I can't stand people who complain about greed.

in #economy2 months ago


It's just so cringe.

As if they don't have their own wants and preferences. (Could also be seen as greedy)

As if people producing actual wealth is a problem (to produce that wealth they have to provide a quality good or service to someone else to voluntarily get funds, at least in a freer market economy).

The real problem is not enough people take the time to learn how to produce value for others and hence they DON'T create wealth for others, let alone themselves, all while pointing fingers at those who do create value for others and calling them evil.

It's actually super hypocritical, especially when I hear it come out of somebody's mouth who owns hundreds of millions of dollars. How are you not greedy by your own standards?

What groupthink nonsense.

"Greed" is the last scapegoat cry of those who produce no real value to the world. I see it as a form of jealousy, and also as a populist strategy to get like minded people to blindly follow you.

After all, those who complain about "greed" usually aren't very smart, so it's easy to lure these types into your anti-greed cult.

Anybody with more than 10 brain cells knows that what makes this world better is those who produce for others, whether they share their wealth or not, because for the most part these types had to actually create real value for others. Along with that, what makes this world worse is people who bitch about greed while they are in the top 1%, brainwashing swaths of people en masse, to a destructive and damaging ideology that leads to more statism and aggression and violence to justify theft and stealing.

We can do better people, be better. Produce wealth, stop bitching about those who do.

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