What I Am Doing Here In The Hospital... Making Sigils for Friends...Part 1

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I am still in the hospital for another week. I am doing physical therapy and occupational therapy. Today was Easter and so there were very few people here today. I did have one session where I walked with a walker for 120 feet. After that, I went back to my room and I drew a Sigil for friends who are getting married June 22.


Colored Pencil on Paper

I will still have do the angel extended and then glue the whole thing to wood and use encaustic medium to embed some other images and collage items... I also have to add some olives to the branch.

I have found the one who my Soul loves.

The dove represents Love, Peace, and The Holy Spirit - a Messenger from God.

After this, I also have one to do for a wedding anniversary on June 6. For that one, I am doing a sigil that says

J and P live in Cortez, Colorado with their grandson, T

What is A Sigil?


Use Sigils! They Work! The powers-should-not-be are using them on us, so WE should be using them FOR OURSELVES! The true PURPOSE of an ARTIST'S WORK is shamanism, not capitialism!

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Always loving your sigils! Re-Steemed!

thank you so much! Blessings! I try to share them to inspire others to use them. If more people used them the less we would think to rely upon buying products or asking other people for things that we intuitively know and that would lead us out of the confines of this new world order slavery that we are heading toward.

Exactly, I could not agree more. Thank you for providing such awesome and unique spirit art on the blockchain. I may hit you up for a custom sigil soon, an interesting scenario has popped up in my life recently. Did you check the @EarthTribe recent update? The group has undergone a beneficial restructuring that we hope you will participate in. Let me know what you think when you check it out. Have a blessed day!

I am going to delegate 100 steem to earthtribe today

I think you accidentally transferred 100 Steem to @EarthTribe instead of delegating 100 Steem. Let us know if you would like the Steem sent back to you so you can delegate instead. Bless up.

oh I thought that's what i was supposed to do... yes please send it back and then I will try to figure out how to 'delegate' it - thanks for letting me know.

Yes please transfer the 100 steem back to me so I can delegate it! Sorry about the confusion!

yes and I have to withdraw some steem from savings in order to participate. I have already been amazed at how much you guys are upvoting my posts. It's quite refreshing - I had been considering leaving steemit because i felt lost and lone with a bunch of bots till i really started checking out ecotrain and earthtribe.

Yup, and now you have been inducted into @TribeSteemUp!!! I highly recommended your account as a nomination, your content is some of my favorite in @EarthTribe. Every piece you manifest is original majik! Let me know when you can gt your delegation in, you will still retain membership in ET at a lower % until then. Blessings!

I will let you know...

so - I am supposed to contribute 250 steem to @earthtribe - is that it?

I actually just noticed your closing comment, about artwork being for shamanism and not capitalism. I LOVE that. Nice perspective. Wish you a better day today, with 130 steps at least....

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hey thank you! Yes, it has taken me quite some time to 'figure that out' - I know now that the dark luciferian overlords had toe distract the artists - because the artists are the ones who could have helped the people stay connected to the Source all this time, but most of the artists, nowadays, think that art is about matching the carpet to the couch - at Gaia's expense. Thanks - yes today I am getting up and going to the bathroom by myself - so that counts for a lot.