Relax into a tour of my local 30,000 year old sholai forest and a eucalyptus forest, for International Forest Day 2019.

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I have made this special little video to celebrate International Forest day, so please join me for a beautiful forest tour. You will see 2 forests that I live with, one is an ancient natural forest over 30,000 years old, and the other is relatively new but very tall eucalyptus forest. This is a slow and relaxed tour with my commentary and some stunning nature and views. Enjoy!

This post is my submission to the @ecotrain challenge. If you would like to join us please read the information below:

Photograph of the eucalyptus forest bordering Earthship Karuna

no copyright, this belongs to us all

International Forest Day 21st March | Please Join Us For A Steem Challenge!

WELCOME Steemlings!

Thursday 21st March is the United Nations' International Day of the Forest to promote education to Learn to Love Forests and we at @ecoTrain, @tribesteemup and @Earthtribe want to put it smack bang on the steem blockchain's agenda by throwing down a challenge. @ecotrain are offering 20 steem in prizes – 2 x 10 steem for the best entries, and upvotes from the @ecoTrain and @tribesteemup accounts.The prizes are just to make it a bit more fun, because I hope we all get into the mood and enjoy taking part even more.

The challenge is simple, to post about something related to forests. I would like to encourage us to get out there and do something, but you can also stay at home and write or be creative. Below are some ideas, but please feel free to let your imagination run wild.


- Your art and/or memories about the world's forests.
- Poems or short fiction.
- Tell us about your forests in your neighbourhood.
- Post about the plants and animals who thrive in your forest.
- Or tell us about your forest activism or why forests are important to you.
- GO on a Forest Foraging walk and share your bounty with us with photos or videos.
- Photograph some interesting animals that you discover in a forest near you.
- Forest Facts? Amaze us with your knowledge about Forests and things we may not know.
- Photograph yourself passionately hugging a tree and wishing it a happy Forest Day!

Give us your BEST ORIGINAL ENTRY Sunday 24th March.
TAG IT with #ecotrain, #earthtribe and #tribesteemup then post a link to your entry in the comments of this challenge post.

Monday 25th of March we will publish the curation of the winners.

Ready? Set? Go!

Thank you to @artemislives for here inspiration for this idea and help with the post!

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Thank you so much for taking us for a tour of the amazing forests that surround you! How wonderful to be able to live in peace and harmony in such a place as this and it seems rather isolated so you can live mostly undisturbed! How fortunate!

So true, except for mynalmost daily visit from earthship fans passing by, but those are the kind of disturbances i like! :) xx

oh my goodness - this was so wonderful @eco-alex! Thank you for sharing a glimpse into the forests that surround you. I found your video so uplifting and I can see why you decided to plant your roots there.

thank you so much, really lovely feedback! xx

DAMN..... WE HAVE AN OUTRIGHT WINNER!! 💚💚💚 I smiled and laughed and luxuriated through your video, which was simply wonderful. Feeling blessed by your post after my very realistic & depressing Thai-Burmese forest post. Miss you, my dear. Put the kettle on cos I have an itch to visit & hang with you some more. x Thank you for such a glorious post.

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Ooh yay! I though it might be too boring for most people to enjoy! Very lovely feedback! I will check all the posts tomorrow!

Miss u too, ill be there before long! Or yes the kettle is on! Or yes the kettle is on!

Oh wow just found this @ecotrain challenge, and there is still time!

Get on it!!! 😊💚

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Great video brother, you live in a beautiful spot in nature, and I very much respect your sustainable, environmentally friendly homestead. The forest has always been the most healing thing in my life, and it seems you share a similar connection. I thank the universe that I have a chance to experience forests in general, and look forward to expanding my awareness of it's energy even further moving forward.

Wow. At 5 mins in, he walks under the roots of a tree!

10 points for actually watchin it all! ;-) and yes well spotted, that was a nice find!

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Wow Alex!! What a beautiful place to live. You are right on the edge of heaven :) Thanks for sharing this tour!

Oh wow Alex, you really do live in such a magical place, the forests are so beautiful and the sounds that surrounded you when you were walking, esp in the older forest. Such a wonderful video, makes me want to come and visit you xx

Maybe ine day we will do an EcoTrain india tour ending up here ;)