Help for earthquake victims in Mexico

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It has been a few days of incredible pain in Mexico, but it has also been an experience that has bonded us Mexicans all together. It's hard to describe the feeling of brotherhood, empathy and warmth that you can breathe in the air in Mexico City.

It is heartwarming to see millions of people self-organizing to help those who are suffering. There's people traveling from all parts of the country to help with the rescue efforts, collecting and sending supplies. Restaurants are offering free food for victims and volunteers, bikers, motorcyclers and car owners offering to carry people and supplies to wherever they are needed, volunteer houses enabled as refuges or collection centers for supplies. And this huge effort has been carried by millions who selflessly just want to help.

We've truly become a people, united by our grief and with the strongest will to help our Mexican sisters and brothers. Behind the deep sorrow an almost magical sense of camaraderie has arisen, as if we were all holding hands, being there for each other.

Yesterday we sent two trailers full with 40 tons of water, food, tools, first aid kits and medicines to the state of Morelos, which was also badly hit by the earthquake (link). But there are still places which haven't received any help and we've kept sending cars, vans and trucks with everything we've collected from donors. Please consider donating to help the victims (link). This is only the beginning of the tragedy, the worst part will come once the rescue efforts are over and thousands of families are left without homes.

I will donate any income I make with this post to "Los Topos" and organizations that are doing a responsible use of the resources. I commit to posting evidence here on Steemit of the donation I make with the funds raised with your up-votes.

All the help is welcome here in Mexico!
Thank you!



Thanks on your efforts @dacocp, please send your address to: [email protected] to get a print. If you know anyone who might want to donate in exchange of artwork: