Amazing morning work out to get in touch with your body, self love and sensuality.

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Hi Honey's

Do you have those mornings that you feel like you can't get your motor started?
I do!
Often that's got something to do with our self love being blocked and us therefore not being in our bodies or connected to our sensuality which is basically our reservoir of life force and thus our motor.

Lately I have been feeling very inspired by Layla Martin, who's all about loving yourself and saying yes to ourselves, our body, life and our sensuality.

I want to share this amazing sensual yoga session, that she designed, with you, because I just love doing it and it makes me feel so alive the rest of the day!
Please let me know how it makes you feel.

Amazing right? Do you feel all bubbly now?

Love Clara

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Sounds great! I love having a short yoga video some mornings to motivate me to move. 🌺


Yes, I'm curious to hear how it was for you. 😊


I really enjoyed it. The shaking at the beginning was a great warm up and was invigorating. The affirmations were deeply felt, especially the “I love you.” It almost brought me to tears. The squeezing of the pelvic floor is probably great for circulation, strength and bladder control.


Jay, I'm so happy you tried it! And that you liked it :-)