Cutting Energy Cords? Or Cutting Out Your Crap?

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If you're not interested in conscious relationship, the human energy field, and your overall well-being and satisfaction with life, then don't read this post.

If you're into energy healing dynamics and global transformation beginning with yourself? Then read on.

There are two incredibly powerful and miraculous streams of energetic and spiritual transformation literally bombarding our entire planet. One stream of energy is transforming intimate partnerships as well as our concept of romantic relationship and traditional marriage. The second stream of energy is the result of an upgrade in our DNA, junk genes being activated, and our planet's changing vibratory frequency. This intense activity has been ongoing since the late 1980s.

IMHO, these energy dynamics are being poorly translated by the cultural collective as ascension and twin flame unions. 

Any conversation that uses the word ascension must have religious overtones which is not what our planet Gaia is about. We may know the story of Jesus ascending if we are adherents to the religion of Christianity. 

The concept of twin flames stretches back, supposedly to Greek philosopher, Plato. 

What you may want to research and investigate is Gnosis, which is not a religion but a useful creation myth or allegory. It's important to note that early Christians set about to slaughter Gnostics. Today, we might ask ourselves what deeper truth was eradicated in the process.

The truth is thousands of us with a spiritual inclination or curiosity are having our bodies and lives profoundly shaken up by shifts in the human energy field and related shifts in relationship dynamics. These two experiential realms are bobbing back and forth all day and all night as every human being on the planet is coming into balance with our masculine and feminine polarity co-creative dynamics. 

How might this being show up in your life? 

Your energy field may be undergoing explosive changes: you feel energy in your body and in your hands; you may be much more sensitive to the vibes in your workplace or at family gatherings; you may be 'seeing' energy as your pineal gland stirs into normal activity that has been suppressed by treated water and bad eating habits which are also undergoing a shift; your intuition may be awakening or becoming strong and trustworthy; you may be 'hearing' voices in your head and wondering whether this is deep state technology or an authentic spiritual communication that is able to reach you now because your physical frequency has shifted.  

Many New C-agers are attributing these changes in the human energy field and human body frequency to ascension. However, we are not in an ascension process. We are not ascending, leaving our physical bodies, and leaving Earth. We are going along for the changes in energy and frequency ride as our planet attends to her accelerated evolution, much impeded and long overdue.

If you have been accessing your direct knowing in the realm of conscious relationship, you may be wondering if you are or 'have' a twin flame. You may know with inner certainty that you are in this powerfully transformative dynamic with another person who has just shown up in your life bringing with them an irresistible, difficult, and provocative emotional roller coaster where both individuals struggle to come into conscious relationship with their individual balanced masculine and feminine energies and their 2+2 = 5 equation which is a spiritual union of vast co-creative proportions. Only a rare handful of individuals have been examples of this amalgam of partnership chemistry, creative collaboration, and joyful expression of a life-long love, married or not.

There are thousands of people who have had this nuclear bomb of a situation blow up their lives and their expectations of what's what, and who's who. When you become aware of energy between you and your co-creative counterpart, as you struggle with the internal patterning dynamics of connection and separation, yearning for closeness yet terrified of engulfment of your individuality, you will come to feel the energy cords between the two of you. When you have met or connected with your co-creative counterpart, there will be an energy cord between your two heart centers that is indestructible.

If you are spiritually unprepared for this connection, your personality/ego/shadow self will run from the intensity of the connection and being seen, felt, known and loved as you have never experienced or imagined. And on your own prompting, or the misguided prompting of a "spiritually" awakened friend, you may be advised to attempt to cut this cord.

As far as I know, I introduced the process for letting go of dysfunctional energy cords back in 1993 as part of my energy healer training program. The technique wasn't "available" before that time, so I have a lot of experience with students and clients about how to change the relationship dynamics of hurtful cords between any two individuals. It's not about cutting; the process is making the information conscious, releasing the painful connection, and reintegrating energy back into ourselves. Very healthy process.

And again, this process doesn't apply to a sacred union co-creative counterpart because you can't separate yourself, from yourself. 

Since you won't be able to do this, your next option is to make the conscious choice to cut your own crap by beginning to deal with your emotional, psychological and spiritual baggage -- the shame, judgment, guilt and terror that are racing through your regular emotions and your concepts of what love is, or what is masculine or  feminine in ways that keep you from being truly loving or being truly loved. The opportunity has shown up in your life but you don't trust it or you find yourself fiercely asserting intellectual control while fiercely resisting the massive intelligence that has brought you an experiential, and undeniable way.

I can attest that having this bomb dropped into your life is a blessing but much of the time you will want to walk away, be in denial that such a connection is real or possible, you will find every excuse in your arsenal as to why you and this other person who has shown up in your life couldn't possibly ever become a committed co-creative partnership. Wrong age. Wrong race. Wrong religion. Wrong educational background. Wrong life experience. Wrong family dynamics. Wrong values. Wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Your ego will step up to tell you what you deserve according to its 3D limited assessment of your totality as a spiritual being having a human experience. 

So resist the temptation to willfully create separation in yourself and another person whose life purpose is to be your most intimate teacher of loving and living unconditionally.

Don't cut energy cords! Cut out your own ego and cultural conditioning crap instead.  Need experienced guidance and practical assistance with this? Get in touch.

Anaiis Salles
Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor

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This is wonderful. You have the hang of it now.


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This is an interesting perspective. Thank you for sharing.


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