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It seems this @ecotrain Steem engine never runs out of Steem! Welcome back to the @ecotrain magazine, where we bring together some truly brilliant posts from 15 truly brilliant people! This week we cover a wide range of topics including TOPICS INCLUDE Pond Making, Mushrooms!, Homesteading, Worms, Vegan Recipes, Homesteading, Cycling and more! You never know what you are going to find here to please have a scroll and see what catches your eye!

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Looks Like A Pond! Concrete Liner Finished (Homestead Vlog)

Whew! After we made that Vlog yesterday introducing the pocket pond’s next steps, we worked on the pond into the night and got about 1/2 of the basin plastered with concrete.Today we worked all day and got it finished up to the lip where we’ll set rocks, planting shelves (of differing levels for planting aquatic plants) and will have a spillway into the gardens.It was a hot one today and mixing concrete in the sun and plastering makes for two tired homesteaders! By the end we were pretty beat, but wanted to finish the task up to the lip. If it rains, we were afraid it may erode if we didn’t get it up to the lip.

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Seasonal 'Shrooms Are Medicinal Magic

They come but for a few short weeks during the business end of the Asian monsoon season. "Hed Cummin" เห็ดขมิ้น (Turmeric Mushrooms, translated literally) but more elegantly called the 'Golden Chanterelle' mushroom, botanically Cantharellus cibarius.We picked up a bag of them tonight for 20 baht from a tiny roadside vendor on our way home. 20 THB = USD $0.61. Thai people eat them just for the flavour, and they are DELICIOUS. A culinary & gourmet delight. But actually, they are also a well-studied and powerful medicinal mushroom.

The Psychology of Injury & Why It Doesn't Serve Us In The End

"Wow - you're a real pro at that one-handed thing now!" my dear friend commented during yesterday's product photo shoot. I responded in some inane way about pain levels and hips being a perfect substitute for a second hand as most moms know, and thought the comment was a passing one. But his words revisited me early this morning before dawn, and I knew that my friend had chosen his words very carefully. He's like that. Economical in what he says. A guerrilla guru, who slips you a hard-hitting truth disguised as small talk while he makes you a superb coffee.

The Doctor's prognosis hadn't been great. "You may regain full use of your arm, in time", he had said. Like it was only a possibility, a maybe. "The fractures are basically healed but you have some serious soft tissue injury and nerve damage in your hand, arm and elbow joint. If pain levels are not dramatically better in two weeks, come back and I will refer you to a surgeon." Urgh! Not exactly what you want to hear from your last visit to the orthopedic specialist. He had been thorough to a fault, finding 3 more fractures in my hand and wrist after bone scans. As if the 3 fractures in my elbow weren't quite enough. What did I do to my arm? Compression fractures from locking my arm at the point of impact when my large-safe-truck slammed into the back of a fast-moving tourist mini-van which had failed to indicate and cut in front of me. Lucky I was only driving 40km an hour.

The Thai Flower Tax

I paid it again today. The flower tax. Willingly. Taxes are not inevitable in Thailand and a trip to one's Thai accounting office usually starts along the lines of, "How much tax you LIKE to pay?" I'm definitely not opposed to creative tax planning - indeed, it would be financially irresponsible to my company's major Thai shareholder (my daughter Ploi, @nabithecat) if I carelessly overpaid government taxes. But the flower tax? It's a no brainer. One pays. And knowingly pays more than is required. Every. Single. Time.With pleasure.

What on earth am I even talking about? These. Flower garlands. In Thai they're called 'puong malai' พวงมาลัยดอกไม้. Sold all over Thailand, to honour the Buddha and various Deities, to show formal respect to monks, teachers and parents, or simply to make your car smell naturally wonderful while you receive a @naturalmedicine aromatherapy treatment in its purest form.


The Beautiful Majestic Oak Tree

Today I began to harvest the almonds from the tree's on the land that I live on. I have always written before that it is the land that I am currently living on as I have wanted to get back on the road with my family and return to our nomadic ways. But life changes and that idea is going to have to be shelved for a wee while. So today I write, the land I live on. I am so lucky with the amount of trees that bare fruit and nuts on this land. Right now it is all about the almonds, the figs and the grapes. I can walk around the land and happily eat from the trees and the vines and so can my 3 girls, oh these gifts that have been bestowed upon us.

Steemit Vision Quest 20 "From The Mud The Lotus Blooms"

Oh I have missed the Steemit Vision Quest, I have missed the opportunity it provides for me to journey inwards, to journey inwards and connect with my higher self. Because I know, we all know what we need to do. We just need to remember to listen, to listen to the wisdom that flows through us and is forever seeking ways to be shared and celebrated.

