101 reasons why earthships are fuc!*ing awesome: Part #6 Reasons 51-60

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Earthship Biotecture has to be one of the least understood sustainable building and living models around. This is not least because they offer SO many benefits that it is hard to even know them all, let alone explain them all! Let it be said that an Earthship can stay at a comfortable climate at even -20 Celsius or 40 Celsius with no power requirements for heating or cooling systems. The systems of an earthship encounter the forces of nature, mainly the sun, rain, and wind, and funnels them into your home to provide everything you need to live comfortably with annual utility bills of around $200 or less.

I have been inspired to write this in sections, with you all, and once it is completed I will be compiling it into a single digital and paperback book available to all to learn and be inspired.

51. They are the best performing home in existence.

You can look at cob, earthbag, concrete, wood, and even stone houses but nothing compares to the performance of Earthships on just about anything. Every other approach requires heating or cooling systems to keep the temperature stable. I have never heard of any other building using water four times. When we look around we can find many elements of Biotecture in different buildings, but it is only with Biotecture that we take ALL the elements and bring them together under one roof.

52. Earthships have redefined what a home means.

Peoples expectations of what a home should provide have traditionally been very low. We have come to expect that we should put huge amounts of power into them to make them function. We have gotten used to dumping our rain water from the roof into municipal gutters and sewage systems. We accept that we have to work in any job we can get in order to pay the bills for the things that an Earthships can provide for free for a lifetime.

53. Can be used to rebuild homes and provide clean water and power after natural disasters such as storms or tsunamis.

One example is the recovery work performed by Michael Reynolds in the Andaman Islands after the great tsunami devastated the region. Mike's team were able to build one small model home that could harvest clean rain water stored under the house, and gave them almost instant shelter and a way to survive whilst they rebuilt their villages.

54. They don't omit toxins or bad air into your home. Conventional homes are laden with toxins from things like paint.

Conventional homes are laden down with toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute the air from things like carpet, paint, and plastics. The air quality is also very poor due to either central heating or air conditioning systems, resulting in dry air or even a smoky living area from badly operated wood burning stoves.

55. Open spaces and curved walls means a natural and pleasing living environment.

Living in a natural space that has more natural lines and curves make being at home a real joy! You can build and sculpt little cosy niches and shelves and little nooks in the walls, There are very few right angles in a u shaped room, and this gives you a feeling of space and freedom. Feeling like you are boxed in is not something that Earthship dwellers know about!

56. A Tiny Earthship can be built in two weeks!

Tiny homes are all the rage these days, and rightly so. I have personally built two small Earthship tiny homes in 14 days with the roof on (without finishing). This was accomplished with a team of 15 volunteers working at an easy pace in very challenging conditions and on just a few thousand dollars budget!

57. You can grow your own fish for food!

The temperature stable greenhouse of an Earthship is a perfect place to house fish in a small enclosed pond. It can source clean water from the water filter system, and provide clean toxic-free fish that you know do not contain mercury, radiation, or other poisons that are found in wild fish.

58. You can grow bananas year round!

You can grow bananas in locations that do not often yield fruit at all. Plants thrive so well in Earthships because they are under far less stress than they are outdoors. The Earthship protects them from large temperature fluctuations, wind and heavy rainfall as well as bugs and pests.

59. They can be built with volunteers.

Earthships lend themselves too well to self builds with volunteers because it is so low tech and simple that anyone can do it with minimal guidance. I have trained people without being able to speak their language just by demonstration. There are also so many people wanting to learn how to do this that it is very easy to find people who will be only too happy to come and help in exchange for learning how to build.

60. Because I've already found 60 reasons and each one of them is awesome!

I have to say, there are very few things that I could write 60 excellent reasons for so easily! Biotecture is a multi faceted approach that keeps delivering more benefits as it evolves.


Can I find another 41 reasons? It's getting easier again, i think i got over my half way hump!



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Living off-grid in an Earthship home is about many things. It is not just an ethical choice or a building type choice, it is also a lifestyle choice. When you start to live off-grid, and self-sufficiently, you embark on a break out from the matrix/zeitgeist. You start to unplug yourself from the normal, dependent, vulnerable, and highly controlled way of life that many people are used to in cities and highly developed countries. When you are truly self-sufficient and out of debt you take away some of the main sources of stress: buying food, paying the bills, covering the mortgage or rent, and needing to work full-time to allow this to continue. We can also look at environmental issues and great need to build smarter and in a more connected way, especially in the face of climate change. Our global population is rising and with it the poverty level and inequality of wealth in all forms. To compound this issue, the cost of living is also hurtling up! We are moving toward a very unsafe and unsustainable future if we continue to build and live in the same way that we have been doing.

Did you know, I built four Earthships in India as well as being instrumental the creation of the first Earthship in the UK, Earthship Brighton. If you are also on this path and would like to read my story, I have recently published a book. It is not only a great story, but a valuable resource for you to learn from. I had no experience or training when I embarked on my mission, but managed to successfully build a gorgeous home called Earthship Karuna.

You can buy this book with Steem on the homesteaders co-op. Whilst you are there please do have a look at some of the other products as there are all kinds of great things there!


If you don't have any Steem you can also buy the ebook and paperback on amazon.


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