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Welcome back to a very special collection of posts from our @ecotrain passengers. The @ecotrain is here to support and promote excellent posts that are based on the theme of

"Things that make the world a better place".

This weeks topics include Incredible Vegan Recipes, Capitalism, Homesteading, Tree Planting, Lacto Fermenting, Anxiety, Earthship Build, Homesteading, Breatharianism and more!

This week we really have some amazing vegan recipes to share with you.. and if you are interested in Earthships or off grid building be sure to check out @stortebeker's latest posts! As always be sure to follow the passengers you know and love so you can be sure to see more of what you like in your feed!


Yummy Fruit+Granola Cereal Bowl for a Healthy Start to Your Day

Hello, hello you beautiful being of light! Yes, that's you! I hope your Sunday is off to a wonderful start. Here in Thailand, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I'm feeling so grateful to be alive! Sending you some of this loving energy through the interwebs! <3 A few months ago I became obsessed with making smoothie bowls for my breakfast each morning. I have discovered that when I eat a heavy, carb-filled breakfast, I end up feeling a bit heavy all day, and I end up eating more throughout the day! (My theory is that when my breakfast fills me up and stretches out my stomach, I end up needing more throughout the day to fill me up). But, on the other hand, when I eat fruit, or light, refreshing things for breakfast, like smoothies/smoothie bowls, I leave breakfast feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and reinvigorated for the day ahead! So a few months ago I made this conscious switch, and now I start most days (but not every day, because, well, sometimes I need to eat a bagel 😋) with a smoothie bowl.


The Costs and Consequences of Capitalism

So, these topics of capitalism, socialism, anarchy, democracy, racism, and intersectionality are really up for me right now, and I'm planning to post more about them. I look forward to your comments. I have mentioned recently the death of a filmmaker here in Belize. Richard and his wife Carol made wildlife films for National Geographic, the BBC, and others. He's originally British, and she is originally from the US, but they have lived here for 40 years. They've given a lot to this country, both in terms of conservation efforts and also to the people. They are genuinely kind, helpful, happy people. Richard was murdered, and everyone is left wondering why.

Gentrification: What's the Solution?

Most of you know by now that I recently moved to the lovely village of Hopkins. It's a really special place with a wonderful mix of people. The culture is thriving. The beaches are gorgeous. The food is amazing. I hear traditional drumming from my bed regularly. When someone dies, they drum all night, and the rhythms carry the dead to the spirit realm. It's quite possibly the most perfect spot on earth for me.

For how long, though? How long until gentrification destroys it?
No, it did not escape my notice I may be part of the problem, but I think I can be part of the solution too. Let's talk first about what actually happens.


Stone Soup: Sunday Deliciousness

When I was little I loved the story of stone soup. It goes like this: A stranger was walking through a village, where the villagers locked the doors and windows. He smiled and asked why they were so frightened, as he was only looking for a warm bed and a place to stay for the night. The villagers told him he should move on, because they were starving and had no food to offer. The stranger brought out a stone and an iron cauldron from his cloak (because that's what everyone keeps in their walking cloaks, right?) and said 'No worries, I was going to make stone soup anyway'. He lit the fire and heated the water, and with a flourish brought out the stone, kept in a silk bag. Intrigued, the villagers came out of their homes, where hunger had got the better of them.

Breathing Is Like the World Changing Seasons

The breathe begins in the silence and in the darkness, just in that space where the last breath has finished. Follow it's path. It grows like plants that push-up from wet and fecund soil in that transition point between winter and spring. The moments that you watch, eagerly, for signs of life. There is a moment, perhaps a week, where if you look closely you can see the tiny buds arrived on the fruit trees.They are so tiny that they are almost still. The bare branch whips in the chill winter air. Unless you stopped to look, to really look, you wouldn't know that they were actually about to burst into their is-ness. The beginning of the inhalation is like this, coming naturally and slowly. It is world forming.


Planting Trees Today to guarantee a safe future for your children

Trees are the lungs of the land. They purify the air we breathe, the water we drink and generally clean-up our Pollution.
The beauty and benefits of the trees we enjoy today are the hard work of our parents, grand parents, great grand parents and ancestors who felt the need to create a safe environment for us.
We are currently ripping the benefits of what we did not sow and it feels really good enjoying the hard work of other people who thought about us.

But how often do we think about the future of future generations?
When we enjoy the luxury of trees, do we feel the need for our children to enjoy that same luxury?
Have you ever thought of how long it took the tree that your furniture is made from to grow?
How you ever thought about trees for the future?

