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RE: Homemade Ollas: Thinking About Water Use in The Garden Part 2

I love this, I have seen it in practice over here, it is such a clever idea and I think it will work wonders for your garden. I have thought about using pipes in a similar way for trees, you have to seal the end and make tiny holes in the side, bury it horizontally in the ground with the top having a lid and you top up the pipe with water weekly, it is best to do when you first plant your trees as you will not damage the roots, but it can go a few feet down and the small holes allows for slow drainage into the soil. All the trees where I am are mature so don't really want to dig around them but it would be great to get the water to the roots. xxxx


Oh that's a really cool idea!!! Less evaporation. The roots might break the pots eventually??

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exactly, that's why I would use pipes instead, I know the pots are better as they are natural, but you can get good quality pipes too, have to try it out I guess xxx

It's a great idea! Love it.

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