Conscious Co-creation? What is it?

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Enough of us are awakening in the human collective to turn the tide, shaking off the shackles of being unaware of how powerful and vulnerable we are as a species, and removing our blinders so we can see the world we live in as one interactive, performance piece that is recreated 24/7.

The power of our daily co-creations is something we have take for granted. It's just been the water we swim in.

I am asking myself and others all the time how we move into co-creating the world we want to live in rather than focusing on the fuzzy edges of making 'change' or on the sharp edges of assigning blame for whatever we inherited that we know just needs to go now.

Co-creation may be the most unimaginably joyous combination of making choices from our deepest wisdom and bringing forth creative energy from our Divine inner child. When we co-create we play with all the raw materials to which we have access. We play with pure intention, our imagination completely free except for a singular tether to our hearts.

Every day, I experience, see, hear more and more stories about co-creative projects around the world that are meeting the needs of many diverse communities. I also see, hear, and feel the opportunities that await actions, choices, compassion and political decisions which will flow from a deeper sense of human connection.

I feel becoming a conscious co-creator is like getting a master's degree from Inner U. We get a glimpse of limitless possibilities that are uncontaminated by self-interest, self-service only. I see a transition from the duality of "take" or "give" into the a third way, sharing with a sense of practical inspiration.

Take the Steemit platform! Steemit is a really interesting example of conscious co-creation recognizing a need. Rising from new community , here we choose to explore, experiment, engage, take back our power to control content as we create new ways of sharing information. We are co-creating a flow, a drip-feed form of organic support that branches out into our desire for a new economy and a new and improved relationship with the power of money.

Conscious co-creation is conscious because we decide to use the resources we have in our lives in creative ways that benefit us and benefit the whole as well. Micro to macro expressions bring organic, new growth and we feel fulfilled, proud, and excited to be making a contribution to the ineffable but oh-so-real something that is bigger than we are.

Anaiis Salles

Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor
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Thank you @AnaiisSalles... from discovering you on FB, I followed you around Youtube then here on Steemit 😊
PS: I just shared your post on FB now to spread back and forth. The perspective of being “new” on steemit is a haunting task for many yet unsatisfied FB addicted users...So it goes

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