Being Alive and Truly Living!

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What does it mean to be alive? does the fact that I am breathing in and out everyday mean that I am. Being alive as a human, means so many different things, depending on the person you are and the place that you live. So many of us spread right across the earth, inhibiting so many different types of environment. Surviving in so many different ways, we are so diverse and adaptable, we have carved our way in this world, some much more than others.

What marks have you left on the earth? Are you threading lightly or are you leaving behind deep scars. Where does this desire come from, when some people feel the need to leave their mark on the earth. Literally polluting and destroying the very thing that sustains them. I do wonder sometimes how so many can be so disconnected from nature.

But I do not want this post to focus on that, but more on the importance of living, of allowing yourself to actually be present and feel each moment. To open up your senses and let the present, seep in. Because how can we really be alive, if we do not allow ourselves to feel. To actually taste the air, tune into the cycles that happen all around us. To sun gaze and follow the moon. To allow our feet to connect with the earth, our hands to touch the soil and our noses to inhale the sweet scents of nature.


Of course all of this means going out into the wild, taking time to find a wild spot so that you can soak up all of these wonders and allow yourself to be recharged. To take time for you!

When was the last time you lay on the ground and observed the morning dew that has settled on the grass. The last time that you witnessed the sun, light up the magical work of spiders as the spin the most intricate and beautiful webs amongst the trees. When was the last time you let nature blow you away, by all the beauty that she creates. No matter where you are, you are surrounded by nature. There are patches of green to be found, everywhere. Small plants pushing their way up through concrete, displaying such a strong will to live.

When was the last time that you were still?


The times when I have felt the most alive, have been times that have brought me great joy and also the times that have brought me great sadness. Those times in my life when my emotions have been at their most raw, at their most free. When I was unable to hold back and also unwilling to. It is so important to allow ourselves to feel, to go with the many waves that come into our lives, to take the time to be present with our emotions. Do not hold back, when you are happy, to find the ways that help you express that happiness, to sing, to create, to dance.

Life is a dance, an intimate dance that we need to perform with ourselves. A dance that allows us to move and grow, to connect and let go. We need to allow ourselves to get lost in those moments, to trust in the flow, to surrender to our emotions, so that we can open ourselves up to the power that we hold inside.


To just be present and feel, do not push anything away. Because everything that comes up for us, needs to be acknowledged, it needs to be allow to exist. Each moment we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves more, to embrace ourselves more. Be it in times of light or darkness, it all comes from us. Our experiences, our desires, they help to shape us, but it is how we feel our way through them, that is what defines us. I am only an empty shell without the many array of emotions that fill up my life and each and everyone of them complete me. They allow me to feel truly alive.

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That was beautiful. Just being present and open is quite the adventure.

Whenever I've gone off course on some travel plans... I pay very close attention to everything I was about to miss. .. meant to be? not sure but I do try to listen

I think we miss so much by not being present, by not observing and being still, we just need to remember to listen, to trust in our own self. Thanks for dropping by @truthabides xx

Trying. Noise is very loud right now. Finding it hard to rest in nature. Only thing that soothes and brings me to vitality is the ocean, but can't spend all my time at sea lol. Wish I was a fish or a mermaid or a bird.

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oh Rivers, I wish I could beam you up and bring you over here and give you a huge hug xx

Your words hug me xx always xx

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I believe that all human beings always leave a mark. Some bigger, some smaller, but we always leave them. Some traces go down in history, other traces will remain in someone's heart, and possibly both have the same magnitude, in light or in silence. Excellent reflection!

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thanks so much @zaidaguevarae xx

Beautiful! This made my heart pound with joy!!

The modern demands for everyone to be "too busy" can be difficult to escape. I read an article last week that said the average American has only four hours of spare time to do with as they please, per week. When they get done with work, chores, and responsibilities there are only 34 minutes per day. I remember feeling so frustrated by the fact that even when we were together, no one was present because they were looking at their phone or thinking about where they needed to be next.

I spend a lot of time being present and sometimes feel sad about what I missed when I was caught up in racing to keep my life together always short on hours in the day. I think that is why people like to visit our homestead. The clocks stop and everyone can just be present and soak in all the little miracles and joys. Nature all around us and it is amazing!

What matters is what you are doing now and you are being true to yourself xxI would love to visit your homestead xx

This post is so poetic @trucklife-family, I liked very much. Almost all the time one is not aware of so simple but important details that keep us alive like breathing.

thank you @byronmushrooms yes everything begins with the breath x

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Being present really does a lot to make one feel alive. There’s nothing voiding the moment like clouded thoughts. Time goes so fast, but so slow at the same time during these moments. It’s an interesting, awestriking experience to be fully present within one’s self.

Great post @trucklife-family!

thank you @alchemage it is always nice to have you drop by, and yes living each moment is really what it is all about x xx

You have a lovely lilting way about you, @trucklife-family. Yes, escaping to nature is optimal and easiest. But we truly can FEEL that same thing in a concrete jungle if we choose to. See the light piercing through a narrow alleyway, feel a lonely weed struggling to exist, taste the hint of salt in the air in a busy port city, feel the connectedness in a pot plant whose roots may not be free but whose leaves and branches equally reach for the heavens. If we always focus on "escape to wild places" we exclude and also make it feel impossible for others who may not have that luxury.

I write this from a wild beach in Vietnam - hearing you but hoping we can make this aliveness real, regardless of where life or we ourselves have placed us.

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thank you @artemislives yes indeed, nature is all around us, we are nature and we carry that with us where ever we go. There is such a strong sense of life when we see trees and plants in the city, how they have adapted to survive in this environment, I have been blown away many times by the beauty of nature in built up areas, of majestic trees in London and fungi growing in Mexico city xx