Absolutely! There's been quite a few different ways to earn/win steem here lately. Just depends what you like to do or participate in :)

I seem to be on here all the time, and find it really hard to get noticed/ have my posts boosted. oh well , keep trying ayee?

There's no denying that for most of us, it takes time to get regular good payouts on things. Getting integrated with the community itself is a big, often unsaid piece of Steemit...and there's not really a quick away to achieve this.

You might check out this guide/faq I put out a week or so back. It covers some things to try.

A couple of concrete suggestions after looking at your blog. When new, try to not use the same thumbnail image over and over. It makes people think when seeing it that they've already voted on it...even if it's a different title.

Check out the tag list to see if there are any more high traffic ones that apply to your posts. I typically recommend for newer people to try and have 2-3 high traffic tags (but only if applicable, it's better to just not use a tag if it doesn't fit.)

From personal experience...the philosophy tag is a REALLY hard one to break into at the beginning. I did the same when I first joined here and it was ROUGH!! You can still hit the same topics, say the same things...just frame it differently in the title, thumbnail image and tags.

I recommend checking out the #showerthoughts tag for those..maybe the #TIL (today I learned) for some of your other posts.

But stick with it, try things out to see what works for you...and continuously keep building Real relationships with people.

Oh wow! thank you for taking the time to share this, So much help! @sykochica you're a Steem legend! Much Love <3

Happy to help :)

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