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An interesting topic for this week by eco train which may look like everyone can attempt to say something about. But the fact is that it is one of the most complicated subject Probably since the evelution of mankind.

What is mind, that itself is confusing, Any scientist, or doctors have found out what exactly is, I believe not. That itself is the testimony that it is a futile attempt to describe anything about mind. But it is also a fact that this was a topic of serious discussion and investigation since vedic period. just to make.

Though the unconsciousness which is the hot topic of this week really associated with the mind I always wondered by whether it is possible to assume that it is the part of mind all the time at all the stages. Like when we are under the influence of drugs or chloroform or other such sedatives why the conscious part going to unconscious. So can we separate these two? Or like a saying that the unconscious mind is fully filled with emotions and thoughts like happiness, excitement, memories why it acts in a strange way under the influence of external stuffs like drugs etc.

Or can people organize their unconscious part of their mind through the other one. I believe through Yoga, meditation and other such practices people can do it in a proper way.


The question is also whether there are originally both conscious and unconscious mind exist separately. It is also a hot topic of discussion it seems. The example I read about was like when starts driving at the beginning like starting of the car is completely by the conscious part but once the car is moved then rest of the things comes automatically from the subconscious part and if you think for a moment we realize we does think all sort of other worldly things as the car moves on, is it? And it seems a very valid aspect of both.

There are plenty of materials, research papers, scholarly guides and ancient vedic books are available such that I cannot contribute anything substantially. But I thought to participate in this and just scribbled few lines of my scrambled, conscious and unconscious mind.
Thanks for reading and the patience shown.

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Warm Wishes

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Scribbling, rambling and contributing ALWAYS appreciated - apologies for the late upvote. Thank you for contributing.

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Thank you. That is really an inspiration. I made it really that sense and if it was worth read atleast to just to go through I am happy

No worries for upvoting... Thanks again