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Welcome to another weekly Curation from the amazing Passengers of the EcoTrain. Yes things continue to be quiet and engagement is quiet low, but that does not stop some of the EcoTrain passengers from continuing to create awesome content each week.

Today I have picked one post from each of those passengers, with most of them continuing to write daily. Start this new year as you mean to go on. At times it can be hard to find the balance between creating online and offline, but it can be achieved and it is very important to do so. We all need to be inspired in order to create and it is our connection to the world, to nature that will give us the most inspiration. This week we have something to suit everyone, all with the hope of inspiring one another in our daily lives, to live more connected with ourselves and our environment.

It is our goal within the EcoTrain to make the world a better place and we are all very passionate about doing just that, which is reflected in the content we create. So sit back, enjoy and remember to show your support by upvoting, following and resteeming the content that you enjoy and lets all work towards making the world a better place together!



How to Overcome Challenges in Life

We have all probably been through some challenges in our lives and many of us will be going through some great challenges right now.

We've all had those moments when we feel lost, scared, angry, sad, betrayed or maybe even felt our whole world was crumbling down.

We feel that we hit rock bottom or that we have lost everything we believed in, everything we loved or worked hard for..
Don't we all go through these moments?

What's interesting about life is that it's through those challenges that we grow and become stronger and better..


The Greens’ Green Resolutions for the year 2019 | Plan of Action! 

The Greens’ Green Resolutions for the year

This is the year of Waste for The Greens and our principal objective this year will be to #StopPlasticPollution in the city of Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon.
We shall organize 4 #EndPlasticPollution Campaigns in schools, churches and communites, promote plastic arts and crafts and upcycle at least 1000,000 plastic bottles to produce UPB Vertical Gardens, UPB Nursery Pots and lots of plastic upcycled products.
At ecoDesigns, our principal objective will be to complete setting up the ecoDesigns workshop, start a thrift store and commence the effective marketing of our textile upcycled products.
We look forward to organizing 3 street sales and ecoFashion shows as well as upcycle at least 2000 pounds of textile waste. We will graduate 03 of our trainees into ecoFashion Designing Entrepreneurs.



Stop Bleeding With Homemade Yarrow Styptic Powder 

Yarrow is a common wildflower in the Asteraceae family. You’ll find it spread across North America, Europe, and Asia; It has long been revered for the ability to staunch bleeding, prevent infection and numb pain.

The Latin name for yarrow, Achillea millefolium has an interesting story. Achillea comes from Greek mythology. According to legend, Achilles the great Greek warrior used yarrow on the battlefield to heal soldiers wounds. Millefolium refers to the many fine leaflets on each yarrow leaf.


Walking Towards Fresh Spring Water: Stealing Attention Back from The Time Thieves

I have learnt to play around with time.

It happened by accident, one morning over a week ago. I awoke, and didn't go online. I didn't check my emails. I didn't check my social media. I didn't even check the weather. I knew it was pre-dawn by the light in the sky and the low slung Venus, and the crowing of a chicken I had suspected may have traitorously become rooster. I left my phone uncharged in a corner and went a-walking. I walked for hours, my thoughts loud and sharp. Returning, it was only just gone 8 o'clock. I sat with a coffee and watched the chickens for a while, trying to figure out which one had been crowing, stirred starter into sourdough for the evening's bread, tried to work out how to load film into the pinhole camera gathering dust on the self, meditated for half an hour, tidied the kitchen, planted basil, took out the bins, and it wasn't even mid morning.


My Living Naturally Series- Treating My Children Naturally, It All Starts With The Breast!

I have chosen to raise my children in as natural a way as possible. I understand that how I live my life is not for everyone, we all have our choices to make. But what I do think is important is that more people start to take responsibility for how they live, for the choices that they make.

It is our choices that affect us the most, what we eat, how we treat ourselves, how we look after our bodies, how we view ourselves. No matter what we wish to accomplish in life, we need to start with self. Because everything will then flow from there. We all deserve to be healthy and happy, to feel strong and valued. Everything that passes through our body, via the mouth, the skin, the ears it all has an affect on us.


VISION BOARD: My Natural Healing Plan for 2019... (A Challenge from @NaturalMedicine


I don't typically make resolutions for the new year, I don't really like the new year and I think this whole calendar we tend to hold so close to our hearts is just bulshit...

I am like the Grinch when it comes to new year's celebrations. I like to party but I can't stand it on New Year's Eve for some reason.

I don't know maybe it's because too many people get completely retarded stupid wasted? I just never saw what the big deal was with this last night of this calendar's year is.

Or maybe it's because deep inside I feel like the start of each year should be either right afyer winter solstice, when our days start moving toward the light again or durring our spring equinox, when life is really starting to flourish again.


A New Year - a New Natural Medicine Challenge - What I Resolve...

This year I'm big on having food as my medicine and using it as preventative medicine.

Last year we entered upon the Ketogenic diet to help with some health problems we were experiencing.
Our research continually showed us that there is a lot of mis-information and plain right malarky out there.
We dove deeper into our Keto diet research and were uncovering some fascinating new info.

The first misconception we had was that fats are bad for you and the cause of gaining weight.
For more info on this see my post:
Crazy as as it may sound I'm losing weight on a high fat diet!


Inculcating Book Reading Habits in Children helps develop their Focus and Attention span 

I remember as a Child I was very fond of reading books and the books which had visuals was all the more exciting. Specially the pop outs of characters from the comic books was something I enjoyed the most. The fairy tales books was something I would not stop reading. I would cover up myself and read with a small light hiding myself in the bed cover. As I grew up the habit of reading also started getting stronger and stronger, which I feel has helped me develop a lot mentally.

But in the recent times I see that not many children have connection with books and reading. There is a sharp decline in the number of Children who have interest in reading. It is a sad thing. I personally believe that reading does help develop a lot of mental abilities for children.


Are you really using only 10% of your brain?

I love folklore, I am a Pagan so it comes with the territory. What I do not like is when people confuse myths with reality and facts with fiction. Unfortunately, the result is often the undermining of their or other peoples abilities. Sure, I too have seen people that seem like they are not using their brain at all but that does not change the fact that they actually are, I just don't like the way they are. You are using more than 10% of the brain and as much as I have enjoyed the Lucy movie, it is just that, a movie.
Today I will help you to separate facts from fiction once again and remind you that you are more special than you think so do not let anyone undermine your natural abilities. Your brain is an amazing organ and by saying that you are using only 10% of it is kind of insulting it and yourself. You are more powerful than you realize and it was never about not using your brain but instead the way you were using it.


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