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RE: Planetary Shift - How to participate in the global transformation

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. This world is all about money when it comes to the control of it. The people with the money have the money to bribe the politicians and pay for the armies that then create laws that create indentured servitude, and then they have the military power to back those laws up." Kaiser later goes on to say, "If we want to have our planet back, we need to buy it.”

It is at least worth a try. It's a rigged economic game, getting investment to start an enterprise, the key to any society, is where the game is most rigged, most byzantine and where there are numerous unjust litmus test barriers to entry.

the rigged parts of the system are unjust and need to come down, and we aren't ever going to be able to buy that.


I belong to an organization that is launching its own sovereign currency called Earth Nation. You should check them out. We are building out a new incorruptible economic and governance system designed to fund Humanitarian Organizations and Cooperative Businesses that regenerate and heal the planet. The old system will come down in time. It's time to rebuild anew. Thanks for reading my article!

I'm ahead of you, I filled out the app this morning, I'm curious.

I find with some orgs the actual language is a problem for me, I am not at all sure about 'nations.' Or starting a new one. Or movements that are based on a corporation, I've been burned tooooooo many times.

That said, I checked out your stuff and generally like what I see. Is there a single leader?

I have had baaaad experiences with other organizations being infiltrated and destroyed from within by cops and privatesec, and so I am very careful about my allegiances now.

Orgs that are incapable of security culture or discussing the threat are simply owned. I just asked @dbroze of "The [vaunted hyped] Conscious Resisteance" and he evaded all the real questions and got next to 0 on my test for echo. So he's a cop.

Basically I am looking for people capable of discussing and answering my questions, if you can't, I can't work with you.

We will see how EarthNation stands up.

You can ask us anything and we will answer. We pride ourselves on transparency. No, there is not one leader. The founder does lead but we have a CCC, council of center coordinators and a liquid voting system for our vote-holders so that funds and power are equally distributed. We are in our pre-beta phase, which as you know can have it's challenges. We are soon going into beta and having an ICO launch in February for our sovereign currency. Let me know if there is anything I can answer for you as you go through our materials. My life has completely changed as a result of joining this movement for the better!

cool, thanks for sharing that.

if there is a more private channel or discord etc, let me know, i'd like to hear more.

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