Keep Working, Stop Paying #23

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Yep, here we are again on a Tuesday.

Once again I will try to reason with your hard headed self that we can, in fact, manage world productivity in a much more efficient manner than what crapitalism needs thugs to keep forced upon us.

I mean really, isn't having to use violence to maintain the status quo a clue?

It was to me.


If your utopia needs armed thugs to force itself onto others, it sucks.
Likely you suck, too.

If your idea was a better idea, wouldn't folks naturally tend to choose it?

Want to know why you don't know who this guy is?


It's because the folks that allow information into your head have decided that you don't need to know what Prince Kropotkin has determined to be true.

It's no surprise, to me, that you were never led to his works in economics and natural science.
Here is his works archived in The Anarchist Library.

Not many state mandated skools are going to lead you to that water hole to drink from.

I'm surprised that you are surprised that the folks that so lovingly educated you from the goodness of their hearts have, in fact, manipulated you into slavery.

A slavery sooo complete that you falsely think you are free.


Think about it, do you control the inflation rate?
Do you get any input at all on 'monetary policy'?

Of course not, you are a slave.

Why do you think they have to repeat so often that you are free?

Big celebrations of how free we are.

It's like they think that repeating a lie makes it the truth.

So, dear reader, what is it to be?

A false freedom, or real freedom?

Will you maintain your illusion because it makes you feel more comfortable?
Or, will you come out into the light and live a life with realities not created in focus groups?


Instead of investing to maximize your take under slavery, maybe you want to invest to maximize your stake in freedom?

Rather than go forward from this point in life bending over to fit into a maladjusted world, perhaps you would like to help spread freedom to us all?

When your progeny looks back over your life recorded in the nsa's databases will they find a real living human being, or just another cog in the slavery machine?

It's up to you, I can't be free alone.

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Funny thing, Even in purchasing a house you would think "this is my home" and be happy about paying rent to your Banker/Mortgage holder. Song "Me and Bobby McGee" and their line "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose" and compare it to todays world economy. The only truly free people are the homeless that we all try to ignore. 'nuff said!

I wouldn't be happy paying my bankster.

I would be happy here.

They sure make out we are free while we are actually slaves to there system.

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No man is more perfectly enslaved than the man that thinks himself falsely free.


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