The Coldest Places on Earth

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What's the Coldest Place on Earth? Is it the top of the highest mountains or a place in the poles? Where's the coldest place in the world?


The coldest place on Earth is the Arctic Region. This place is home to the king penguins, Antarctica. Antarctica in the height of 3,800 meters in the height of the Fuji Hill in August 2010 measurements - 93 degrees was observed in the temperature. Don't think that this is only due to the high hill: you are in the coldest part of the Earth, even if you are at sea level in Antarctica.

Let's say; There are places in Antarctica where the sunlight has not been exposed for 120 thousand years. For example, Lake Whillans is one of those places.


This lake, which is only 2 meters deep, lies under an 800-meter glacier and can only warm up with the heat emitted from the inner layers of the Earth. But there is even life in this lake, completely buried in pitch darkness. Unicellular, of course.

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