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Glad you stopped by! I don't know about you, but sometimes it's hard for me to find the kind of posts I enjoy reading on the general feeds. That is where the ecoTrain steps in! This magazine brings together many brilliant posts from the @ecoTrain on many themes. Have a scroll down and see what catches your eye. There is something for everyone here!

The @ecotrain is group of around 17 passengers and 200 friends here on Steemit. Just like in a real train, we have a driver ( @eco-alex) and passengers.

The idea of the ecoTrain birthed with the founding principle of Service To Mankind and the world around us. The full name of this ecoTrain is "ecoTrain Seva"

"Selfless service or Seva in Sanskrit (Punjabi: ਸੇਵਾ) is a service which is performed without any expectation of result or award for performing it. Such services can be performed to benefit other human beings or society."

This name is used to highlight the idea of working without any expectation of reward since it's easy to forget when we are getting upvotes and money from Steemit. Our primary goal is to give service to the world and the people in the form our our posts and up votes. What financial rewards we get are just a bonus! We may make money, but that is not the main goal!

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Posts to Make you Think: No Man (or Woman) Is An Island

An Inspector Calls by J. B. Priestley was one of the only books during the English Literature studies that wasn't torn apart, dissected and spoiled by studying it. Perhaps that is the true test of a classic.

In fact, I think that the only books that survived intact in my opinion were An Inspector Calls and Wuthering Heights.

I supposed I liked the stark reality of Alan Bennett's Talking Heads and how relevant Shakespeare (who was an INFP like me) still is today in terms of how human emotions and hoe certain actions never change.

But I lived, with my head in the clouds in those days, immersed in my own world, seeing it through rosy tinted glasses.

Still do do a certain extent, as its too painful to be aware of everything that goes on in the world. I can't help and it eats away at me and I can't live day to day like that, so I withdraw from it all and reach out to the people that fate puts in my path. There is always a reason why connections happen, even if its not fully apparent at first.

Poem: How to see The World in One Day (not the internet)

How to see The World in One Day

Today we have seen the pyramids of Giza
Turned a corner, there's the leaning tower of Pisa
Then we saw the spectacular Sydney Opera House
From our vantage point it was the size of a mouse.

How can we see that all in one day?
No brochures, internet or foreign stay.
But we really did see these things
With absolutely no magic wings!

We saw a platypus swimming through a hole
A giraffe doing a head over heels roll
An elephant standing on tip toe
Nope, not an animal circus show!

The wispy trails of a willow tree
Dragons flying in full 3D
The Sphinx goes floating past
Where could we be having this blast?

A gorilla with a little baby one
A koala standing on its head for fun
A crazy crocodile doing kung fu
Nope, not some kind of weird zoo!


MILLET-TIGERNUT PANCAKES - GF Recipe - Fruits and Veggies Monday

Hi dear friends! And happy Monday, and especially happy#fruitsandveggiesmonday ! I am happy to join this wonderful challenge once again this week, and if you also want to join, check out @lenasveganliving here! She is celebrating one year anniversary with the #fruitsandveggies, which is amazing and really worth celebrating!!

So what about some delicious AND healthy gluten-free and refined sugar-free pancakes for a day like today? This recipe is super easy and I am so happy how the pancakes turned out, that I decided they are worth sharing with you all!
The ingredients are filled with healthy nutrients that make every gut cell dancing of happiness;)
At least mine did!

When kids create art with food - Summer Rolls - The BEFORE & AFTER

Hi guys!! Let's have fun and create real food, but why not make real food look beautiful and attractive? This is what I always have in mind while I am creating my dishes. I love simplicity and deliciousness, and I want it to look magical and stunning whenever possible!

Some of you might remember that I used to post many pictures of the whole process of making my recipes, but as you know, I haven't had that much time lately for such things as I am getting more and more projects to work on as a food photographer and blogger. But I have decided to post more pictures like these, that shows the moment when my set up is exactly like I want to, and in the next moment my little boy is there and creates his idea of a perfect set up. I really want to involve him in the fun of creating, as I am working from home with him around me whole days, so I thought this is a funny idea of sharing the reality of being a working and creating mom with a creative son!

