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ecoTrain Question Of The Week Tie Up Post: As Crazy As It May Sound.....

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This weeks question of the week was a nice open ended question that gave plenty of space for us to share a story or knowledge about just about anything. We had a diverse range of reactions from you all on such a wide range of topics from bananas to Goddesses!

I hope you enjoy reading these posts, if you missed this weeks question then please do feel free to share a story with us in the comments! Thanks to all who took part!


I have thought about this weeks question a lot, I mean there is so much freedom in this question, there are so many ways that you can interpret it. The only thing that limits your choice, is that it has to be something true. So a few things popped into my head


I have been thinking hard and hard on this QOTW since the last few days to remember that one most craziest thing I have done in my life and nothing has been coming to my mind. Then this makes me think and confess that such a big boring person I am, I cannot think of anything crazy that I have done in my life. I fee this question allows me to put a lot of thought on myself that why have I not done any such crazy things, well a few small things I can think of but nothing really big one as such.


Perhaps for a lot of folks here on steemit, this won't sound all that crazy... I've taken a break from it lately, really been slacking on it more than anything else actually.

Unconditional love is a funny thing, I didn't really know how strong it can be until we had a baby. What an insane human bond the birth of our little homie created for the three of us. I'm not going to try and explain it because it's kind of personal and I'm sure each bond created between beings could be as uniquely different as our own fingerprints.

But I will tell you this,

Every single moment spent with this little person matters more than anything else in the word. I may talk a whole lot about building a homestead and my dreams to create an artist haven that welcomes travelers of all walks of life, while we live a mindful life with anarchist tendencies, but my closest family is what comes first every time.

That's nothing crazy... so what am I talking about?


Yes, as crazy as it may sound I'm losing weight on a high fat diet!

That's right! I changed to a Ketogenic Diet which calls for low carbs and high fats trying for a ration of
• 75-85% fat
• 10-20% protein
• 5% carbohydrate

Now I'm not one to "go on a diet" but if I find something that will benefit my health I will incorporate it into my diet.


I had to stand outside and wait for the school bus even when it was-35c ( -50c with wind chill). Yes siree. No exaggeration there. Northern Kids are tough. Blizzards? Storms? White Out? Off to school we went. We would huddle together in that glass bus shelter glad for the wind block as we prayed the bus wasn't late (it often was on cold days). Often the only way you could identify your friends was by the colour of their coat. there's wasn't much chit chat or mischief when it was cold.

Even crazier ... I HATE being cold. I am constantly wearing my winter toque in the house and wrapped up in blankets while my husband is in a tank top sweltering. Even in tropical places I am layering on the sweaters as soon as the sun goes down.


I Heard The River Goddess Weeping...

All those offerings and gratitude and yet, at 2.53am as Phra Jaan (Mother Moon) grew weary and slumped in the sky, when the last fireworks were over and the hordes had gone back to their hotels or on to private parties, I distinctly heard the mournful sound of her weeping.

Loy Krathong - the Thai & also Laotian Festival that takes place on the full moon in November to give thanks that we have been spared from the monsoonal floods (finally), and to make atonement for the ways we have abused and damaged Her this past year. The River Goddess, Mae Nam in Thai... Mother Water.


bananas can not reproduce

Poor bananas, no "cigarette after" for them. I do have to make something clear, that title of mine is a bit misleading. If bananas could not reproduce there would be no bananas. The logic is pretty simple, some kind of reproduction is needed to create an "offspring". From an asexual reproduction of bacteria and viruses, cell division (mitosis, meiosis), and autogamy or self-fertilization to sexual reproduction there is never something out of nothing. One and one may not always be needed to create three but at least some form of one needs to be there. So, in all fairness, bananas are reproducing, they just can not do it alone and need help from humans. As crazy as it may sound, humans may be considered banana pimps.


I Moved 17,000 Miles to Be With A Man I Had Known For Four Days..

"I love you, I love you, I love you"

"Maybe we should get married and move to country England?"

These probably sound like the sentiments of people who've known each other for a while, right? Figured out a little bit about each other. Got to know each other pretty well and worked out that hanging out together in a marriage might be a good option.


As crazy as it may sound, we'd only spent four days when we made these declarations to each other.

A series of events had pulled us together - strange events that I could track back in time about 6 years when I'd met an English guy travelling round Australia and reconnected to him - it was this friend's girlfriend who'd invited me down to Somerset when I'd ended up in London for the second time. She'd organised tickets to see a band at Glastonbury, and we were having drinks at her girlfriend's place. Turns out this girlfriend was J's sister. In a million years, Claire says, I would never had thought you and him would be married. Not in a million years.



Is the Death penalty the epitome of hypocrisy? Does an 'eye for an eye' have a place in the modern age, and what kind of message does this send to society?

Who are more culpable for inequality and injustice, the people who make our rules and laws or the people who follow and enforce them? Is the notion I''m just doing my job' ethical?

What rituals do you have, and why are they important to you?

What lessons will you take with you for your potential next life if you die tomorrow?

Who are the best people to lead or guide our world ...Politicians, Parents, Academics, Philosophers, High Tech.. Or someone else?

Why and how did Donald Trump rise to power and do you think his tenure can help the world if you ignore the obvious negatives?

What was one of the happiest times in your life and what made is special?

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

Bearing in mind the health and state of our western culture and society today, do you think we have too much freedom?

Are women who dress provocatively responsible for unwanted attention, or should men learn to control themselves?

If there is a God, why do so many bad things happen?


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I have some reading to catch up on.
Loved the diverse range of topics here! @eco-alex.. where is yours?

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As crazy as it may sound Im still not really able to spend much time on the puter , too much pain! ;( xxx


Sending more reiki and healing love. x

I'm thinking as I browse that the disparate angles to this question just tells everyone so much about US. :) Nice job on the tie-up post @eco-alex and for maintaining some really special and precious diversity in an increasingly homogeneous world. Gratitude. x