Plant-Based Diet Can Offer Protection Against COVD-19

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No matter who you are or where you are in the world, the current pandemic has had an impact on you. If nothing else, you may have at least thought about your health more than before. This post shares some important and timely information to help you decide if you want to take steps toward eating a healthier diet. It is already becoming apparent that obese people, those with high blood pressure are at much higher risk of developing symptoms of a coronavirus infection. If there is one area that our governments, schools, and even health service have let us down on it is surely our diet!

Since one of the most dangerous effects of Covid-19 is on the respiratory system and the tendency to contracting pneumonia, it's important more than ever to take care of our lungs. In fact, even a normal cough or sneeze may arouse suspicion. Did you know that one of the biggest hazards to the lungs in our daily diets is dairy? This includes milk, curds, cheese, paneer, ice-cream, butter and ghee or anything that has dairy in it such as tea, biscuits or desserts. Dairy is mucous forming and quitting dairy can help get rid of all kinds of upper respiratory problems like colds, coughs, sinusitis, allergies and asthma or even sleep apnoea.

For those of you who cannot think of letting go dairy, it might help to know that there is a whole range of delicious plant based alternatives to every dairy product. What's more, all of these alternatives are easy to make with ingredients that you are likely to have at home or are easily available even in the time of lockdown. So you won't be deprived and you can still take care of your health.

So why wait? Why not learn more when you have the time right now? Make the shift and breathe easy!

Ready to see some amazing recipes? Here is a link to a website with an incredible list of international cuisine. The lady who has created this list is called Dr. Nandita Shah. I have worked with her and know that she is has healed 1000's of people with severe diabetes and other serious illnesses using this diet.

99% of people who have died from COVID-19 in Italy had cancer, diabetes, or lung disease, and 76% had high blood pressure.

Research shows that a plant-based diet can help lower the risk of these conditions, which is why a diet focused on plant foods is more crucial now than ever.

If you would like to watch an engaging interview with a good doctor who explains very well the importance of a plant based diet, check this great interview:

Now plant-based doctor, Dr. Michael Greger, who has a background in infectious disease, speaks about the coronavirus pandemic, and how a plant-based diet can play a preventative role.

Now is a great time to read, so I would like to leave you with a few great books on this subject.

Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right


In his private practice, Joel Fuhrman, M.D. helps families transform their eating habits and recover their health. His nutrient-rich eating plan can have a significant impact on your chil's resistance to dangerous infections, and a dramatic effect on reducing the occurrence of illnesses like asthma, ear infections, and allergies. Dr. Fuhrman explains how you can make sure your children are eating right to maintain a healthy mind and body, and how eating certain foods and avoiding others can positively impact your chil's IQ and success in school. He also presents the fascinating science that demonstrates that the current epidemic of adult cancers and other diseases is closely linked to what we eat in the first quarter of life. Eating well in our early years may enable us to win the war on cancer. Bolstered by this scientific evidence, he helps you do everything you can to protect your child against developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and cancer through a solid nutritional groundwork. Featuring easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly recipes that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters, your whole family will learn to establish life-long healthful eating habits. Harness the power of a nutrient-rich diet to ensure a lifetime free of illness and full of health!

Ecological Medicine: Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves (The Bioneers Series)

Drawn largely from luminous presentations given at the annual Bioneers Conference, this pathfinding book—the first in a new Bioneers Series published by Sierra Club Books—focuses on pragmatic solutions emerging at the fertile edges between the overlapping worlds of environmental restoration and holistic healing. In this kaleidoscopic collection, many of the worl's leading health visionaries show us how human health is inescapably dependent on the health of our environment.The rich array of voices in this book reflects the collective intelligence of the emerging movement known as Ecological Medicine. Its advocates look to the strategic public health measures that first do no harm to the environment and, in turn, successfully improve human health. They call for prevention and precaution as the first line of action. They seek to heal the tragic split that conventional medicine made from nature and to conjure nature's own mysterious capacity for self-repair. They celebrate the virtues of ancient natural-medicine practices but also embrace an integrative medicine that uses the best of all approaches to healing—with special emphasis on the centrality of the human spirit in the healing process. Their inspiring work, described so compellingly in this book, is of critical relevance to everyone concerned about health and the environment.

The Sunfood Diet Success System


Since its first publication, The Sunfood Diet Success System has been the definitive book on the raw food lifestyle. Now after more than seven years, David Wolfe has rigorously rewritten the entire bo.ok, beginning to end, in order to offer the most complete, up-to-date nutrition information possible. No where else will you find the kinds of empowering information and insight that is present on every page of this truly inspiring work.The Sunfood Diet Success System is a groundbreaking book in the field of raw-food nutrition. The book describes exactly how to adopt, maintain, and stay centered on an 80, 90, or 100% raw-food diet by balancing different types of foods through David Wolfe's innovative Sunfood Triangle. Success is inevitable with day-by-day menu plans, delicious recipes, and the best information available on detoxification, fasting, mineralization and success technology all neatly bundled into one book.Each chapter is filled with inspiring quotes, facts, and tips. Dozens of beautiful, never-before-seen full-color images have been added to this brand-new edition, including many stunning Kirlian photographs. The Sunfood Diet Success System also includes a comprehensive listing of raw-food restaurants, healing retreats, and organizations. Be prepared for nothing less than total transformation!

The Vegan Diet As Chronic Disease Prevention: Evidence Supporting the New Four Food Groups


The United States is one of the sickest nations on the planet. Despite our wealth, access to educational media, natural resources, and opportunity, most Americans accept atherosclerosis, cancer, hypertension, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other degenerative chronic diseases as part of the normal aging process. Unfortunately, even our traditional "modern medicine" practitioners believe this misguided and bleak picture out of ignorance. This is because in a traditional curriculum, many physicians-in-training only receive one course in nutrition—the safest, most effective, and least expensive form of chronic disease prevention available. This one course is guided by the faulty 1992 "Food Pyramid" of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), which derived from the even more dangerous "Basic Four Food Groups" of 1956. In both cases, the approval of these dietary guidelines was a political rather than a medical decision, and recent scientific evidence has shown how these guidelines keep Americans sick rather than healthy.The Vegan Diet as Chronic Disease Prevention explores the mountain of evidence that suggests that a diet free of animal products can have radically beneficial effects on many conditions that affect vast numbers of Americans. Dr. Saunders provides an exhaustive list of references and sources in arguably the most comprehensive argument in print for the human health benefits of the vegan diet.