Photography - celebrating the start of autumn

Yes that's me! We had a fun photo shoot yesterday while we spend the day in nature, and celebrated the last summer day with a picnic and swimming. I have a new recipe coming your way very soon, so stay tuned for that one! But today I just want to show you some fun pics of ME!:) Because why not just to celebrate who we are, with mommy curvs and unperfect skin! We often want to share the perfect side of us, but why not show more of who we are in the real world? That is even more interesting!
So have a look and let me know if you can feel the good vibes here!


Walk With Me – The Burn Stump Trail by the Doighouse

To explore and get to know the natural beauty of the region, one doesn't have to venture too far from the Doighouse, the Earthship on Vancouver Island I am helping to build. In fact, now there is even a scenic little trail right on the property, thanks to my friend who doesn't want to be mentioned in blogs. Whenever he was not busy on the build, he cleared a winding path through the woods, leading to interesting looking features. Many of them are stumps of huge trees that remained after a fire had burnt the land, a century or so ago. What started out as a short trail to these burnt stumps (hence the name), evolved into a loop of about a kilometer in length. Let me take you along on this picturesque walk, with the photos I took on this extended trail around the area cleared for the construction and the garden.

Last Notes from the Doighouse

It is Labor Day weekend, and the maple trees are shedding their yellowing leaves. Summer has packed up and left us for Fall to take over. As the season is wrapping up, the volunteers at the Doighouse Earthship build are also taking down their tents. The melancholic feeling is all encompassing, though it's far from sad. In fact, we can look back at an incredible few months of building, planting, organizing, and not lastly sharing many wonderful moments. At the same time, it's impossible the ignore the sensation of the end of an era, especially when someone pounds their shredded boots (gotten for the Earthship Academy four years ago) into a tire, while humming a funeral dirge.


Homesteading Through The Joys & Difficulties

Today I want to talk with you all about struggle and the fact that this homestead life isn't always easy.

We focus often on the positive, or the creative or on education for our posts, but we would be lying to you if we didn't mention the difficulties involved in this lifestyle.

When taking care of your own needs, it's easy to see the empowering outcome, but often what is not talked about is the struggle that it took to get it there.

Yet inherent in the process is hard work and it's not like we wake up every day gung ho to engage in high levels of hard work! I don't seek to romanticize struggle or even to say that it is always inextricably linked to homestead life- yet no matter how much we plan or even try to hedge against unforeseeable circumstances, we still need to deal with them when they occur.

Worms! A Homestead Must Have For Building Soil

Here is a peek into our vermiculture systems at our homestead, Mountain Jewel. It's so simple- you could even do it in your apartment (and no it doesn't smell!). If done right, there is no reason worms can't live under the kitchen sink.

As we know, worms are incredible soil-builders.

They're constantly decomposing and processing food scraps, leaves, and organic matter into a friable, nutrient rich substance known as castings which can be used to amend soil. The digestive system of the worm is quite interesting, and in processing organic matter, they create a product that helps bind soil particles together, increases water holding capacities and overall fertility.


Are you Actifit? My personal challenge.

Yesterday was my 4th day with the actifit app. I only discovered the app when joined the conference last week. Before this, I had never heard of it! Well, I'm glad I did because it was just the little push I needed to make changes in my life.
I have to be honest, I've let myself slide for far too long.
My stomach still looks like I'm pregnant. Worse even: like I'm having twins!
Personally I think that is the worst part of my body, somehow all the weight always goes there first. UGH.


The Value of Sharing our Struggles

It's so easy to pick on social media. It's always nice to have a convenient place to lay the blame for all of society's ills. It used to be video games that were responsible for all our darkness. Now social media is the great evil. Of course everything in excess can be a bad idea. However, most of our ills are a reflection of us, rather than some external something.One of the bigger complaints about social media is that people are showing their highlight reels. Everyone shows the happy pictures, the clean room, the finished project, the sweet kid, the awesome vacation, and the new outfit (at an angle that makes us look sexy).