Reminiscing International Youth Day 2018 in Bamenda - Cameroon #SafeSpaces4Youth

The Greens join Civil Society Organizations and Entrepreneurs of the North West Region of Cameroon to commemorate the International Youth Day 2018 On Saturday the 11th of August 2018, The Greens joined civil society activists from more than 15 Civil society organizations and more than 15 Entrepreneurs from diverse business backgrounds to commemorate the 2018 International Youth Day under the theme "Safe Spaces for Youth". Starting at 09:00AM at the Conference hall of Blue Pearl Hotel with more than 80 youths drawn from the civil society and business world present, the Youth forum of the International Youth Day 2018 had as theme " Building integrity and getting things done" and started with a spoken word which was presented by Mottanni from Y’G Inc.


Feel Goods, Serotonin and the Lacto-Ferment Connection

Feel-Good hormones should be a major priority for all of us, right? After all, they are CREATED and CULTIVATED and don't just drop out of the sky on special occasions. So if you could simply make some small daily changes that made your serotonin levels sky-rocket, you would, right? After all, the signs and symptoms of serotonin deficiency are bleak, uncomfortable, painful and downright anti-social, to put it mildly! They include (but are not limited to): Anxiety & nervousness Depression Pre-menstrual symptoms Panic Menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms Phobias and obsessions Sleep-cycle disturbances Pain Carbohydrate cravings Gastro-intestinal discomfort


Why are Men Allowed to Walk Around Topless and Not Women?

I wouldn’t really want to walk around topless, purely as it would draw too much attention and that ain't me, I'm more covert. But I saw this picture on another social media site I take a look at occasionally:And it just set me of thinking why and how has it come to this and if I wanted to walk around naked, why shouldn’t I? The answer is that societal expectation molds us into unrecognizable creatures devoid of thinking for ourselves. Don’t let it claim you… It is daft there is so many double standards in this world. Surely, a nipple is a nipple, whether it's on a male or a female? I know how it feels to be ostracised for having boobs, well breastfeeding in public, always covered by a shawl mind, nothing on show, but on a bench along from the rest of people I hung out with then, as it made them feel ‘uncomfortable’.



Happy weekend darlings! I am here again to share the best weekend cake in a while! I have been away for some days, no no traveling, just in big need of sleep!:) The days have been challenging and at the evenings have felt in sleep with my little boy, because I just felt so exhausted and lacked energy for anything else. But, I created this delicious cake this week, and just can't keep it for my self anymore! It is so so good and really the best raw cake I have made for a long time!

Stop wasting your food, be create and re-use leftovers with this simple idea! FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY

Hi dear Steemians! How about a creative idea about how to reduce your food waste at home?

So that happens quite often to me, I have a lot of salad or veggies that is left from the other day, and I dont know what to do with it. So here is my idea that I tried out the other day, make some leftover summer rolls with them! I know, it is not very dramatic, but that's why it is so great! I had many rice papers left from when I made summer rolls last week, so I thought why not just put what I have at home in those rolls and see how it taste? It is always handy to have some rice paper at home, that is what I have discovered!


Social Anxiety, Old Baggage Resurfacing

I'm sorry I've been so quiet lately. I haven't been feeling myself. I am going on vacation in four days! Unfortunately and very unexpectedly waves of anxious fluttering sweeps from my belly to my brain at unexpected moments. My shoulders are so tight I feel like they might snap. I've had terribly upset stomach and cant seem to digest food properly.Breathe, breathe, breathe! I remind myself. I am heading out on a trip across the country, a wedding of my darling niece whom I adore. This sort of thing should be exciting (and it is) but I am being tortured with anxiety, tension, stomach problems. I used to be a traveller and explorer. What's happened to me? The thought of airports, security, cramped planes, traffic, schedules, restaurants and crowds has me sweating and nauseated.

The Treasured Traditional Medicine of Fireweed (Chamerion angustifolium / Onagraceae)

A breeze is blowing through the window carrying the sweet fragrance of fireweed with it. It smells sweet and spicy. The aroma gently lingers in the air around me. I've been cultivating fireweed in my flower garden since we moved to our homestead. It sits just beneath my bedroom/office window. The beautiful pink/fuchsia flowers of fireweed remind me of the far North. At school we learned that you could suck on the spring stalks for a sweet treat. I would bring bouquets home for mum, plucking a few flowers and sucking on the sweetness as I walked. Memories of watching my son splashing rocks into the lake, running happily through the tall stalks with glorious pink flowers remain vivid. Fireweed and I have been friends for a long time.


Getting Wrapped at the Doighouse Build

One of the most essential pieces of an Earthship is the so called thermal wrap, which in most cases goes hand-in-hand with the vapor barrier. Over the last couple of weeks we spent a great deal of time installing these two features, which involved discussing the specifications of the plans, strategizing their implementations, and then going out and putting them in practice. Given the extremely wet climate, the local regulations call for extra drainage, all of which had to be placed exactly as the plans indicated. This fairly simple concept required a relatively complex undertaking to realize it, but it was an important step before th


Living An Empowered & Free Life - Homestead Dreams (Vlog)

I have chosen a life married to the Earth. One where I am directly responsible for meeting many of the needs of my family. This life I live as a homesteader is not for everyone, but I know it's the right lifestyle for me.

