Opportunity In Crisis...

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What emotions does the word stir up inside you?

Fear, anxiety, and apprehension? Or something more positive, perhaps even excitement?

Are people justified in freaking out and running around like chickens with their heads cut off because some guy in a suit on CNN keeps telling us the world’s going to hell? Are they justified in kissing their dreams goodbye because “everyone knows times are tough?” Or are they simply being presented one biased side of a much bigger story?

Let’s consider the big picture as a magnification of what is going on in our personal lives - as economic figures drop, so have the bank balances, motivation levels, morale, and hope of millions. Yet, far fewer are concerned about what’s going on in the greater world than what’s happening in their personal lives; and, for most people, the focus of concern and driving factor in the majority of their decisions - as limited, logical or emotional it may be - is money.

We all want it. And most don’t have it. Most fantasize and lust after it. And few are ever able to grasp enough to satisfy their insecurities. If it were not an issue, we’d all be free to pursue what we’re best at and makes us happy. Yet, how many of us would like to admit we allow its presence or lack of to have such a great degree of control in our lives, we are little more than slaves, sacrificing the potential human life value within us for the illusion of future happiness once we’ve accumulated “enough?”

Clearly, there is a problem. Yet, it really has nothing to do with money. Why? There is no such thing as “money problems,” only THINKING problems.

If there is a lack of money in our life, it will not simply be solved by more money. The money is merely a symptom, the fruits of the seeds. The results we’ve got in our lives are but a reflection of thoughts we’ve been thinking. If we desire different results, financially or otherwise, we must first change our habitual thoughts, which in turn redirect our actions to create & attract different conditions...

The conditions outside ourselves may not have been within our control to establish. Surely, few of us have played any role in shaping the greater economic conditions we find ourselves in, and many of us haven’t consciously chose our personal situations, uneducated about how to take control, unaware of the power we each have to create what we desire for both ourselves and others.

Without addressing the core systems directing the flow of our finances - be it the banking structures & economic policies on a large scale, business strategies & systems on the mid-level, or belief systems on a personal level - money will flow out just as quickly or faster as it flows in until we learn how to productively utilize its potential value;

Will we never have the greater amounts of it we wish for unless we establish the foundations from which flow will naturally increase. This is not merely a matter of providing tangible products and services in the physical world, but developing the internal value at the root of all material value creation. Only once key shifts in our thinking have taken place, can the direction of our action shift and consequences in the outer world begin to take place...


The key paradigm requiring replacement is the one of scarcity with that of abundance. So many are stuck in the beliefs “there’s not enough,” “it’s a competitive world,” “you’re got to work hard & struggle,” etc, etc, etc. Coming from the mindset there’s not enough to go around and wealth is out of most people’s reach, the majority fail to cooperate in creating solutions to our challenges, resigning to what is, doubting their own value and how they may be able to serve...

Far too often, we look to others to define our worth. The masses limit themselves to how much they can receive based on what they can GET, rather than what value - be it passion, talent, knowledge, networks, character, purpose - they have to GIVE and how to leverage it...

We’re collectively undergoing a shift in consciousness, realizing the truth that we can’t go “out there” and “get” money, but rather money can only be given to us in proportionate exchange for the value we provide others. Tied into this growth in consciousness is an increasing awareness of energetic dynamics, the law of attraction, etc...

What few understand, however, is it’s not only a matter of the words, time, skills, or labour we provide others that is of value, but to a far greater degree, our energy.

Many a great, wealthy men started with little skill, knowledge, or resources, but attracted & induced the cooperation of others with their enthusiasm, drive, and commitment to a worthy cause. There are many people who have created great wealth, simply for the fact that the energy they exude lights up a room the second they walk into it. Some people are great at coming up with brilliant ideas, some at motivating teams, and some in their ability to keep others grounded. Yet regardless of a person’s skill or knowledge level, it’s usually their attitude & energy which attracts or repels...

If we were fearful, desperate, selfishly worrying about “getting ours,” of what value is that to others? How does our being stuck in a scarcity mentality where we’re focused on lack serve anyone else? How perceptive would we be of the infinite opportunities surrounding us, with our vision restricted by the narrow limits of fear? Who wants to be around such people, besides others comfortable in their poverty?

Alternatively, if we are in a vibration of confidence, trust, passion, enthusiasm, & empowerment - focusing on what value we have to offer others that will allow them to be of their greatest value - what possibilities open up being in that state of abundance? How much more open would we be to perceiving opportunities and receive the inspirational guidance on how to wisely act on those allowing us to best utilize our potential? In radiating that vibe, who would we be more likely to attract who could help us in our pursuits?


If people desire more money in their life, they must provide more value. Money will only flow as value is provided to others worth more to them than the amount of money. Those experiencing financial lack do not have “money problems,” but in fact experiencing difficulty in clearly defining & leveraging the inherent human life value they have to offer others.

Millions of people focused on the negativity propagated in the mass media, worrying about finances - which in reality, nowadays, relate to little more than arbitrary numbers in a computer system - are millions of potentially ingeniously productive human beings depriving the world of their individual greatness, allowing collective beliefs in the misperception of scarcity distort their vision, blinding them to the perception of an abundance of wealth...

While the masses are reading news papers preaching doom & gloom, recession, and financial horror, there are many others who refuse to buy into the fear propaganda, focusing on educating themselves & developing their inherent strengths allowing them to make the most of the multitude of opportunities available.