So thank you @cabelinsday for creating this, creating this quest and holding the space, thank you for bringing this back into my life and allowing me to unite with all the other wonderful people involved. Thank you @eaglespirit, @rensoul17, and @girlbeforemirror for co-facilitating the quest. And thank you to @alchemage for inspiring me.


Elderberry Syrup: A Natural Medicine for Winter and Adding to the Cornucopia

I've just drained the last bottle of elderberry syrup and used the last frozen elderberries in the freezer for last's nights mushroom and elderberry gravy that we had with roast vegetables. It seems appropriate as the first leaves appear on the elder trees in the garden and we anticipate Spring and Summer and the last of the cold season. I'm pretty sure it's worked so far - I tend to use it when everyone is snuffling a lot around me and I'm trying to ward off a cold, but it's brilliant when you have one too.

Getting Down and Dirty in One of My Favourite Parts of the Garden

Does anyone else get excited about worms? I kinda squeal when I see big ones. I just think they're the best little critters known to man. I get this kinda childlike glee every time I uncover them in my garden.
I'm not going to eat them, and I've never seen a fuzzy wuzzy worm, but I swear to god I get this song in my head every time I play in the compost. The more worms in my compost, the more they're breaking it all down, so I do tell them I super duper love them and think they are doing a fantabulous job! I say play because I love my compost heap. I find it an absolute miracle - how can you throw waste somewhere and have it turn to gold? Are you KIDDING me!

Actually, it took me an awful long time to get a handle on making compost, and now that I've got it figured, I'm making as much as I can. It's a good time of year to get it really going, when it's still kinda dampish and I don't have to water it, and the air and ground are heating up to really turn over bigger quantities. I'm so enamoured with it this weekend that I'm going to tell people who might listen, because J. is too busy mowing out front to care about worms and dirt. What's wrong with the man? I bet if I told him there was a landrover in there he'd be into it.


The Constant Drive to Do

The other day a friend of mine said, "I need to learn how to chill out!" I was thinking he was talking about how uptight he is because he gets really wound up about a host of things. Actually, he was talking about wanting to just relax and do nothing and finding that task harder than you'd think. I've finally realized not everyone is like this. My wasband is definitely not like this. He can veg out for hours. No guilt, no mind racing. It was always a struggle to determine if it was more annoying or impressive. In any case a friend once told me, "you can't yoke an ox with an ass."

I'm like my friend, and I get the distinct feeling most of us on Steemit are like this too. I don't necessarily need to be out and about doing stuff, but if I'm sitting still, I'm almost definitely typing or playing a game with the kids or reading. When I'm not doing those things, I've got to do something physical, usually cooking, cleaning, or laundry. My daughter says I can't sit still. I guess it's true.

What was one of the happiest times of my life, and what made it special?

This @ecotrain question of the week has all of us headed for the way back machine. It's also a great opportunity to shift focus away from all the chaos that has been happening. If we want to create a beautiful and joyful life, it definitely helps to focus on beautiful things that bring us joy. Having a touchstone, particularly an emotional touchstone, is probably more helpful than just about anything else in creating the life we want.

Sometimes I do loose interpretations of these questions, but I wanted to be more precise with this one. So, while there's no doubt the days my four children were born were my happiest days, all of those times were pretty challenging. Mostly because I just seem to have horrible taste in men. I decided I wanted to focus on a span of time where I was happy most of the time. Many of you know my first trip to Belize was one of those, but I've talked a lot about that. So, I want to talk about a different time.


Why I'm drinking clay and some other weird stuff!?

As we delve into natural medicine we come to learn that nature has incredible and potent medicines that are readily available to all. Whilst scientists grapple with even identifying the plethora of medicines that we can find in nature, I have found my medicine of the month and am already benefiting from the powerful cleansing and magnetic purification properties of bentonite clay. Eating volcano ash might not sound very intuitive or a healthy thing to do, until that is you understand the chemical properties of pure bentonite clay and why it is such a strong and unique cleanser of toxins, metals, bacteria and even viruses! So what is this stuff, is it really good to eat, and what makes it so special?

Living In A Material World

Take or be taken,
prey on, or be the prey.
No space for love,
No time to think.
What are we doing here?
What happened to our dreams?

He traded in his life for his fears,
and a game with no end.
In a world that knows only one thing,
Where no one is your friend.

His desires were led by promises of freedom,
To touch and taste all the gifts of the garden of eden,
Consumed by the need to have more to be more.
It was never enough, To complete Him.

It is never enough, because the are no limits to greed.
It is never enough, because its not about need.
It is never enough, because he must always be seen.


Posts To Make You Think: What is Watching Television Really Doing to Us?

