Is the Death penalty the epitome of hypocrisy? Does an 'eye for an eye' have a place in the modern age, and what kind of message does this send to society? ecoTrain Question Of The Week — Steemit

Is the Death penalty the epitome of hypocrisy? Does an 'eye for an eye' have a place in the modern age, and what kind of message does this send to society? ecoTrain Question Of The Week

in ecotrain •  28 days ago

This week is an unusual post from me on this question of the week. This is partly because im suffering with pretty severe neck pain due to a trapped nerve, so i can barely type or use the computer..... but also because i have been giving this weeks question so much thought, and have been reading our answers.. and only this morning have i really got the answer in my heart. It's so simple really and so I would like to share my answer with one very potent sentence and then two very very special music videos by the legendary Michael Jackson. MJ was a master, a creative genius, and these two songs say it ALL for me. I have to be honest that i really cried listening to the Earth Song, WOW they dont make em like this anymore folks!

So the answer that I would like to share with you today is very simply:



WE can debate and get lost in such a complicated ethical dialogue on this weeks question.. but ultimately i think the answer boils down to this simple statement. They do not care about us, what are we doing to the world? What are we doing to each other, what are we doing to ourselves? Enough is enough! It is time for change, and this video embodies the passion and emotion and vibration that we need to see in the world!

WE have to open our hearts and stop this heart by-pass, we can no longer ignore, for we know too much! I just cant express into words how amazing these videos are, and really encourage you to take a few minutes out with some good headphones or speakers and let this Angel Michael Jackson share his message with you.

Michael Jackson - Earth Song (Official Video)

"Earth Song"

What have we done to the world?
Look what we've done.
What about all the peace
That you pledge your only son?



This second video is called the 'prison version' and I think answers this weeks question better than any words I could use!

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version) (Official Video)

All I want to say is that they don't really care about us
Don't worry what people say, we know the truth
All I want to say is that they don't really care about us
Enough is enough of this garbage
All I want to say is that they don't really care about us

Tell me, what has become of my rights?
Am I invisible 'cause you ignore me?
Your proclamation promised me free liberty,
now I’m tired of being the victim of shame
They’re throwing me in a class with a bad name
I can’t believe this is the land from which I came


I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, even if i had to cry through half of it. I would write more but i must rest this body to heal! <3


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You are not incorrect, however, you can't get there along that path.

Further, as you have eluded to, no system of justice can exist when those at the top do not follow the rules.

The first thing needed is transparency.
The next thing we want to talk about is justice. (what will make a person whole after a crime?)

And the real solutions come about with a complete change of our social paradigm. Little do we realize, but the suburbs' days are numbered. (and the number in question is not even in the triple digits) We will start to see a mass migration. Of large family groups forming.

These family groups will handle all of their business themselves. There will be people who actually care about correcting the behaviour. There will be a sense of everyone for everyone. In this kind of environment, theft and premeditated bodily harm will be taken care of far before it is an actual thing.

I love this post, since I also shared the same two songs of Michael Jackson, since like you said he really was a genius and shared the truth through his music and every time I listen to these two songs, I get shivers and goosebumps all over my body with tears in my eyes.
Thank you for sharing this great message @eco-alex

Well done @eco-alex, this is the perfect answer, I just finished mine and thought that I would have lots to say, but actually I came straight to the point xxx


oh thanks! lemme check yours now! still catchin up!

Thanks for this question, Alex.

I was reading @riverflow's response night before last, and when you posted MJ's They Don't Care About Us under her post, it brought me to tears.

And interestingly, the song I it made me think of, which I was meaning to look up was Earth Song, which I've never made it through dry eyed since the first time I heard it, and lo and behold here it is too.

Thank you for that.

He was an amazing, massively talented man, with a gentle soul and a huge heart, and the caring and courage to tackle worldwide issues that needed more light brought to bear.

And, considering his untimely end, it's not inconceivable that he may have paid with his life.

We need someone badly to pick up his baton.

Here is my own response to the question: