Ecotrain QOTW: Who are more culpable for inequality and injustice, the people who make our rules and laws or the people who follow and enforce them?

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I think that to some extent that we are all to blame for inequality and injustice and the state of the world today.

It is easy to blame someone else, not us, of course it is, but for years, decades, even centuries I believe that we have been molded the way the people who make the rules and laws want us to think.

While this has been done somewhat covertly and with underhand methods, mainly by making anyone who doesn’t fit into societal norms not welcome, or feel the full force of the law in some respects.

Of course, in some respects this is the right thing to do, for example, pedophiles would fall into this category and that's where the strength in the law should be, but is not always the case as money buys power, or the wrong story is believed so justice does not always prevail.

Here in the UK, we also have classes and the working classes are prone to taking a bashing from the media and therefore the higher classes will, in turn look down thus the inequality and injustice is intensified for this class.

In terms of equality, women do get the fairer deal these days as laws have made it so, so much so that men are discriminated against and do not have all the avenues of support open to them that women do.

This is why I love the Man Cave project, as its a place where men are supported and a place where men can talk about any issues openly, or anonymously. Both sexes are encouraged to talk to each other, instead of the Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus stigma. We get to learn from one another and communicate, instead of second guessing. Beautiful steps in the right direction.

But somewhere along the line, doesn’t it seem that we have lost the ability to think for ourselves?

But what if you start to see through the lies that are spun to us every day in every way? There is only a small amount of people who have taken the red pill and decide to act on what they have learned.


There are some people who make the realization that the world is not what it seems, but retreats back into their comfort zone and bury their head in the sand for all their lives, rather than rock the boat.

This world needs people to be strong and not sheep.

Why are we so happy to complain, but not do anything about it?

This is why it is just as much the normal person on streets fault as it is the law makers, because we just accept everything we are told, we don’t fight for justice as we automatically think well “what can I do?”.

We need to step up to the mark.

And where that’s against the law, so be it. The laws need updating, they are the same in many respects as they have been for 100s of years.

So much has changed in last century, with technology but the fundamental need to be accepted into a fold is of course as prevalent as ever - but it doesn’t have to be society as the everyday world sees it, but we can hunt out the freedom seekers and red pilled in our local areas and make things start to happen together.

They are there, just as passionate and living on the fringes looking for people in the same boat as them. Here on the blockchain, a good place to start is the @ecotrain.

If there is a hoard of us what they going to do, arrest us all? Where would they put us? The prison system is already full to bursting point.

Let’s set sail into a brighter sunset, it won’t be easy, but with an open mind there is always hope and where there are rules, there is always a way around them.

Inequality and injustice are just the tip of the iceberg, there is far more that needs to be questioned and not accepted as the status quo.

With <3 Hope & Huggs



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I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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i completely agree!!

This world needs people to be strong and not sheep.

This is the crux, isn't it? and as you said, there isn't enough room in the jails if we were all to make a stand... For too long we have just followed along as sheeple and we are all complicit until we aren't anymore. I really liked your response!

This world needs people to be strong and not sheep.
boom! thats for sure... It is time for strength, but it has to be a different kind of strength to win in these times. The brute force kind of strength doesn't work, and especially against powerful regimes.

Instead, our strength needs to come from integrity and being brave enough to admit and see the truth. Our strength has to come from self belief, to go against the grain despite what 'everyone else might be saying'. The strength needs to come from our heart and a feeling of compassion because we can no longer ignore the plight of others whilst we are just doing our job.

Many millennial are mocked by patriarchal type people because of all these great strengths.. and yet they exhibit all the traits we need to overcome the great injustices and inequality that we face.


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