Resist Frequency Fuckery! Smart Meters and more...

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How do you know if frequency fuckery is happening in your life?
What do you do to clean up the bandwith baggage that A.I. Bots use to generate glitches and drama in your work day, your communication channels, and your life?

Do you get A.I. and how your choices and preferences activate A.I. in your online life? If you're using Steemit to share your content, there are fewer 'bots' to interfere with how your content is shared and received in the Steemit community.

Have you ever been in a video chat session and one or both platforms "crash" when you mention certain words? If you're still using Facebook, have you been censored by Facebook because you are about to post an 'anti-system' comment? 'Bots' are being flagged based on algorithms and algorithms are making the decision that you can't post what you want to post or you can't say what you want to say and share it.

This is the mild version of frequency fuckery.

You may have heard more intense versions of frequency fuckery -- targeted individuals being beamed with specific frequencies which generate uncomfortable physical sensations, such as an instant headache, or muscle spasm, or a disorienting brain fog while you're working online.

If you're politically active, A.I. bots may be flagging your conversations; yes, they're being listened to by BIG DATA/BIG BROTHER.

These instances of fuckery have happened to me more than once.

While chatting with close friend, sharing about an exciting moment in my life, said "Yeah, it was da bomb!" At the point our call dropped. I called her back and we continued our conversation but we could both hear a new background buzz. At which point I spoke directly to whoever was listening in. "Get off my phone call and go fuck yourself. Or -- come over and we'll sit down and have a spaghetti super together. I'm no terrorist and I'll use the word bomb. You guys are so stupid! Do you think a terrorist would use the world bomb on a cell phone? Jesus. Get off my phone."

This is one direct means of resisting frequency fuckery.

Calls are being regularly dropped now when I use any language referring to the system of separation, the 3D Construct, or how to resist the 5G/SmartGrid/A.I. roll-out that scheduled for completion by 2020. A.I. Bots are listening in making censorship decisions based on what?

Here's how to resist frequency fuckery. Yes, it takes action and effort on your part.

Buy stamps, the kind you use to mail letters
Contact your friends and ask them to text you or email their physical addresses
Buy writing paper, envelopes, note cards and a few of your favorite pens
Write a short note or letter to your close friends. Enclose a stamped, return address envelope and ask them to 
write you back
Practice your penmanship
Buy a paper street Atlas for your city, at minimum
Buy a paper Atlas for your country
Memorize the phone numbers of your emergency contacts

Okay. Now comes the hard stuff...

Turn off your cell phone, for one hour; begin weaning yourself off of your dopamine addiction.
Use your cell phone only for emergencies. Turn it off when you're driving -- your location can be tracked by all of 
your  devices, unless like me, you have refused permission and blocked your location access
Don't use your chip plastic card for purchases that can be paid for with cash
Go to your bank and cash a check; budget your cash needs for the week and develop this discipline
Don't make yourself a willing victim of Big Data who can, through the banking system, generate frequency fuckery 
with your plastic cards
Quit using Skype. It's a Microsoft Big Data platform and it's not encrypted in favor of your privacy.
Get off of Facebook. Go for a walk. 
Meet real people in real brick and mortar locations and drink real tea or coffee that's paid  for with cash
Don't buy an Alexa. Don't buy a Smart Refrigerator. You can be monitored in your own home without your 
Refuse consent if/when your utility company 'offers' to install a Smart Meter on your home
Get educated on Smart Meters, the Smart Grid, and the network of cell towers where you live and how they are  
and will be used to use your cell phone to bombard you with radio/electronic/radiation frequencies without your  
Share these recommendations with your friends, the ones who get Big Brother/Big Data are all about control and
not about convenience -- at all. The convenience narrative is just a ruse for gullible humans who can't recognize 
the wolf at the door

Watch this video!

We are being trained to have an attention span shorter than a goldfish's -- 8 seconds. We are being trained to communicate only using a digital device. We are being trained to lose our capacity to write in our native language using pens and our hands. Ever wonder about the broader implications of only being able to communicate on a keyboard/keypad device? Think about the implications.

We are being herded into the control corral known as the cashless society. We are being trained to rely on our devices as substitutes for our physical memory. Keep on using Google maps and soon you won't remember how to get around your city, or be able to give anyone directions -- in a note.

What if your neighborhood was in flames and a Smart Meter was to blame? In a crisis, would you be able to get around on foot to a meeting that might be a source of saving your life, or your family's life?

Resist frequency fuckery! Get the tee-shirt and wear it.

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