Want to be healthy and happy? Relax and read this post, it a good place to start.


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