This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things [VIDEO]

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You know what’s funny? When Trump fans act like they hate communism and socialism while supporting policies straight out of The Communist Manifesto.

“China is destroying their currency? Quick, let’s destroy ours faster!”

It doesn’t surprise me, Republicans and Democrats who know nothing about economics. What does make me scratch my head is seeing a few libertarians entertain ridiculous ideas like Universal Basic Income.


If you want to know why free markets produce far better results for more people than central planning does, take a look at Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

First published in 1946, at a time of rampant statism in the US and abroad, this brilliant and concise book taught millions the bad consequences of putting politicians in charge of economies.

Hazlitt’s focus on non-governmental solutions---strongly reasoned---along with his general emphasis on individual liberty, and the dangers of state intervention makes his work every bit as relevant and valuable today as it was 70 years ago.


One of the most prolific intellectuals of our century, Mr. Hazlitt was born in 1894 and died in 1993, at the age of 98. In his final years, he often expressed surprise that Economics in One Lesson had become his most enduring contribution.

He wrote it to expose the popular fallacies of its day. He didn’t know that those fallacies would be government policy for the duration of the century.

With over a million copies sold, this book is an essential guide to the basics of economic theory. It brilliantly breaks down fiscal and monetary misconceptions that are so prevalent, they’ve almost become a new dogma.


While trying not to get distracted by the beautiful people on the beach, I covered all of this and more in my latest video from Sorrento, Italy.

I also talked about the stock market, why Trump is crying for lower interest rates, the purchasing power of the dollar, minimum wage laws, and more.

But like OMG, wouldn’t 1,000 FREE Federal Reserve Notes every single month be like, totally awesome? Who cares what happens when they increase the money supply, amirite?

Watch the new vlog here:

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Your mention of fluoride, chemtrails, and vaccines makes me wonder whether your beliefs are really grounded in evidence or just a need to be a contrarian. Nonetheless, sometimes I get a laugh out of your provocative dysphemisms, which usually have some degree of truth in them.

I must have missed the chemtrail fluoride part, 🤔 what article were you reading?

Eh, Nice upvote strength you gave yourself and not the author.

Start at 1:20 in the video titled "Economics For Morons In One Easy Lesson".

Eh, Nice upvote strength you gave yourself and not the author.

Thank you. I enjoy the ability to self-fund the creation of the incredible content I create on this platform.

Touché on the video, I read the article and didn’t click the link.

Welcome. I enjoy pointing out what you enjoy which turned 100% of that strength my way—all equally enjoyable. 👍🏿

  ·  last month (edited)

Well all he is saying is that people drink fluoride, and are vaccinated. I know there is no proof that this happends to people, but the indications are strong. Me myself have a scar on my arm that may be from a vaccination....and I do remember being encouraged by dentists to take flouride pills when I was a kid...

I know it is still not technically proof that I am vaccinated,etc, but you got to admit the indications are strong that it happends...

As for chemtrails: is it really that hard to belive that airplaines can be used to distribute chemicals?
Or are you one of those nutters that doubt the existence of chemicals and/or airplaines?

I don't disagree that established institutions support vaccination and fluorination. But I disagree these these practices are for the purposes of indoctrination rather than sensible pieces of evidence-based public health policy.

And chemtrailz... so you're saying commercial airlines are spreading toxins other than jetfuel exhaust? Just don't see how a conspiracy of that scale would be possible without leaving a credible trail of evidence (evtrailz).

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Well I do not belive Jeff mentioned anything about fluoride and vaccines being used for indoctrination, only that they are pushed on the population.

There are however some documentation that both have negative health benefits (is the existence of side-effects really so hard to belive in?).

Quite alot of documentation exists of the negative effects of both.
Instead of blindly trusting what you are told (like some lazy chump), I invite you to do your own research.

I will even provide you with a good starting point concerning fluoride:

As for chemtrails. Nobody said anything about commercial flights, but the possibility excists that some form of wide spread arial distribution happends, and should not be dismissed w/o questions.

Honestly I think the main issue you have with concpiracy teories is that you trust people in power, and you trust that there is some kind of check on their power, so they can never plot against their fellow man en masse.
Am I right?

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It's kind of magic... Today's King Midas!

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“China is destroying their currency? Quick, let’s destroy ours faster!”

And they say that negotiations are breaking down with China.
When everything the two do, is hand in glove.

For sure. What little extra i have I buy silver and crypto, I don't have much but i'm sure enough to get me the boost I will need 💯🐒