Who are the best people to lead or guide our world... Politicians, Parents, Academics, Philosophers, High Tech.. Or someone else? @EcoTrain Question Of The Week

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I'm technically not a passenger on the @EcoTrain, but I love @Eco-Alex, and support his goals and this project especially, and I've found myself really appreciating question prompts like this and the @TribeSteemUp bi-weekly, since they get me to think & write on topics that I would not necessarily otherwise.

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The simple answer

The first thing that comes up for me is a pretty clear "nobody"! The idea that any one human, group of humans, or type of human could possibly be fit to lead/guide the whole world is absolutely ridiculous. If there is anything that should actually lead/guide the whole world, I believe that it should be a balance between the dedication to compassion for all life, the search for truth, and the acknowledgement of each one's responsibility for their actions, experiences, and effects.

I feel that the biggest problem in the world today is that people are outsourcing responsibility for their lives, giving up their agency to "authority figures", and generally just being lead in all facets of their lives. Someone else is telling them what "diet" is right, someone else is telling them how they should act in the world, someone else is telling them how they should spend their time/energy (and stealing most of it along the way)...

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All of them should lead

Now, while I feel that the general state of things should be each one leading themselves, making their own decisions, and owning the consequences of those decisions, and see no way to centralize that authority that can possibly be aligned with truth, freedom, love, or peace... I certainly see a role for leaders in all the many realms of human civilization.

I see a leader as the one who goes first and sets an example, the one who takes responsibility for a project and brings together the people & tools needed, or one who is far advanced in knowledge & skills around a particular thing. If a group of people want to go for a hike off into a forest, someone is going to lead, and you generally want that someone to be the one with the best sense of direction and most knowledge about the location. That same format of choosing a "leader" should apply to any situation where the need for one exists.

If the plumbing in your house is leaking and you don't have the skillset to fix it, you're going to ask for guidance from someone who does, a plumber. If we're trying to come up with the best digital means of doing something, we're obviously going to ask for guidance from developers. If we're attempting to understand our place in the universe, then we'll ask philosophers and spiritual teachers. I guess you'd ask politicians for guidance if you're hoping to manipulate people and get money without doing anything?

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Greater autonomy & self-responsibility

As more and more people give up the belief in authority and begin taking responsibility for themselves, those same people can step into all sorts of new roles as leaders and guides. Every human has gifts, at least one thing in which they are adept & experience, and in that realm they can offer a great service by leading others. One of the wonderful things about this kind of totally organic leadership is that it doesn't require force, doesn't build unjustified hierarchies, and leaves room for high levels of flexibility.

Since humans are community organisms, and Dunbar's number shows us that communities cannot be all that big (cities & states are simply zones controlled by organized crime syndicates, and cease to be communities rapidly), part of this shift is moving away from the idea that we need any guides/leaders for anything besides small group decisions.

Through the beauty of distributed networks and open-source knowledge, we can give every human & community on the planet access to more knowledge, skills, and tools than the most educated & powerful could ever dream of just a few decades ago. This will continue to allow for ever higher levels of interconnection, cooperation, and sovereignty between communities & humans, and make space for so many beautiful creations!


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I have to say that I completely agree here. This is one of the reasons that I don't think of philosophy as anything constant or permanent, we are all always changing and evolving and we need all types of people to make this whole thing work. Some are more naturally inclined to lead and others more naturally inclined to follow, but to try to pick the one "best" type of person to lead the rest of us is a seriously flawed ideal. As Alan Watts said:

"How will those of us that are genetically unregenerate make up our minds what genetically generate people might be, because I'm afraid that our selection of virtues may not work."

The inspiration that I draw from that statement is that when we choose to follow anyone, we are essentially leading ourselves to where we need to go, and to think that we know all of the answers and are infallible beings is an ego trip in and of itself. Essentially we are still left to our own judgement, even when trying to pass that responsibility off on someone else, and if we can respect each other then we can see the need for all types of people. We all must lead ourselves to our own conclusions one way or another and any illusion that isn't the case is just denial.


Thanks for the comment @clayboyn, I love your take on it! I think of philosophy as sort of like the scientific method applied to the psychological & metaphysical world.

Whether we choose to make decisions ourselves, or choose to outsource that responsibility to someone else, we are still always at choice.

PS: Thanks for the MSP curation!

ahhh this reads and flows so perfectly. Im very happy u answered this weeks question because youve said it SO well! I so agree we need to form smaller communities and govern ourselves.. i wrote a bit about how tech can make this so easy nowadays.. its all possible.. but it looks like im gonna have to keep playing kirtan all day until this system dissolves..

Id say more but im on les mobile, but u know! Its time for self empowerement!

Oh what would bill be saying now if he were still alive.. omg!


Ya, our technological advancements are creating quite the amazing feedback loop with the expanding consciousness and individual empowerment of the species! Open source all the knowledge, 3D print all the things, make it all modular & universal, and let everyone have free time to enjoy their lives!

I'm almost done with my train ride, and I'll be heading off for the next few days, talk to you soon brother!

Who are the best people to lead or guide our world...

Got all ready to object with the post's title when you quickly followed up with...

The first thing that comes up for me is a pretty clear "nobody"!

That's the name of my candidate! 😎


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I am not keen on benevolent dictatorships as they do not like people that think (Google comes to mind). The rule of elders has been used in many civilisations since the dawn of time and is still used in religious and other organisations where it has become in disrepute. Having written that I still think that elder rule is best, even if I am very old myself.😛


The idea of elder rule has it's pros and cons, and I think it requires a distinction between elders and olders. Historically, living longer had a much more direct correlation with intelligence & capability, but in the age of government indoctrination camps, welfare states, etc... Living to an old age really just requires not being exceedingly unlucky or stupid.


Or cunning

In the mean world, its hard to belive anyone. People easily get influnced by other, but never used their own mind and thought.....
You have explained quite beautifully "make leaders " that will make people to forsee themselves a step ahead

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