DxChain Community Updates No.5 [08/10/2018]

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Hello DxChain Community Supporters,

DxChain team has reached several new milestones during the past month. In this bear market, every investor is suffering from a desperate lack of market confidence, and we could not have made it through without the help and support from our strong community.

We noticed that there were many concerns about the price fluctuation. We care about the price - because we care about you and our community, but we cannot engage in the secondary market. However, we will try harder on product development and business cooperation to increase the investors’ confidence. Being listed on top 3 exchanges is not our primary goal, but will be achieved gradually. Thank you for your patience and support!


  1. On July 12, after a four-month design and development, DxChain officially released its MVP, which showcases DxChain’s blockchain storage capability as promised. In this MVP, we used five nodes to build a test network, which generates a DxChain block. We set the block generation time to 30 seconds, upload a 15-byte test file, and download it.

  2. In July, two blockchain researchers and one more blockchain engineer joined DxChain. Our development team is working hard to continue the testnet development, and to follow our schedule to advance the development progress. You can find the roadmap of the product development on our website. https://www.dxchain.com/


  1. Aug 4th, DxChain Chief Scientist Wei Wang joined SYNC 2018 Decode Innovation Conference and Blockchain Awakens Hackathon Workshop.

  2. Last week July 31st, we had a super successful AMA in our own telegram group (https://t.me/dxchain). Thanks to our supporters for helping us complete such a heated discussion about DxChain with more than 100 questions in one AMA section!
    Details please check here: https://steemit.com/dxchain/@dxchainnetwork/07-31-2018-dxchain-telegram-ama-summary

  3. July 21st, DxChain Team attend the US Entrepreneur & Investment Summit, which provides an opportunity for us to engage with other young entrepreneurs!

  4. During July 17th - 23rd, three DxChain AMA (ask me anything) sessions were held on QuarkChain, Coin-super and Bgogo Telegram groups respectively.

  5. July 21st, DxChain’s first official AMA (Ask Me Anything) was held in our Telegram groups.

  6. July 18th, DxChain held the first oversea meetup in Seoul, Korea. Our co-founder and Chief Scientist Wei Wang joined the DxChain Meetup, communicated with our supporters and fans in Korea. Wei also met with some DxChain partners and investors in private sessions during his Korean trip.

  7. July 8th, Our CEO & Co-founder Allan Zhang delivered an impressive speech to introduce the latest news of DxChain to the investors and media at SVIEF1.

[Blogs and Press Releases]

During July, we released three articles:

  1. Leiphone: DxChain Builds Chains on Chain, to Monetize the Data World

  2. Evolution of Public Chains: From QuarkChain to DxChain

  3. QuarkChain and DxChain Collaborate to Reimagine Public Chain Development

[Public Sale]

  1. There were 59,257 people applied for our token sale registration, and 26,109 of them passed the KYC/AML verification. Ultimately, there were 16,703 participants eligible for being whitelisted and joined public sale.

  2. The public sale started around noon on August 3rd, 2018 PST, and was completed on August 6th, 2018. More than 3,200 transactions were made during 4 rounds of public sale, and eventually the project was financed with 7,393.29ETH.

  3. DxChain was officially listed on Gate.io, LBank, and Coinsuper - three of the premier global cryptocurrency exchanges. Thanks again for your overwhelming enthusiasm and contribution.

With regards to DxChain:
A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.
Website: https://www.dxchain.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/dxchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DxChainNetwork

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