Empowerment and Freedom are Paramount I hold these tenants strongly, and deeply value them. The ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share (trio of permaculture ethics) guide my decisions and path in life. I live this life because I believe in a better future. I believe there's more to living than what the mainstream culture offered me, so I opted out. I choose to live off grid and build up the homestead I inhabit. Slowly but surely systems fall into place that meet our family's needs and will also provide for the needs of others.

Building with Nature in Mind | Musing on Natural Building

We're told that we are supposed to get a job so that we can make money to pay for things we need to live. Unpacking this belief has shown me that not only do I not need to pay for all (or even most) of the bare necessities, but that the options available in the mainstream are not always healthy, ethical, beautiful or aligned with nature. Subscribing to the belief that we are not capable to meet our own basic needs robs us of an essential part of being human. It is only recently that we have accepted the reality that making a wage was the best way to meet our needs. Money is necessary today (unless you're really hardcore), but it's a shame that the majority of the population is not able or believes they are not able to meet their own needs. Meeting our basic needs of water, food, water, shelter and medicine are given over to the experts or professionals.


Short Break for Self Love

I am taking a short break from Steemit for some much needed self care. I suffer from anxiety and have panic attacks at times. I won't get into the details but something set me off at the beginning of August and it became clear to me that I really needed to take some time to clear my mind and take care of myself mentally.

Can't Catch My Breath In the past, when I could tell anxiety was setting in, the first thing I noticed was my breath became short and shallow. It made me feel like I couldn't catch my breath no matter what I did. I knew deep breathing was supposed to help with anxiety and panic attacks, but every time when I tried to take deep breaths, my chest became tighter and caused the panic to set in even more. The more I tried, the worse it felt. I stopped thinking deep breathing could help me at all. It just seemed like a myth on the internet.


A big thank you! This is one of the reasons why I love Steemit so much 💕

A few weeks ago I posted a somewhat desperate post with some terrible news I had received. My best friend had called me that her son of 14 had been in an accident and passed away. I had to get to Holland as fast as I could, but one big problem: I didn't have all the funds to do so. There were no cryptocurrencies for me left to sell, no other people to ask... So as a last resort, I posted a request for help and asked for a loan to get to Holland. In this post I would like to thank those kind people who offered support and helped me get there.

Back in Ireland after two emotional weeks - Love and Light even in the darkest of times

One post will not be enough to even begin to explain what these past two weeks were like. The term 'emotional roller coaster' seems too calm and narrow to even grasp the beginning of it. I feel I need to get it out of my system though as I've been keeping lots of it inside out of respect for others.

Those who read my blog will know why I had to make this trip back to Holland. Others can find my last post about it here:

The slightly cursed traveler Somehow I always seem to have something that goes wrong when I travel. It is hardly ever just smooth sailings. No - I've had my fair share of cancelled flights and long delays, traffic jams when you least need it and other hold ups. Nothing major, but still annoying. And this time was no exception. On the way to Holland and back.


Do We Need Food? A short personal story of a Lunar Eclipse Healing, Breathing Prana, Angels, Magic, Miracles and Transformation!

This past week has been unusual, and also very special... I could even say enlightening! Some of you reading this will know that I have been struggling with a breathing problem for about 5 years, and even fund raised to get some help with it. I have also been dealing with some personal issues and life changes that have been very challenging and this past month or two have have not been fun! Life is a strange and special thing, and I find it fascinating how our thoughts and perspectives on things can change so quickly and so dramatically so that our view of our lives and the world can change in a heartbeat. Sometimes life can also bring us an Angel that appears in our lives and leaves us with magical and special gifts that can turn our world around. That it what happened to me two weeks ago, and ended up with me not wanting or needing food, and discovering the real magic of living on prana and feeling a new connected state of being and breathing that feels altogether different!And guess what;s happening with my breathing?! Here's what happened....

How I healed psoriasis naturally in two weeks. Natural Medicine

The natural medicine group here on Steemit are here to promote and share stories, recipes and ideas about any kind of natural medicine. I would like to share a post about a pretty severe skin condition I had when i was just 15 years old, that no doctor could cure, but I managed to resolve in just a few weeks. This story might be helpful to anyone with psoriasis, eczema, or other skin problems and is a totally natural option that can completely remove the need to apply harsh chemicals, tars and other creams which do not seem to cure the problem anyway. Even though I have a lot of respect for science, to a certain degree, i have even more respect for millions of years of evolution. Nature's medicines are miraculous, and nearly all our modern medicines are based on natural cures that have been commercialised. Plants and herbs contain powerful medicines and have not all been discovered. Therefore we should always be open to trying natural methods first, unless its a life threatening situation, and see if you can empower your body to heal. That is how I approach my own health more and more these days, and so I hope this story is helpful in more ways than one!