This causes problems. People don't really know each other. We have "Facebook friends." It's easy to delude yourself into thinking other people's lives are really like this. When you compare it to your own life, it can get rather depressing. Why do others seem to have their shit together?!

The Balance of Pressing on and Letting Go

This concept has a lot of manifestations and meanings. We can hold on too long to a relationship, business, idea, or thought pattern. I want to talk about a very specific flavor though. It has come up recently in some communities I am part of here on Steemit, and it comes up in the rest of my life regularly. There comes a time when you have to recognize you may as well go talk to your refrigerator.

Dear Lord, @solarsupermama has finally lost it. What the hell is she talking about now? Far be it from me to be the one to say anyone is lost, but y'all!! Arguing or even attempting a respectful conversation with some of the folks in this world is quite literally akin to arguing with your fridge. There are people who are simply super duper resistant to change. They just can't. Cognitive dissonance, stubbornness, whatever. Some people will dig their heels in until their last breath.


Finding Inspiration in the Mountains of Northern Thailand: Welcome to Pai

Hello you magical, bright-eyed beauty! And welcome, welcome to my blog.

I am literally oozing with happiness and positivity right now, and I'm sending some of that love and light to you through the interwebs. I hope you're having an awesome day too, or at the least that you recieve some positivity or inspiration from this post.

For the past few weeks, I have been feeling a little less-than-myself. I haven't been feeling my usual chipper, positive, energetic Rainbow Rachel-ness. Overall, I've still been happy and positive, but things just haven't felt "aligned", and I've been feeling "out of the vortex".

Tour of Our New Magical Space in Pai

Hello again beautiful people!

Yesterday I posted about my recent move up to Pai in northern Thailand, and discussed how inspiring and positive this shift in location has been. Pai holds such a different energy than Chiang Mai. It's more relaxed, more peaceful, more chilled out, and so much more full of the beauty and gifts of Mother Earth. This change in energy has shifted my emotions, my inspiration levels, my energy levels, and my overall well being. I'm feeling so fantastic!!!


Allowing our Children To Become Who They Are Meant To Be.

The last few days have been so hot here, this is nothing unusual for the South of Spain and it is my 3rd time to experience a summer here, so I know what to expect, heat wise that is. But it is so difficult to get things done, I look around me and see mountains of jobs that need to be started and completed but in the heat it just doesn't happen.

So My days have been spend hanging out with my 3 girls and making sure they are okay, hydrated and dirty ( as dirt is the best sun protection), my 16 month old has really got that covered. She is such a grubby little viking warrior, always exploring, naked and barefoot and it fills my heart with joy to see her like that. My other two are pretty much in the same boat, not so much viking energy but they both got their own style and way and oh how I love to watch them blossom and bloom, unattended.

Learning To Integrate

When did this time of separation occur. This attitude of them and us. When we look back in time, what stands out the most, what really highlights this move away from integration, in some ways we are more integrated then ever before, but that is from a human point of view and that is only in some ways.

When we look back 1000's of years humans went from being hunter gathers to farmers. When humans were nomadic, they sourced their wild food from the forests, the sea, the mountains. There was a greater respect for the earth, for the diversity and for all that the earth provided for us. We were more in sync with the seasons, we needed to be in order to source food and to move. We could read the land and everything that was taken was returned back, as there was no waste. Everything was reabsorbed by the earth and recycled.


The fall in SBD and Steem prices is not an issue for us. Our goal is to promote Environmentalism and Sustainable Development on Steemit and that's why we have 4+ Blogs on Steemit to serve you with quality information

The weeks have been rough and a lot of people are disappointed that the prices of SBD and Steem have been dwindling. While others have been selling their SBD and Steem, some have become inactive and others have even shut down their accounts but we are instead fortifying our accounts and getting set to produce more high quality content for Steemians. We are sure you must be surprise but why are we inspired?
Money or no money, our goal is to promote environmentalism and sustainable development locally and globally using every tool or medium we find and Steemit happens to be one awesome place. Though the money is a great motivation, if there is no money, we will continue to do what we do on steemit.

