(Plasma Waste Converter + Water Powered Cars) × solutions to the world’s "greatest environmental problems" = The Earthshot Prize?

in #earthshot2 months ago

“We need some of the world’s greatest minds and spirits to stick to trying to repair this planet and not finding a place to live next.”

"Duke of Cambridge Prince Williams on October 8 launched The Earthshot Prize, a global environment prize meant to incentivise change and help to repair planet Earth over the next ten years. The award will see five, one million-pound prize being awarded each year for the next ten years, providing at least 50 solutions to the world’s "greatest environmental problems" by 2030."

"Earthshot, William's brainchild, is all about finding solutions to existential environmental challenges that fall under five categories: Protect and Restore Nature, Clean Our Air, Build a Waste-Free World, Fix Our Climate and Revive Our Oceans (Sala's category)."

"Water Powered Cars or Hydrogen/Oxygen Powered Cars, using 100% water as fuel is real. By splitting water by electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas, you can replace gasoline."

"Longo’s ‘plasma converter’ turns rubbish into clean energy, consuming anything thrown into its jaws and capable of rendering almost any toxic material, besides nuclear waste, harmless"

"There is a giant garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean and it's over twice the size of Texas"

"There are several garbage islands in the ocean"

"six cities that 2 6 trillion pounds of garbage where the world s trash crisis"

"The vast majority—79 percent—is accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as litter."

"Americans generate more trash than anyone else on the planet: more than 7 pounds per person each day.

About 69 percent of that trash goes immediately into landfills. And most landfill trash is made up of containers and packaging"

"The waste humans generate waste has been detrimental to our environment for quite some time now. Humans are generating too much trash and cannot deal with it in a sustainable way."

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