Living Capital And How To Make A Tomato Trellis.

What is Living Capital... It's all around us, trees, herbs, wildlife, all that grows and all that breathes the air we breathe.

I think it's where it all starts. It is one of the forms of capital we can turn into food, medicine, shelter and warmth, without the need for cash. But beware, if you do not give nature (living capital) the respect it deserves, it will come back to haunt you.
It's really easy, just don't be greedy, be greatfull for what it gives you and be aware that if you take too much there will be consequences. Easy enough right?

What Does The Fox Say?

The Homestead is growing slowly... We're now calling it Dream Land (Express)!

I've told you before, I like to learn something everyday. Well yesterday as I walked into the woods to chop and salvage some logs that have been sitting on the forest floor for too many years, I heard some scream-like sounds I had never heard before. After some research online, I'm pretty sure it was a fox. We've seen and heard quite a few animals on the property. It feels good to be around so much wildlife even though we are so close to town!


Chia seeds - superfood explained

Chia seeds are tiny black seeds that come from the plant Salvia hispanica which is, surprisingly, related to mint. These little seeds are considered to be superfood because of their many benefits to human health and vast nutritional value. Ancient Mayans used to eat them and it just so happens to be that the word chia is a Mayan word for strength. These seeds are often regarded as the healthiest food on our planet and when you read about what they have inside them, you really will feel almost like a superhero for eating them. A superhero of your health. Salvia hispanica is an edible plant native to Central America. It has tiny little oval seeds only around 1 millimeter in diameter that are black or grey with white spots on them but can be entirely white too. These seeds absorb up to 12 times their weight in liquid and develop a mucilaginous coating so your food or drink gets a gel-like texture. This is one of the reasons why they are excellent for making puddings.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION includes the license to offend, DO NOT SHUSH ME!

A free society needs free speech and it needs freedom of expression through art. Without that, we can not say that we are free and freedom is something I take really seriously. It is one of those things that I will always defend. Living in the country that I do and in the time that I do, one would think that I am free. Am I really? I try to be and I try to keep my zen state of mind in check as often as I can but then stupid people come and my aggressive side comes out to the surface. Happy fairy grows horns and wants to bite. It is a natural defensive mechanism, better that than hiding in a hole and crying. Why? Because there is nothing more sacred to me than my freedom and when I sense that someone is trying to shush me... Well, let's just say that I do not like being shushed...


Anger......... Rage........ Defeat??

Anger... Rage....Defeat.......

Ah This Anger,
this anger that I thought,
I had under control ,
but now it has begun
to take root again
now it has become undone.
it has moved on
and become a fire burning like the sun,
burning away my strength
leaving me raw and exposed
taking over the whole length
of my being,
leaving me shaking!
feeling my insides
broken and bare
my happiness
all for the taking.

Embrace The Animal Inside Of You!

ne of the great things about Steemit, is that once you know where to look, you get to find so much inspiring content, which is being posted everyday. We get to read posts that inform us, motivate us and empower us. I have been active on here for 10 month now and I have been writing almost everyday, which also means that I get to check out what some of my favourite people have been writing about. I get to engage with them, explore their content with them, explore what that content brings up for me. I get to connect with all these amazing people and see the world through their eyes.


Steemit-ironchef Act 02 Round 11: Tropical fruit and nut mini tartlets

I missed out on last week's challenge due to being in the middle of an earthquake zone, it would of been tricky to enter anyhow as I didn't have a freezer for the popsicle challenge but after the earthquake there was also no electricity and I was living in a tent. There was no food available to buy but plenty of fresh fruit picked straight from the trees. There is something to be said about living in such a raw way, you feel alot closer to nature. My visa for Indonesia expired so at the moment I'm back in Kuala Lumpur with modern comforts like a freezer, making it easier for me to enter this weeks iron chef competition to create a tartlet. With the ingredients available to me and as I don't eat traditional pastry for health reasons, I've created my own version with javanese dates and sunflower seeds and also some toasted oats. I pitted the dates and chopped the nuts finely. Normally I would use a blender but I left it in lombok so I mixed it by hand.


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The ecotrain magazine is always very rich with life changing content. Thumbs up to all passengers of @ecoTrain.

I need more reading time!!! :) So much insight, wisdom and "stuff" to enjoy and digest and learn from. Gratitude for excellent curation work, Alex. Resteemed.