Countries Are Now Moving To Nationalize Their Private Western Central Bank - Episode 1325a

in economy •  2 years ago 

ADP employment shows that there were no manufacturing jobs added and gains were minimal. Automotive markets plunge with sales hitting rock bottom.

David Stockman reports that the automobile industry has not grown since 2007, we are back where we started. Vice index shows the US growth is slowing, wages are declining and the economy is rapidly falling apart.



South Africa looking to nationalize their central bank, other countries will begin making this move once the economy collapses.

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Your report is one of which really needs to be shared, resteemed, and basically letting all your family and friends know that the time has come to open your eyes to reality, and stop being a consumer and become as independent as you can.
Stop borrowing, put that credit card down, and forget about financing anything.
This is as good of a report as you can get to say, we are in a Red Alert.
Bread lines do exist but like you said, it's in the form of EBT cards, they are hiding it.
Gold and Silver being smashed while the bankers and countries hoard it.
I'm going to do the same thing as they do.

yes x22 is one of the most important news media, but the sad thing is, that, if you go out to real life only a few people are willing to listen and able to understand and share that point of view -.-' cause of the influence of the mainstream media
the bread lines that exist here in germany are a private organisation called "die Tafeln" mostly supported by volunteer workers and supermarkets who gave them the food that they can't sell anymore , i know cause i work for one , not bad food, but such, the customers witch have money would not buy anymore , and more and more people are relying on that, since many many years ... and then ... hey lets import millions of economic migrants witch also take a place in the line .. that's improving the situation -.-' omfg
thx government of Merkel i love you

That's just sad, but it actually shows how good some people have it here in the US.
They get this debit card called EBT and can buy food from anybody, food mart, grocery store, gas station you name it.
Problem is they make it so it doesn't make sense to go out and get a job , because one can stay on welfare and get just as much or more than if you actually had to work, it's draining the system.
It's great to be able to talk with someone in Germany! Have a great day.
Keep us updated on events there, cause we know we cannot believe the MSM.
We can be the news.

That is why we need to get these bankers for their pedogate activities and wipe out the Federal Reserve. Let Congress coin the money as it was supposed to, as in the Constitution.

Thank you Dave for your sincere & honest presentation of truthful financial information & news that may help those of us who understand what's really happening in the world around us. Although I don't like to think about the reality of how grim the future may be, I would much rather be informed & mentally & physically prepared than to be ignorant & have it hit me by surprise like it did in 2008. I look forward to & listen to both of your videos every night & I use your information to make decisions on how best to spend & save my money & plan for the security & protection of my family.

Great report.
Meanwhile in Sweden: Swedish state owned media is actually telling us:
”It´s better to work out and try to stay fit than to save for your pension.
You need to be able to work because pension is pretty much out of the picture.”

Same web of lie all ower the world - I feel it cracking. Where do we go?

you want to run and play their game ?
pls do not !
"they" want you to !
stay! build up your community and become your own central bank by investing in true values (gold,silver,people,soil,fauna and flora witch provides food) and never forget "they" can only take the values !you! hand over to "them"
don't lose the target to create a better life for all of your community

I follow Dave everyday

The reserve banking system is the worst method for coining currency. There is a benefit to coining money in the form of value added to the material used to make the money out of. In a system where the money is an electronic data and the material is nothing, the value added is practically the value of the resulting currency. There is a term(I remember that it contains the word sovereign) for this that escapes me right now. This benefit should not be given to a private organization. It belongs to the sovereign, which in the US, is the people. I know that there are problems allowing the government to coin money and reap the value added to the currency but the current system is worse. We need some system to control the coining of money that controls the government's ability to coin money at a whim and cause inflation AND retain the value added to the government and thereby pass it on to the people through lower taxes. I don't know if this is the gold standard as the price of gold can be manipulated. However, I do know that the reserve banking system must go.

P.S. If you know the term for the benefit to the sovereign for coining money let me know and I will edit this reply to include it.

Awesome report. Will be buying precious metals very soon. If its good for them its good for us. Steem on Dave

Thanks Dave,good report.

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Ideally currency generation should have some proof of work function and anyone can generate the money but the difficulty should be dynamically set to prevent over supply. That's one of the design properties of bitcoin. Sha256 might not be the best one for say Greece.

Perhaps a lottery system based on thier document number and the bitcoin block chain hashes.