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RE: Homemade Ollas: Thinking About Water Use in The Garden Part 2

Here in the California desert, it is dry most of the year. I've tried many different solutions, but none of them were successful. This one looks promising. My last resort was to install a drip system. I think I'll try this first.


Gosh they're a big parallels between our climate and California. Check out online because some people drill holes between the parts and connect them with pipes to me sounds like an awesome idea as it is combining a irrigation with pipes with the Pops which would store more water and slow release it so if you do try this method please let me know how it goes

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Have you tried wicking beds???

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I think a wicking bed would be a good solution for some... Sadly. I just don't have the space or the yard configuration to do something like that.

Hi how big is your yard? I have seen some pretty amazing wicking setups just using buckets. Especially for tomatoes because it is very similar to maybe for a hydroponics setup I am lucky to have the space and where I have them is a place where the gum tree roots draining nutrients from the soil anyway so I can utilise that that space

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