Checking in / Testing The Hive

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Hey !!! wow, what is going on huh! It seems everything is changing around and within us this year! .. and last year.. in fact.. wow.. what a time we are having huh!

SO.. i just made my first H*ve post.. to be honest im not sure yet how many posts will follow this one! I know a lot of people are SO excited and happy to get back into action,, and start posting again! I am personally quite relieved that at the very least we have managed to get out of the JS war zone, and all the dramas that have unfolded.. It has been the hardest thing to watch in my entire Steem life..

SO! in case you are wondering, i have just left Portugal.. after a very VERY special time there on the ecoVillage trail.. I am now in holland, after escaping a total lockdown.. but sadly can not go back to India for i dont know HOW long! ugh. that is hard for me.. but that is life.. and i am accepting it with the least resistance that I can.. I've never been stranded or stuck before like this,, but thankfully I have found a safe spot to wait it all out,,. Here';s hoping this COVID drama doesn't go on for months on end!!!...

SO, im keeping this one short, but just to say im here, alive.. and OK!
hope you all are too
much love


Hey, @eco-alex. I think you made this post on Steemit. I made the same mistake. I think there is a configuration change we need to make in the Steem Keychain (assuming you did the same) to post to the Hive nodes.

thanks! got it!

What’s with the wallet on hive ? Mine doesn’t work at all. I’m super confused by it all lol

Your hive post is posted on Steemit too. Mine was not. 🤔