Celebrating Solar Lanterns donated by @solarcoach and @chrisaiki

Solar Lamps for Ecodesigns from @solarcoachand @chrisaiki

Today, is an exceptionally great day for us at @thegreens and most especially at @ecodesigns.
A few months ago, @solarcoach donated us 60SBD for the purchase of Solar Lamps for EcoDesigns.
@ecodesigns is a textile recycling and fashion designing hub that is fighting youth unemployment and poverty among young girls by training them for free in textile recycling and fashion designing. The hub currently has 12 female trainees and 03 Training Directors: Learn more about


Loving The Wild Harvest: Black Trumpets!

This summer I have been obsessed with mushrooms.

It's been so rainy and hot and rainy some more, the sun would only make a quick appearance for a day here and there. And than, the mushrooms started coming out... EVERYWHERE. They were really all over the forest floor! Sometimes there were six or seven types growing in a patch, together like a small village. I know I've told you before that we wouldn't eat any mushrooms (no matter how tempting it would be) but when I found Black Trumpets and they were confirmed by more than five different sources, I decided to go for it. It was also confirmed that the only look-alikes are also choice fungi in the genus Cantharellus (chanterelle).


THE WORLD AT OUR FEET - @zen-art goes to Istria... Again... (@SteemitBloggers Photographic Contest)

My happy little feet were in Istria... Again... Since some people from the @steemitbloggers have a serious foot fetish, this time, photos from my trip are a bit different, to say the least. 😉

@jaynie and @zord189 have decided to spread our toes and inspire a little bit of photographic fun with this week’s @steemitbloggers contest. It is REALLY simple and it would be SUPER to see all of you jump in with both feet! Hahahaha… ok so here it is! The SteemitBloggers community has people scattered all over the world and so we have decided to create a photographic contest where the members will capture the “world at their feet” in the most CREATIVE way they can think of.

Causes, symptoms, and treatment for dehydration

It happens even to the best of us and no matter how intelligent we think we are, sometimes we forget to be careful enough and completely fail to watch over our bodies. Yup, happened to me today and it was not fun. Not fun at all. Two days ago, I spent the whole day at the beach and no, I did not use any protection against the Sun so I had some skin burns. Nothing serious, just a red face and it even looks good on me. During those 12 hours on the beach, I had 3 cups of coffee and one glass of water. That is it.

Yesterday I went out with my friends and had some alcohol, not much. I did not get drunk or anything like that but alcohol dehydrates and besides shots and coffee during the day, I had nothing else for a drink. Today I went to the store in the middle of the day and had a 20-minute walk in the Sun. Somewhere around the middle of my walk, my body finally decided to tell me that I am stupid and should drink more water. It told me that with a headache so severe I thought my brain was going to explode, fatigue, shakings, elevated heartbeat and lack of energy.


Revolution or EvoLution?

When the people finally see
how great life can be
free from the lies and deceipt
the world demystified, whole and complete.

Up in arms they cried and protested,
we've had enough of being manipulated,
we're not born to serve your needs,
we can never satisfy your greed.

Their voice was heard around the world,
they reclaimed the streets and their story was told,
but the media always misreported
and in the end their Message was thwarted.

They were removed, tagged and tracked,
for some reason no one had their back,
most who watched the story unfold,
knew not of the real story to be told.

How do you change the world?
Do we wait and see what will unfold?
Do our delusions let us live in an illusion,
How long can we persist in a state of confusion?


My Journey through the last 2 months of my Ailment

After a good long break of 20 days from Steemit I am back. Though this break was not a very welcoming one.

The month of August has completely drained me out not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. While I decide to start writing from today I am still uncertain as to what the flow of this post is going to be like, so excuse me if you find things going haywire. I am trying to gather myself up and get back to normalcy. I still am in a state of shock as to the way things shaped up in such a short period of time.

I will like to share my story as I feel the problem that I went through, already a lot of people are going through and not taking it very seriously

As the Heavy Energies of the month of August end, it's time for newness and soothing energies.

