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Nuggets are little gems - condensed, compacted value and yes, very much Gold. @ecotrain's "Nuggets" each week is our way of bringing you new contributors, of sharing some of the gold from the week, and of showcasing all that the ecotrain is about.

@ecotrain is a artisan-hand-curated community built around the concept of gift economy and actively making our world a better place. We engage around sustainability, eco-green, permaculture, the glories of Mother Earth, inner transformation, alternative energy, earthships & earth building, recycling - in short, all the practical and conceptual underpinnings of paradigm shift. Each week @eco-alex and @artemislives scour the steemit blockchain for people using the tag, and upvote-comment-curate in the best way they know how.
Upvote this Nuggets curation and our featured posts if you can. Comment, resteem this curation and a few of the posts. Follow, engage and enjoy.

The Untrimmable Light Of The World
"These past few weeks have been tough for my baby. He's been struggling a lot with stress, from work as well as a few life events that left him rather rattled. For months, I've been wishing he could see what I see - as Mary Oliver puts it in her poem below, the 'untrimmable light of the world'. There is so much beauty and joy in the world. I have my down moments like anyone - and for a long time, it was pretty dark - but through meditation, I have learnt to focus on the small things that are extraordinary in their ordinariness."
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Why I'm Happy I Moved Away From Refined Sugar
"...a few year's ago and I was watching The Quest For the Cures Continues. One of the things discussed was refined sugars and how they lower your immune system. They weren't referring to naturally occurring sugars, just the manmade, refined ones. I wasn't sure how or why, but I decided to start weaning us off them. That Sugar Film clinched it for me."
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I Have The Courage To Stand Up
Some are here to comfort the afflicted - while others to afflict the comfortable! Check this out for "Move! Your Butt!" energy!!
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Textile Upcycled Product Of The Week Or The Creativity Of Our Graduates
"We’re upcycling textile offcuts to produce ecoDesigned Garments.
This ecodesigned garment shown above was made by one of our graduates and she presented it during her graduation ceremony to our guests to show the power of our creativity in fighting textile waste pollution."
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Collecting Some Seeds In The City To GREEN It Again
"Today, I went to visit a friend's garden that he is lucky enough to have in town ! On the spot and on the road I collected seeds in order to prepare a good mixture that I will sow again in the cracks and crevices of our cities :) So my favourite courses will be a little greener! If you find seeds: resow them ! So I recommend you to join us in the @cleanplanet adventure !"
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Transplanting Trees With The Excavator
"In my life I transplanted a lot of trees, but until yesterday I had no experience of transplanting large adult trees."
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Forest Garden: Before & After
"One day shortly after that, I was performing my regular ritual of sitting on my ass looking at the garden when I remembered I hadn't planted like half of the seeds I'd bought. Where could I plant them?I didn't want to go to the north side of the yard; it just wasn't as integrated and fun. And there's no chickens over there. I couldn't go to the middle of the yard; that's where Melissa has claimed as a place for the kids. I couldn't go to the front yard; there's a busy street there and Melissa wants grass out there. Why grass of all things? I don't have a cow or sheep. But whatever.
I got to thinking and wondering where in a perennial forest was there space for annuals. Mostly based on how fun it was to sit there in my perennial garden. As soon as that notion entered my mind, I became immediately aware of the small, sunny, pasture-like patches all around the edge of my garden space. At the edges? What kind of weird unnatural system uses the edges? What a transformation when I saw that."
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Best Wishes to @NaturalMedicine: Happy Birthday To Us!
"It a beautiful weather here and it's evening at the same time, it is an amazing thing and Joy to be part of this great community and I have seen so many reasons why I need to stay and excel even more better than I do here. @naturalmedicine is full of knowledgeable and influential set of people who has great ideas and wisdom through natural minds. I'm very happy I'm part of you guys. Here is my wishes to you @naturlalmedicine. Greetings from Kwara state. Nigeria."
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Riding The Waves Of My Emotions
"Thrashing my emotions within,
propelling my fear and leaving that taste of unease
as their immense power sets in!

These Turbulent Waves
that shake me to my core
that rip me open and leave me exposed!"
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The Wild Wonderful GreenHouse & Healing With A Slice Of Gratitude
"I went out for a quick look at things today. There are insects everywhere. Some good, some bad (cucumber beetles - little teeny monsters) but everything seems to be doing quite fine without me and that has me wondering why I feel the need to control things so much. A hummingbird even stopped by the greenhouse to feast as I stood at the wild jungle before me and holy smokes - the greenhouse is so messy and chaotic and although I would love to spend a few days working in there, I am finding this natural wild growth quite fascinating.
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The 8 Pillars of @TribeSteemUp


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That's a heck of a curation! I like the link at the bottom to check out your feed. A "see what we see" option. Thanks for the feature and for doing what you do!


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thank you nate! <3

Thank you!! Great content requires us to step up and meet you there... x

An Awesome curation! Who said the blockchain was quiet this week! And a few I missed. Just sat down for arvo cuppa in the sunshine. Perfect timing.

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Always a pleasure when the steem price is down and the blockchain is quiet - sorts out the good content and the people worth investing in. Thanks for being one of them!