Have you ever stopped to think what is watching television really doing to us? Is it just entertainment, or does it mould our opinions, or train us to think in a certain way? Just for the sake of this short post, I am thinking about soaps… It tries to tell us a the ‘right’ way of thinking, but who determines what ‘right’ is? How many self employed people are shown in the day to day soaps? Everyone is always looking for love, or trying to keep it. There seems always a set way of living your life to the way society expects and somewhere along the lines, people stop questioning and thinking for themselves, what their dream is, uncorrupted by other peoples’ views and opinions. And they are ideal place to showcase the latest and great gadgets, that a whole nation want them too. I know people like to watch drama and sometimes its great to see people having worse troubles than yourself (even if fictional), as it makes you feel a little better. But that time could maybe used more wisely to make our own lives better. Life is only short. It is about doing stuff that means something to you. That something could be altruistic, materialistic or even just to make your own life better or more bearable (some may say selfish, I say self preservation).


Shooting with backlight and nicecream recipe - hidden veggies in vegan ice cream - SUGAR FREE!

Hi darlings and happy weekend! If you have been following me for a while, you know I love to try out crazy delicious combinations of nicecream, or if you dont know the expression nicecream, let's say vegan ice cream! Yes, this is my latest combination that I really love! Want to try it out? Go for it!

This week has been quite different from many other because I spent it alone with my little boy and didn't get much time left for Steemit, Instagram or other work and blogging-related stuff, but I didn't mind at all actually, I really enjoyed some free time and cozy summer days with my toddler. As the weather was super hot, we went outside after breakfast most of the days for a short shopping tour in the grocery shop and stayed at home during the hottest time of the day until late afternoon when we went to the water for play and a swim.

VEGAN FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY - When art meet healthy food

Hi dear friends! Today I am going to share some of my recent food photography for inspiration to eat healthier and delicious vegan plant-based wholefoods. Here we go! No more words needed! Bless you and your healthy body!


Steemit Ironchef: creamy durian sauce mushroom pasta

This week's steemit Iron Chef contest is to make a pasta dish. How I wish I could get out the pasta maker and create something from scratch unfortunately I can't because I'm still away from my home kitchen. Still I found some nice natural coloured pasta in the shop. The local supermarket has a really good organic section, I saw this delicious looking mushrooms that I don't normally eat when I'm back home, like enpiko mushrooms, that I have no idea what they are and Google doesn't seem to know either, the oyster mushrooms fresh smelt like white chocolate, so enticing l, for me there is nothing better than a creamy mushroom pasta. There is also an amazing durian stand down the road selling different grade of the fruit. I've been trying all the ranges and some of them have an almost onion flavour, I thought they would be perfect to create a creamy sauce. Seeing as it's virtually impossible for me to make any other type of vegan cream sauce.


EcoActions 2: Cycling to promote Green Transportation, Health, Fun, etc


#EcoActions strives to share short inspiring stories of simple things people are doing to help improve the state of the environment. Today on EcoActions we look at the cycling life style of Mr. Green and his family.

Cyling is becoming our family tradition

We have had bicycles since 2014 and we use our biycles as a means of transportation, recreation, exercise, and sports. Bicycling together as a family fortifies the love we share and has added more unity among us, and has helped us to save a lot of money from transportation. It has greatly reduced our carbon footprint." Mr. Green 2018

EcoActions 1: Green inspires me and it's my family's symbol and pride[1].JPG


#EcoActions strives to share short inspiring stories of simple things people are doing to help improve the state of the environment. Today on EcoActions we look at how "Green Inspires Mr. Green". Green inspires me! Ever since my decision to become a Grassroots Environmental Activist and go by the name Mr. Green, i have always made sure i put some green in everything i do. I chosed Green tiles for my home because i wanted to raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection. I have a lot of green in front of my home because i want people to enjoy the beauty of green.



Building our Homestead, a Little Differently than Expected...

We used to throw these underground parties in run down wearhouses all over Brooklyn...

We were calling these parties: No Man's Land Extravaganza... and you can bet they got wild!Imagine a bunch of fun, life loving Eastern Europeans, a Peruvian, myself (the token Frenchy) and an Italian from Brooklyn...The night would usually start with a couple Gypsy Punk bands. Some people came in costumes, some had theirs made at the party!


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What a true treasure of posts here! Thanks...I will most likely be doing homesteading posts when I get back on Island as I will be staying at a friends cabin that is totally self sufficient. Plan to grow my own healthy food and start canning and dehydrating. Wont be easy doing it alone, but well worth all the labor of love!

Upvoted and Resteemed!


THank you! really appreciate resteems on the magazone too <3
have a great time enjoying some self sufficient lifestyle. Its never hard work when you are with good people doing good work!! ;-)


You are welcome my friend and yes, I look forward to Island life again. Lots of adopted family there always willing to lend a helping hand.

yet more amazing posts written by the EcoTrain passengers, cheers eco-alex for putting them altogther xx


thank you darling! ur a special one! '=)