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This question shall be answered by the analysis of some data from the application coin-doubler.

How does coin-doubler work

This application generates profits in the cryptoscene by using the most advanced technology and everybody can benefit from it by "donations". Donations to coin-doubler are rewarded with twice the amount in the same token over an unspecified period of time, also as a gift.

Evaluation of a randomly selected donation

The user fresh-foam has donated 3,400.000 STEEM to coin-doubler with this transaction 0ad0c53819ac667032151a6446b83db1050fc97d on 07/29/2020 UTC.

List of the gifts

The table below lists the corresponding gifts which the user fresh-foam has received from coin-doubler.

107/30/2020118.005 STEEMe6cec0bdc36930a824904acd4b338b2f56c6e980
207/31/2020106.661 STEEMfc520cded230b697692ca04b9da5a302ed515bcc
308/01/2020106.130 STEEM84f9e76f4ce6b5fa9faab3a773dec75fcbd2af78
408/02/2020115.612 STEEM5769cd5323f22baa6859780c976407a961a3f334
508/03/2020118.970 STEEM6b645c8bb9a9fff4105213cb458fb20af658033f
608/04/2020135.005 STEEMec956cff494872b80cd65ba99fa0c4be18c9d5a9
708/05/2020116.741 STEEMfc7695038e50d3779019ad4b10ceec23fc54615c
808/06/2020115.569 STEEM91c6f8ab1bfdf947dde33f1b58c6a0fd49848bda
908/07/2020104.232 STEEM8e2cc67588026673b728cc4d69bad41560921c68
1008/08/2020122.705 STEEM81cc598de3633d471b611a385053f11a38d8266c
1108/09/2020121.491 STEEM07f3730f4730b6ffc15f5b4a5a6cb2013b365362
1208/10/2020116.903 STEEMf685ad651055937da1e5e190bf7b3ab00b33d0d6
1308/11/2020132.764 STEEM27b6f31dfe44a2281d9cedadff0d3c92c51dc513
1408/12/2020110.985 STEEMfcd2193b4cbbff84f5c61a77cab903a62cd10842
1508/13/2020127.088 STEEM30042634e9af57cb3b4418fd86e02654340aab48
1608/14/2020103.252 STEEMfb3ef0582b98b5140f75d38a0c6c35d0434fc0d0
1708/15/2020110.661 STEEMc3581c6d5c74b114091842b185abf87e5c2f3657
1808/16/2020127.593 STEEM20d2627d6595489ee92a0defab27d0fec1fb5469
1908/17/2020132.473 STEEM33545fb9b445006f956f4f71b0425a9476836700
2008/18/2020110.714 STEEMb38815d4adaff7619c6faa19579b4e452cd3a919
2108/19/2020132.217 STEEMde2cda4e09588bd18cd9ba52488b05062aaaff30
2208/20/2020125.405 STEEM5adc301e5290900ba0a0daf7f3ec9e0e1487bab6
2308/21/2020131.455 STEEM4f857c333e5314bfd16da7a40a76d1feb9eecd7d
2408/22/2020111.988 STEEMd43ec6d9446bab303e465b6cedf8ba69331710a3
2508/23/2020112.388 STEEM82497acf212224d4dec2cc8e0c088192f7bb4f0a
2608/24/2020120.138 STEEM09f37493cdfb30aedabc6ac8977cd3d038677b21
2708/25/2020133.737 STEEM3fb91c4ff80221d11da34046959bf0e63524cd4b
2808/26/2020103.240 STEEMf513ed08dc100ccc7cb2b19e05524e58d4ebf143
2908/27/2020117.123 STEEM0a128252ea364e7bc0206ff5d8f65b2ca77bad76
3008/28/2020102.509 STEEM5c18b0c66e2b22d3218dc0daf14c18c26bc1bd49
3108/29/2020113.548 STEEM34508241cd58eaea1dda107a97454b31f4caeb41
3208/30/2020106.809 STEEM6b05fa4390d344275c07ecd4a3e4111376f46f67
3308/31/2020116.769 STEEM446b2cc83df6271076ec516a31415701a0c1df5b
3409/01/2020109.787 STEEM9d9f328e9a26e1415782414026e232f6060a8dfe
3509/02/2020124.458 STEEMb9975f293c49c71356b7adfcc4d5c66a051c0d43
3609/03/2020121.696 STEEM358eb735bcf084ed7f92d3c07c662fe006e8e558
3709/04/2020130.366 STEEMe344df48ade553808c7ca5629cc7f97d3c2d6a98
3809/05/2020121.704 STEEM42d31ed96a8c2bb06dcb29b34b7c6507c8a1dc08
3909/06/2020111.550 STEEM724d045b00c443629a3dcbc81445bf2ec3c72a6b
4009/07/2020116.751 STEEM51228eb67480d14ac136279290f02a7f50eb58d9
4109/08/2020120.097 STEEMbc516ac32bdef16189fa60d250d175dc5cc6e80b
4209/09/2020114.011 STEEM295db4dbef721554b03dd691673a186feb6120b5
4309/10/2020128.866 STEEM4a7caedfb7ebd9990f3fd11ecba50bad914c94b4
4409/11/2020129.007 STEEMf7d6d4c4d77bd4ef6fe45cccdf0749f76adbca34
4509/12/2020102.818 STEEMe0812a8a0317cbcc553ccf55b4f70a8f6f9c8aa9
4609/13/2020118.542 STEEMabf94d89f3758a07e5afbffbbc1181c726b29948
4709/14/2020126.670 STEEM1a9d629690578f3570b1d2eaf1f9866deb16a025
4809/15/2020131.596 STEEM98c33b2eb524b05c953286471919155c016d183d
4909/16/2020107.403 STEEM4929d8e870410637fe9e019f1bcbf0163e63561e
5009/17/2020107.551 STEEM9af2bb1151673dd94be00d55f4544b765407e755
5109/18/2020121.695 STEEM43af786cca4c6f9a57f878e4d98e963c24ea62e5
5209/19/2020118.293 STEEM10eab2a2649967c04411dd9012377402466cf2cd
5309/20/2020119.622 STEEM8f44f9d8bc71b6ce6ce72ed9f531f0e9828ed192
5409/21/2020132.128 STEEM13d95c14e970436ea255a2c57a786d005f6b6687
5509/22/2020116.295 STEEM6054f190f39e34b9812283f8f271c9424b09a419
5609/23/2020113.995 STEEM181fd570061f4407a1b5a21ee2b49ec41861e2ba
5709/24/2020115.088 STEEMbc17af0355b7f9172c5a7a1d99e4249c8bebd43e
5809/25/202059.131 STEEM79e90b4c1c98fb04e006f76aba5460fa8cd9d8ce

Total: 6,800.000 STEEM


The user fresh-foam has been rewarded with twice the amount of the "donation" within 58 days.

Technical Analysis for STEEM

As the application coin-doubler has the potential to attract numerous investors, STEEM's price is expected to rise.

Technical Analysis for STEEM crypto currency

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