Russia And China Continue To Hoard Gold To Prepare For The Dollar Collapse - Episode 1392a

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The unemployment rate in the EU has been unchanged since 2009 but the youth unemployment rate is very high.

Mortgage lenders are now taking it to the next level, they will help with student loan payments if the student purchases a house and takes out more debt. Russia and China are hoarding gold to prepare for the collapse of the dollar.


'Russia and China are hoarding gold" and all precious metals.

Another One Thanks For This

im all the way in power to the people. stop the violence and stop the war. let peace avail

Very unfortunate, with the progress and high-level capabilities that Europe has to store a time bomb that can explode anytime, unemployment is a social problem that threatens in any hemisphere, Russia and China?

Hell yeah they are hoarding gold!
A very good reason to do the same.
Hmmm.... trade their student debt by giving them a home loan debt, something they couldn't afford to begin with, I guess back to the interest only loans, meaning you never will own the home just paying the interest.
Crooks and robbers who play with people's lives.

Interest only loans aren't for people that just make the minimum payments, friend. I pay them off in three years. Works much better than paying $KK for 30yr fixed.

yes hoard some physical precious metals but have some physical cash on hand as well ... upvoted

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have you done a video on how to be prepared

They are simply implementing their precious metal strategies.

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