Tracing meridians with Donna Eden

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Hi guys,

Wanting to improve my energy flow I have started to look in to the 'Energy Medicine' method of Donna Eden.
It came on my path one day after saying out loud to my sister that I thought I could train myself to have more energy somehow and that I didn't know why I hadn't learned it yet but that I thought that I could.
A free master class on energy medicine showed up on my facebook page a day later and it resonated so clearly that I signed up for it for the same day and actually sat down and watched pretty much the whole video. Which was surprising as maybe you recognise this, many free master classes are being offered and my curiosity is often tickled ad I then schedule it for later that week and ...forget about it. Not this time. I was so inspired that I got the book 'Energy Medicine' by Dona Eden on my kindle and started reading it instead of my romantic novels before bed.
I haven't gotten to the chapter about tracing meridians yet, but I couldn't wait so I looked up a you-tube on it and started doing it.
Have you ever heard of it?
It is like giving yourself an acupuncture treatment, but instead of using needles to give the chi a new impuls to flow stronger through the meridian you are working on, you use your hands like energy magnets to show the flow of chi the right way to flow through the meridians.
Quite an obvious thing to do really, now that I have come across it. Like a simplified chi gong, where the aim is the same: Get the chi flowing in the right directions.
I wanted to share this because of that, because it just makes sense to me and I am happy I found this.
Are you feeling inspired by it like me?
Check out this you-tube and give it a try.

Lots of health blessings for you,


P.s. this was an ecotrain post, for more on natural health check out @ecotrain.
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Thanks for this Clara I done an introductory course to Kinesology a couple of years ago and it touched a bit on this, I had forgotten it though so thank you for reminding me and showing me so more.


Great! I was hoping for it to be of help for someone. Are you going to do it?

I love Donna Eden! She seems to be popping up everywhere lately. At my yoga class a couple of weeks ago, my teacher incorporated some of her techniques. Very interesting...


Glad you found it! Yes, she's inspiring! I'm also doing her daily energy routine regularly.