EasyDex Photography Challenge Post #14

in easydex •  6 months ago

Dreaming is a bit of Flying

Photocontest by @boyerobert. This weeks theme : "Center".

Flying is a bit of dreams,
without beginning, without an end
Go somewhere, get somewhere
and the dream there in between.
I wish that I could touch the clouds,
or could be closer to the stars
Make the world smaller.
small, smaller, smallest ...

Dreaming is a bit of flying,
flutter in the beginning,
learn to rise, learn to come higher
between two thoughts.
I learned to touch the clouds,
I learned to be with the stars
and make the world smaller.
small, smaller small ...

I learned to fly,
But sometimes I still drop,
You see me coming up again,
Becaouse that is my dream.
And by continu dreaming,
I can continu to fly,
Touch the clouds,
And be with the stars in the sky

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