In the great depression, only 1/3 of people were actually severely negatively affected. Few give notice to the fact things stayed pretty much the same for another 1/3, and that yet another 1/3 thrived & prospered. Was it in reality a “depression,” or is that an experience and interpretation based on perception and belief?

Are we content with allowing the possibility of great wealth manifesting in our lives wither with the repetition of the “recession” mantra? Or, are we choosing to interpret and define our shared reality in ways enabling us and others to create prosperity?


The truth of the matter is, more opportunity exists today than in any other time in history. If anything, the problem is not lack & limitation, but too many options (and not enough direction). Once a person begins to create the possibility of living in abundance, exposes them self to the information allowing insight into the true nature of wealth creation, and shifts their perceptions to see beyond the current material world into that of unlimited potential, a whole new world opens up. Stepping beyond the realm of the conditioned mind into that of heightened consciousness & vision, we can see opportunity all around us. The challenge then becomes knowing which to choose...

Regardless of the situation, our greatest cost is always our opportunity cost - that which we COULD be doing with our time, energy, or money, had we not chosen what we’re currently doing. To choose one path is to choose not to walk another - to decide on one business opportunity requires forfeiting another...

(Unconsciously) choosing to stick with the herds of sheep brainwashed by the mass media into believing in the “crippling effects of a recession,” fearing for our personal financial “security,” is to choose not to invest time & energy into developing the vision to see and walk our personal route to value creation in the world. To decide on a venture strictly because of its potential financial returns is to forfeit another which may have better allowed us to create even greater value through the effective utilization of our individual strengths, talents, and skills...

The initial key, then, is to get VERY clear on who we are and what unique we have to offer that will provide us both a sense of fulfillment and the opportunities to enable others to bring their best into the world - or as Garrett Gunderson refers to it, utilizing our human life value & living our soul purpose & making it possible for others to live theirs.

We are each born with inherent talents & strengths which may be of extraordinary, immeasurable value to others. Until we realize exactly what these are, we will continually be off track. Even if we have a particular destination in mind, it is vital we discover our individual traits, so we know which road to travel, which vehicle to choose, which rules to abide by, and who else we need on our teams to join with us.

Once we recognize our personal worth, undergo the necessary preparation, and partner up with those who share the same visions and possess the complimentary skills - the sky becomes the limit. Abundance is all of ours for the taking, once we believe it to be possible and commit to putting the formulas for success into effect...

///Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity.-James F. Byrnes

///In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.-Albert Einstein

///The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.-Winston Churchill

///Some men go through a forest and see no firewood.-English Proverb

///When written in Chinese, the word 'crisis' is composed of two charactersone represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.-John F. Kennedy

///It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one,than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.-Whitney Young, Jr.

///The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. -Benjamin Disraeli

~ written November 2009

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Excellent work you bring us today, @rok-sivante and inspiring quotes! I believe, like you, that opportunities exist and everyone should take advantage of them. When we talk about value and wealth we tend to think about money. We can be rich and very valuable and not have a coin on top of us, or have all the money in the world and be worthless. Money, in our society, has unfortunately become a unit of measure to value people. It is not the rich who have the most, but the rich who need the most, says a popular saying. We can see in our environment unhappy people having everything, because the abundance of them is material. Surely in our way we will find people who with their words, expressions of affection, actions, give wealth, abundance. They are people who normally have full hands, a clear look and a transparent smile because they know that their spiritual wealth is infinite and that the more they share it, the more it is reproduced. I embrace you

Dear @ rok-sivante sir!
One line of your articles I found very good and inspirational, in which you wrote that "each one of us has born with the inherent genius talent powers, which can be extraordinary and moral values ​​for others but for us it is extraordinary and Can be moral, when we identify ourselves the real power within ourselves ".
Your ability to analyze is amazing. Your views are pretty realistic.
During the crisis period, the man's brain gets confused and stops working. The proverb of the straw is applied to us. At the time of difficulties, whose mind is not distracted, who keeps himself ready to take advantage of the opportunity, is prepared to find a ray of light in darkness, the same person in a crisis situation, whether it is in the business field Whether or in your personal life, you are able to establish yourself. Regards

Sir, the articles written by you are very effective especially for me because they motivate me.
There is a purpose in our society to live in society and we should recognize this motive and face difficulties and achieve our status.
And in the end it is very effective for us to write the thing spoken by the great person.

Most invention and innovation arose has a result of trying to solve a problem, so crisis: as much as people don't like it, is a blessing in disguise for mankind.

Hi @rok-sivante. Excellent and very eloquent article. Like all yours mate. :)

And since in fact, was yesterday that I read this post but sincerely had no time to comment. So, I will do it now. Hence prepare to give thanks to God that I will do it today bro. Because through this shorter and less verbatim reply, you've just got rid of an usual cryptic long tirades of mine. LoL };)

Therefore, this time I'm gonna let the music speak for me. Because I know, that you understand deeply well this language.

I just believe that in front of the superlatively clear panorama with which you so coherently have exposed and illustrated the whole situation through your great article. The only thing I could add is:

I know what you've been going through In my heart of hearts.

Thus, we must Shape The Future every second one step at a time. :)


Lovely track! Haven’t heard these guys in ages... :-)

This is really a nice piece to read over and over again... Impressive post