I was created to create.

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I was created to create.

I read that recently and it has stuck with me, mainly because it is something I like to write about, to bring awareness to. At the end of the day, it is up to us to create the life we want . To be proactive in achieving exactly what it is we need. But here's the thing somewhere along the line, what we need, got confused with what we want. So that today what we see is many people struggling in life, because they focus too much on what they want.

We need to be creative and there are so many ways that we can be. Our creations are what give us a lot of meaning in our lives, the art that we make in what ever form that is, is an expression of who we are. When we are expressing ourselves truthfully then we are being true to who we are.

Life can get complicated with all the things that we think we need to do, that we think we need to achieve, trying to fit in to this human made stream of manipulation. Digging ourselves deeper in order to do that and in the process losing the very essence of who we are.


Nobody can tell you what it is, that you need to do in order to thrive, because nobody knows, only you. Sure we can listen to others, we can hear them as they try and give us advice, about what they think we should be doing. But you have to carve your own way. You need to listen, to what it is that speaks to you. What is it that brings you real joy, that deepens your connection to self?

But listening to ourselves, this is something that is not advocated enough. From a young age we are told to listen to others, to look to others to show us the way. That in order to make our way in life, we need to learn what we are told, to focus on what others are saying. All the while drawing us away from the teachings we can learn from ourselves.

We are told to seek fulfilment from the things that we have learnt. To focus on what we have achieved academically, as if this is what defines who we are. In some cases, some people do get discover their creative self through their studies, but for so many others, there is no room for them to express who they are and so they follow what is suggested. Never connecting with their true potential.


This, I believe is what has led to many focusing more on what they want and not what they need.

Everything in nature creates, it is our creations that connect us to nature, because they connect us to self. Think about how your energy changes, when you actually get to express yourself fully. When you tap into your creative side. Then think about how you are releasing that energy, out into the world and how that connects you with so many other people. Think about the doors of opportunity that open up for you when you are creative.

When you do not get the opportunity to experience that, then your life may feel somewhat empty, like their is a void, that needs to be filled. How then do you fill that void? With what you want?

Never forget, that We are creators, We were created so that we can create.

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Then create

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that I shall x

A good reminder @truckie-family to kick start us into creating. You are so right, we all have the ability!

we do indeed @angiemitchell, thanks for dropping by xx

Very true. There are so many ways to be creative. And it feels good to create something.

yes we are meant to create, thanks @rem-steem x

hmm wanting and needing.
We only know, no one else know what we want.
Very deep thoughtful post.

thanks @vibesforlife xx

I love the sense of completion that comes from creation - as if I am somehow more for having made something outside of and other to myself. Your images are so very pure, sweet and wholesome. Sending you love from a hotel room in Laos PDR where am only able today to create with words. Missing my seewing and my garden.

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