Do you want Steem $700? It is what I am offering

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Why just sit at home during lockdown? I will pay you:

If you know how to make a WordPress website with the following:

  • Encrypted pages

  • Payment gateways

  • I have domain and hosting and most of the text and images are ready, just need to put it all together.

  • Apart from the normal pages, there needs to be one page for Registered users only and each registered member needs to have a secure Account page.

  • password generator and login in with an extra feature I'll explain to you (if it can be done)


talk to me....

web design sphere-400894_640.jpg

PS: If you know WordPress, it may help if I tell you I have started creating the site, using Neve as my template.

(I will need to be shown a website you have made and I only pay on the job being completed - please keep in mind that as I drawdown on my Steem account, the money gets transferred to your account - so I cannot pay in one amount within days)

If you do a good job and you want to help me afterwards with web marketing, that is an extra and you could keep earning. It is up to you.


9th April 2020

PS: I do not expect this to make a difference, but apart from doing it for the payment I offer, you might feel some satisfaction out of knowing you helped start a project for helping the poorer parts of our society, the world over. If you want to see what I am talking about, check my community Hard Assets


encrypted is basically going to be on you, the site needs to use https right through. Payment gateways will depend on your country for specific ones but Paypal is mostly always available. Sounds like e-commerce and in that case, the quickest way for you to get started is to use woocommerce which will also provide integration and specific user account pages.

Goodluck :)

I forget I think this would be right up @chekohler and @mimismartypants alley, maybe they can have a chat with you.

Sure we could help you out with your questions you can reach out to us directly at

We’ve built and optimized several WordPress sites

Thanks, I took a look at your site. It does not seem to be geared for helping anyone who wants to start his own business on his own site without having to be localised or any of the other things mentioned there.

I do not even want to have any search engines list me, I want business only by word of mouth. I want to have fewer customers, but those who really want to be a part of what I am trying to do. I bet you did not bother to read my post and look up my community (as per link in my post).

My problem is because I do not know how to ensure my customers get the privacy I want for them, and I also want to be in the situation where I know I can keep my promises and look after their interests. I may be starting the business from South Africa, but it is not a SA business, in the sense that all sides of the business are not SA but are international.

It is why I am willing to pay over almost all I have earned on Steemit over nearly 3 years. I want to know I am dealing with a person who is willing to help me create what I want without me having to follow a formula or dream of theirs - sorry, but that is the impression your site gives. Just as you wan to do good in your own way, so do I.

BTW: I mentioned paying in Steem because I am a pensioner on SASSA, so it means I do not have cash to sppare for registering with anyone other than the host for my site. Sorry.

Sorry maybe I didn’t clarify properly the site I sent is just you to reach out to us, this is a custom built site not WordPress! Just a product we developed so you can the scale of what we can do

You can also check the clients page for sites we built/fixed and optimized for clients with the majority of it done on WordPress

You still do not mention whether being paid with the steem $ as I drawdown, would that be acceptable payment? My problem is that asking questions does not help, I already have the owner of a WordPress site for helping new site owners advising me. The problem is that those who say "Coding is Poetry", when they say that no coding knowledge is needed say so because they find some of it so basic and easy that they cannot imagine anyone not understanding it. When they talk about changing php or css with a line or two, I just shrink away. A bit of html I still remember from the old days, but the rest is chinese to me.

What I was thinking is this: I have mostly activated a few plugins I want; I have done the open pages, almost got them looking as I want. The first encrypted page is not too difficult as Wordpress offers to allow the page be public or private and if private is chosen, I am told it then creates a login button. My problem is ...what about a registration set? I've changed a Privacy Policy to suit my ethics - in other words, I tell my visitors I have no wish to give them cookies, I do not consider them stupid and needing cookies to help them go through a six page site and as for our site, we do not want to have any information about them. I also assure them that if anything is required by the EU, whatever is learnt about them goes into cold storage until we are allowed to destroy the data.

My biggest problem is the customer Accounts page. I have read by coders that I should not depend on the WordPress privacy option - apparently it is easily hacked.

As for the open pages, for example, on the home page, the template i use (Neve) has a hoto as background. I want to remove/replace it, but cannot find a way to do so. I did, once, find I was able to alter the size of a see-through layer covering the pic, but I had not realised what I was doing and now cannot find it again.

I am also not able to get my menu buttons/links right. In the old days it was easy, but now I am lost and header and footer just have links spread all over with some of them even duplicated.

I do not want chat or blog pages - I have added the plugin for an Announcement page but am still thinking about it (whether it should be out in the open or on the page only registered members can see).

These are the reasons I decided to ask for help. As for google etc, especially their tracking, I do not want them and refuse to implement seo and have ticked asking search engines to leave the site alone, but as WordPress says, it is only a request and not always respected by the corps.

It is a pity that Bloem is too far away for me to meet you (I stay close to Rosebank in Jo'berg), but if you really mean to help, please read my community page Hard Assets (link is above). If you agree with the ethics of trying to help the less wealthy to acquire some interests in hard assets in various parts of the world, at prices they can afford, and if you want to continue, then I will have to give you my email (another way to do it may be by using your contact form from your site).

However, for anyone to help, it means I would have to trust them by signing them in as part of the Admins team, so I would not want to do so where others can get the password.

I look forward to seeing your reply

I see no reply to my latest answer to you of 3 days ago. Does it mean you changed your mind and no longer wish to assist?

Either way, please let me know.

Hi, thanks for the additional feedback, but I don't think we're suited for this kind of project. Wishing you all the best

Hello! I was just going through posts on this platform which I made a few years back and I stumbled upon my introductory post. There I saw a comment which you made concerning my "mentors". It seems what you told me about them trying to depopulate the world has unfolded already. It's just as you said their plans would be. Take out some Whites and then strike Africa.

I hope you are defending yourself and your people by letting all friends and family know the truth.

I wish you all the best.

I'm trying my best to. Thanks.

I just checked your account and I see that you make some very good posts, but it seems you do not have the time to post often.

I was partly inspired by someone form Nigeria into starting something new (she complained about how every time she starts getting on her feet and securing the future of her family, some corrupt official destroys her) - in the hope of helping people by making it possible for them to invest outside their own country, so that if things go really wrong, they have a little nest egg to keep them going.

You can check the community I started

It has not gone to sleep, I am working on it and it is taking time because I did not know how to make a site (as you can see in this post your comment was made in) as I make it, so do I learn.

Stay safe

Thanks for the compliment on my posts. It's true I have not had the time to make posts, I have been trying to improve my skills better than it was. I will check out your community. Thanks.

I would love to know more about Hive.

Try going here, it is always good to learn - and it is free

Thanks for linking me up to Hive. I checked it out already and I have made a few posts this past week.

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