After all those Heavy energies, the back to back retrogrades and the 2 eclipses the soothing times are settling in and with that we finally decided to spend some quality time with family, wanting to put behind all that happened and move forward with new rigor and zeal. So last night we went out for a nice family dinner. It was a good quality time spent with my dear ones after a very long time and also some fresh air to catch up on after those long visits of Doctors and Hospitals. I would have loved to do a small out of town getaway but it's too early for that so need to settle down with the smaller outings as of now.


Folk Medicine: Fire Cider Herbal Tonic

Learning & preserving the traditional knowledge of your ancestors, going back to your roots to replenish your soul and nourish your body and feeling that connection again is important.

I was blessed this week to have a chance to sit down with my husband's grandmother Elsie, also known as Baba & great Baba to all those that adore her.

Elsie's grandparents were from the old country (the Ukraine) and settled in Saskatchewan, Canada sometime in the 1890's. They brought with them traditional folk medicine.

She was taught many of these traditional skills, many in which were important for the families well-being. Times were tough and many people relied on these skills to remain healthy and to heal the sicak. Her earliest and happiest memories are of foraging and gathering from the wild with her family. To this day, at 87 years old, she will climb down into a ditch to collect sour leaf (sorrel) for her favourite soup. It means a lot to Elsie that her grandson (@xwalkran) and I are taking this treasured knowledge and using it.


Forest Dreaming: I am More Than The Timber You Desire

The Otways Rainforest is as much my home as the sea is here, and captivates me as much, although it's to the skirts of the sea that I often run. For many years we've worried about logging in these forests, but it seems that a balance has been reached between man and tree, where some are left to grow tall and proud and offer us quiet and loveliness, whilst some are inevitably felled for timber.

The faded, black and white photos on the walls of country cafes tell the stories of the loggers of old, and all about the district are signs of past slaughter - rusting machinery and saws with tiger teeth nailed under rafters, grisly souvenirs.

The stumps too, covered in lichen on wet pathways, are scarred like woman beaten, black eyed and shy. But still, there's life there - tiny funghi, ants, lichen. Sometimes even trees grow within trees, tiny saplings finding footing in the rotting wood where dirt has gathered like a cradle to nurture the new generation that grows from the old and fallen giants. The hearts are still there though, exposed - the unwanted stumps, the ones with iron pegs and footholds carved.

Memories of Morrocco and Melbourne Morroccon Eats

What better way to end a week than eat with loved ones, right? My boy texted last week raving about this new eats in Melbourne, so we decided to head up there and find out for ourselves.

It also got me thinking about Morocco itself, and I dug out the photo album with our photos, because we've lost the negatives and don't have digital copies. I loved this trip, and I think it was because I'd been living in England for so long that I was missing big views and warm sunlight and I didn't even really know it. I spent a lot of time crying with a kinda joy, and an anticipatory loss, knowing that we might not get back there for a while. It felt like a homecoming of sorts, as if I had been there in dreams, or perhaps just imaginatively connected to it through literature, film, and the stories I had read about Northern Africa. I felt immediately comfortable there, wanting to immerse myself in the market place, lose myself in colour and sound.


EcoTrain QOTW: Trump's Rise to Power

This one raises a considerable amount of irritation within my psyche, so I am focusing on staying cool as I write this. If I'm being honest with myself, I'm admitting it's not going to be easy. I will, however, predict that it will be relatively brief, as my feelings on this are quite concise. I'm not putting in any additional cutesy pictures, because I'm a little irritated. Not with anyone in particular, more with, well simply, circumstances. With all respect and much love and appreciation to Alex and all aboard the train, I begin...

My dearest friends, if you do not already know this by now, please do the research required to gain an understanding of the most basic and important aspect of american (in fact just about all) politics: ANY candidate from either the republican or democratic party (read my lips) HAS BEEN VERY CAREFULLY SELECTED AND PAINSTAKINGLYCONDITIONED, BY THE SYSTEM.


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